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The SonSon of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the granddaughter of the original Sonson from Capcom's game in 1984. Here's the Wiki page on the 80's SonSon. In MvC2 Sonson is a great rushdown character with plenty of tricks up her sleeves to confuse or keep the pressure on, depending on one's play style. Though she isn't terribly strong, she's a lot of fun to play and get good at which is what MvC2 is all about right?


First row: LP, HP, A1. Second row: LK, HK, A2.


Moves List

Sonson has 6 special attacks and 3 Supers, pretty standard like many characters, but her staff gives her pretty decent range and she attacks quickly with kick attacks as well. Her normals make it easy to cancel into specials and supers as they are mostly multi-hit.

Normal Moves

  • LP: Staff Rush - Can be tapped twice for 3 hit combo. Hands down the best starter for any combo/canceling technique and also her fastest.
  • LP (Crouching) - Can be tapped for 2 hit combo. Effective for aerial combo introduction.
  • HP: Staff Slam - Overhead slam, moderate damage
  • HP (Air) - Spins staff for a 3 hit combo, best ending for any air combo she does
  • HP (Holding Forward) - Thrusts staff forward knocking opponents back. Relatively quick and can stop rushdowns.
  • HP (Crouching): Staff Sweep - Sweeping attack, knocks opponents down
  • LK - Another 3 hit combo if tapped twice. First attack is low which can be mixed up with LP for interesting combos/cancels
  • HK: Staff Swing - Swings on staff and kicks opponent. Moderate damage, but risky because it takes a lot of frames to complete.
  • HK (Air) - Two footed kick downwards, good air to ground combo starter. Lower frames compared to air HP.

Command Normals

Gansai Hekiretsu: f + hp

Two way air-dash

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Fuusetsu Zan
Mash P.png
Qcf.png + P.png
Seiten Rengeki
Df.png + P.png
Kingin no Hisago
Hcb.png + P.png
Ground Crawl
Hcf.png + K.png
Wall Climb
Qcb.png + K.png
Press P.png to jump, press K.png to kick.
  • Fusetsuzan (Press P rapidly)(Also air) - Spins staff quickly in circular motion for 3 hits. This move is very conditional. Just depends on your playstyle honestly. Since you can rush down by spamming LP, it actually is quite useful in that respect, but unless you have a turbo controller, you won't be using this move that often. Pretty impractical to spam HP to get this off because it leaves you open for juggling.
  • Shienbu - (QCF+P...LP and HP are slow and fast respectively.)(Also air)- Sonson blows 3 floating monkeys that have 2 doing diagonally up and down and one going straight. Great move to counter projectiles like Hadoukens or things of that sort. It also blocks Omega Red's coils and cancels out Blackheart's demons. In short it stops all of singular projectiles.
  • Seitenrengeki - (Z motion F or Shoryuken motion + P...LP,HP = short and high respectively)(also air) - Anti-air attack that sends Sonson flying in the air spinning her staff. Does 3 hits and is great for cancels or finishing out a ground or air combo. Can be risky if opponent blocks the high version as you cannot block while falling down.
  • Wall Walk - ( K for flying kick or P for cancel) - Sonson runs a lap around the screen onto the other side if you let her. This move is somewhat useful, good for avoiding beams or any horizontal techniques. Great for closing distance against runners or projectile spammers.
  • Kinginnokoro - (HCB+P) - Sucks opponent into gord then Sonson cooks them and the gord blows up. It's a throw technique and mainly used for lulz. Since it's a blockable throw it's quite impractical as it leaves you open for retaliation. You can combo into it, but there's no real reason to use it. It could be used to throw your opponent off for a bit, but it all depends.
  • Hofuku-Zenshin (HCF+K) - Dodging technique. Sonson crawls on the ground to avoid all damage for about 1.5 seconds give or take. Not very practical as it doesn't get you very far like Capt. America's dodge does or even Akuma's. Only application could be if you find yourself in a corner getting pounded.

