Marvel vs Capcom 2/Major Tournaments

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The biggest Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournaments in North America are, in alphabetical order:

East Coast Championships (ECC)
Held on cabinets at the end of May in New Jersey. Headquartered at 8 on the Break in Dunellen, New Jersey, this cabinet tournament is in a small space but has tons of great players and has very responsive management. Run for several years by JetPhi, famous for his "DISQUALIFIED!" shout. Currently being run by DarksydePhil (DSP) and Josh Wigfall (DaWigsta).
Held on console in Las Vegas during late summer. More or less the national championship for Marvel, run by the same people who bring you It's a console tournament which has generally featured the best of the West coast and most of the top East coast players. In 2006 this tournament was expanded to include a West Coast and East Coast pre-qualification tournament.
Final Round
Mid-West Championships
Held on cabinets in June at Nickel City in Illinois.
Northern California Regionals (NCR)
Texas Showdown
"T" series Canadian Championships
Held in July at the Orbit Entertainment Centre on Ontario.