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Normal Jumping is just an average jump that all characters have, some can jump high and relatively fast others, slow and low or the worst: slow and high. If you are fighting against someone that can Guard Break you easily you’re better off not jumping at all if you have one of those characters that jumps slow and high.

Here are three people that have an exceptionally bad jump: number one being Anakaris who takes an tremendously long time to land on the floor after jumping leaving him an easy target (if not protected by an assist) to be guard broken (unless he airdashes although he can‘t block throughout the whole air dash... Next would probably be Sentinel who has a very slow jump but has the ability to cancel into flight mode which saves him (depending on who he is fighting against). Number three might be Dhalsim who has Sentinel-length jump as well, however he can cancel into teleport/airdash (8-way)/fly.

Some of the other characters have a fast jump that doesn’t travel a long distance making their jump almost useless. You have to find ways to effectively use their jumps in combos or other situations.

Also, you can attack 2-3 frames after the jump (with normals, specials, supers etc. However, you can't dash for about 7-8 frames after you've jumped. Throwing after your jump is one of those attacks that can be done 2-3 frames after (why 2-3 not just 2 or 3? It's complicated and I will cover it in another section).