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= Introduction =
= Introduction =
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[[Category:Marvel Vs. Capcom 2]]
[[Category:Marvel Vs. Capcom 2]]

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Rocket Punch (RP) (ground or air): QCF+P

Probably Sentinel's single most used special move in the game, due to his bread-and-butter hp>RP.

This can be done with either lp, which goes down between 45 degrees and 60 degrees (approximations, just demonstrating variation) or hp, which punches straight.
The rocket punch can be chained from the lp>mp>short/hard RP or from hp (hard RP)
SECONDARY NOTE: this can be used as an anti-air with Z+punch, though it's not very useful outside of air combos

Sentinel Force: QCF+K

Using short will summon mini Sentinels that you can control vertically with the joystick; roundhouse summons slow-moving mini Sentinels that will bomb the area just in front of you (hold the button to cause them to bomb across the screen).
Short Sentinel Force is pretty easy to use, although it's tricky to combo afterwards because you can't use Hyper Sentinel Force while mini-Sentinels are on screen. Roundhouse Sentinel Force is harder, and is best used with an assist that pins the opponent vertically such as Blackheart.

== Super Moves ==

Hyper Sentinel Force (HSF):

Note: Can be comboed into and out of, especially with bread-and-butter HP X Rocket Punch

Plasma Storm- QCF+PP
This is a less useful super, though if it connects, it can be very damaging. See Bread-and-Butter Combos
Note: This move is one of the more useless of the supers. The best use for this super is as a DHC (such as the hailstorm), or his his launcher xx sj.lp>sj.lk>sj.lp xx HD

Bread-and-Butter Combos

HP xx Rocket Punch xx Hyper Sentinel Force. Can be repeated: HP xx RP xx HSF xx HP xx RP xx HSF, etc. This is a semi-infinite

(in air)short>rh xx light rocket punch. This is his bread-and-butter stomp combo that does 1/3 damage on some characters, and without the rocket punch is used for pressure

launcher>sj.lp>sj.short>sj.strong>sj.mk>rocket punch

(in corner) Any combo into HSF>Dash xx launcher>sj.lp>sj.short>sj.strong>sj.mk xx fly mode> fly forward>airthrow> fly forward>short>forward>upwards rocket punch>fly forward>airthrow>fly forward>short>forward>upwards rocket punch

Fastfly: Launch > wait until sentinel is ABOVE character > lk xx fly xx joystick up xx lk > mk > dpRP (if team has Captain Commando, you can press Assist+lk for much extra damage)

Assist Moves

ALPHA: Projectile

Low Rocket Punch. This is primarily used for rushdown play and as a combo-starter for many air combos, including some infinites. Recommended for rushdown and high-pressure play UP CLOSE. Don't send this assist out randomly, as it will leave Sent open for massive combos.

BETA: Launcher

Launcher. This is a nearly useless assist when faced with his ground and projectile assists. Just don't use it.

GAMMA: Ground

Drone Force. This is a great super for pressuring and chipping enemy characters. Being a 3-hit assist, it will also neutralize many opposing assists if used earlier. Also something to note, since the drones hit some time apart and keep your enemy stunned for a moment, it creates a great opportunity to rush in and start a combo, also giving you time to decide what to do, since it gives you such a larger window than his projectile assist. Use it if you plan to keep-away, chip, or trap enemies. Widely used in crossups and traps.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy