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Push Blocking Mode

On the ground – When you push block something on the ground and let go of block you will eventually be 100% free meaning you won’t have any guard stiffness after a while. You can use that to escape out of almost any trap on the ground since jumping is very fast (2-3 frames to be off the ground). However, there are moves that can stop your jump, for instance Strider’s trap can stop your jump because the orbs prevent you from being off the ground for too long so you’ll get hit before you fully escape high into the air. However if you continue to block instead of trying to do something you’ll just keep blocking and won’t be guard broken if you were being hit by a Proton Cannon or something. When you get out of block stun you can do anything, not just super jump, a funny thing to try is using instant supers and DHC’s to punish something while it’s still going.

In Normal-Jump mode – There are various times you can be in normal jump mode, not just after normal jumping up. For instance if you tech-hit or if you unfly and you don’t have unfly, if you’re Dhalsim and you perform a drill while in SJ mode, and many other things! Anyway, when you’re in normal jump mode you can be easily guard broken and sometimes push blocking helps. Even if push blocking is your first action when you jump into the air you’ll still be vulnerable when you finish your push block animation (well, its just one frame held for a second or two). So it’s easy to say that push blocking can be very dangerous unless you’re in a certain situation where the person can’t hit you or you can call an assist to protect you while you fall.

In Super-Jump mode – Usually push blocking in during your super jump just means that you will be able to throw the guy if he’s rushing you with attacks. However that’s not exactly true, you can be guard broken in super jump mode after a while and if you’re being bombarded with continuous attacks. For instance if you’re playing Magneto and he air dashes towards you and does his magic series and you push block it – he can go into a tempest for a little then into hail storm and you’ll be guard broken!