Marvel vs Capcom 2/Snap Back

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How to do it: QCF+A1 or A2

Your character will perform an animation that will cause the character hit to leave the screen and another to come in (depending on which button you used) The snap back makes whoever you snapped out unable to be called once the other character comes on screen. You cannot DHC into the snapped out character or counter into the snapped out All characters have snap backs. Some have very good reach and speed. Others might have speed but the range is very bad. For example Cammy and Doctor Doom's snap backs have very bad range. Venom and Amingo's snap backs have very good range.

There is a bug that happens with assist 2 snap outs where if you counter with assist two while the 'x' is still on your name you will disappear and hop back (the animation of a counter) as if you were leaving but instead stay on screen in addition to that you become invisible and semi-invincible. A general rule for invisibility is that you have it as long as your character doesn’t come back to standing animation after doing a move. So say you were Doom and you were invisible and you did his S.LP after the move was finished he would go into standing animation and that is when he will be visible. Also, jumping requires you to go through standing animation so it will cause become visible. As for the semi-invincibility, some characters are safe from being hit low or high, and some characters, both. The characters that have immunity from high and low attacks can only be hit if they move and turn visible again or if the other character causes them to turn around. Snap backs can cause things to hit more than they should. For instance Cyclops does a LP Optic Blast and right before it hits the other character performs a snap back, if timed right the Optic Blast will hit more than it should. A snap back kills frames and this affects characters in strange ways some will lose the frames of when their move hits others will get extra hits for their moves.

The A2 snap back causes strange effects for some characters:

Gambit does A2 snap back and right after a Cajun Strike (make sure he goes to the left wall) and he’ll fly out of the screen.

Ruby Heart does a phantom and before it comes out does a snap back (a2) and if the phantom doesn’t hit anyone it will cause the other person to go into block animation even when there is nothing on screen.

Those are just a few of the things that could happen with A2 snap out.