Super Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + Lp.png + Hp.png
Qcf.png + Lk.png + Hk.png
Qcb.png + Lp.png + Hp.png
Use joystick to move, Lp.png to punch, Hp.png to uppcut, K.png to breathe fire (and aim U.png and D.png ).
THC En'ou
A1.png + A2.png
Auto-monkey done during the "A" and "B" THCs
  • Tenchi-Tsuken (QCF+PP)(Also air) - Sonson throws her staff up and it comes down 20 times bigger for good damage. So easy to execute and the extra staff hit when she throws it in the air ensures connection when canceling into this super. If you whiff this, you can air-dash afterwards to avoid the recovery.
  • Enou (QCB+PP...K for Fire breath) - Sonson turns into a giant ape and is able to do a fire attack and a punch that does decent damage. Though you can still take damage it's an alright move to use to keep the pressure on.
  • POW (QCF+KK) - Sonson says POW and it floats across screen. If it hits your enemy will be turned into a random fruit and be eaten. Probably the most useless and impractical Super Sonson has. Simply because POW is so easy to block and when block it leaves her open for a good 5 seconds. Just stick to the first two supers for a fighting strategy.

Assist Moves

Cross-Over Combination
Alpha Counter
Alpha.png Heal: Life-Up Peach
Hyper En'ou
Lp.png Fuusetsu Zan
Gives a fruit for health. Can be useful if you are using another character as a main, but not very smart to spam. If you don't take the fruit right away she stays on screen as an easy target.
Beta.png Projectile: Hp.png Shienbu
Hyper En'ou
Lp.png Shienbu
Good to use as the monkeys fly so slow and you can follow up or combo them into a sweep kick. Can also be used as cannon fodder for projectiles as mentioned before.
Gamma.png Anti-Air: Hp.png Seiten Rengeki
Tenchi Tsuukan
Lp.png Seiten Rengeki
Probably her best assist because she has such range when coming out. She jumps out right in front of your point character. Good for getting air combos going or making space for long range combat.

The Basics

Alrighty then, time for some basic strategy to keep SonSon on top of things and in control for the most part:

*Offensive and Defensive Balance is key! - It's good to lay on the pressure in the beginning or towards the middle of the match, but if you openly attack at every chance you get, your opponent will read for holes in your defense. What you want to do is be inconsistent to throw your opponent off his/her game so they cannot predict your movements as much. It's an easy pitfall to get stuck in since SonSon can attack so fast and so often, but if your opponent is blocking 3/4s of the attacks and catching you on your broken defense, what's the point? On the other side of the spectrum, blocking too much will get you killed for sure. Once you're in the corner you will get assist spammed to hell and back since SonSon cannot get out of the corner easily nor does she have a wide radial attack for clearing space as other characters do. Kinggo could be a saving grace, but that move is very conditional since it can be blocked.

Here are some simple combos and basic movement strategy to adopt.

  • LP,LP,Seit
  • LP, F+HP, Seit
  • cLP,cLP,cLK,cHK - LP, LK, LP, HP - Does about a quarter+ HP damage if you can continue the combo in the air.
  • LP,LP,cHP,Shienbu (Monkeys)
  • LP,LP,cHP,Shienbu (Monkeys), POW
  • LP,LP,cHK,LP,Fusets - Safety combo. You can block from the Fusets if the combo fails somehow.

If you're dealing with a runner you can use the Shienbu (Monkeys) then airdash into LP, LP...<insert combo>.

Advanced Strategy

There really isn't much of a specific "advanced" strategy that is only for SonSon, it's applicable to all characters: play smart, capitalize on openings and human error, and anticipate.

  • Here are a few more advanced combos that cancel into supers:
  • LP,LP,Seit,Tenchi (Giant stick attack) - Basically Seit --> Tenchi is the Bread and Butter Super cancel since you can do both in the air. This is will be your main combo of choice plain and simple.
  • cLP,cLP,cLK,cHK - LP, LK, LP, Seit, Tenchi - Does pretty good damage if you can actually get it off without error. Takes practice, but if you can get this off the opponent is down to about half health give or take. The Seit throws off the momentum of the combo and if you don't cancel in time, it will be blocked along with the Tenchi.

Final Thoughts

SonSon can be quite versatile if used correctly. There are few weaknesses she has, namely her assists aren't that strong. I've been able to rival some very very skilled Magnetos because SonSon's LP is almost as quick as his LK. If you like her then use her because the tier guides don't mean anything if the players aren't skilled.

--Yeyzor 05:57, 9 July 2010 (UTC)yeyzor