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Runaway, Rushdown, Hailstorm, DHC.
'Nuff said.

Probably the most well-rounded of the big 4 (Sent doesn't count, he's a big robot), Storm is a character you don't wanna kill off, because even with a pixel left, being able to DHC into Hailstorm is a big threat.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Typhoon (Whirlwind)
QCF+K (can be done in air)
Storm's beam-like projectile. It will go right through other projectiles, instead of being cancelled. Can be used sparingly to pin big characters down. Combos into Hail Storm.
Vertical Typhoon (Double Typhoon)
HCB+K (can be done in air)
Storm calls out vertical typhoons that track the opponent. The startup time on this is HUGE, so don't abuse it (esp. against Cable). One scrub tactic is to sj. v.Typhoon, then Lightning Attack xx DHC (if the typhoons connect, they will bounce up into the LA). THIS IS NOT AN "INFERNO!"

Lightning Attack
Dir.+LK+HP (x3) (can be done in air)
Storm flies across the screen with a lightning ball in her hand. Since this move is 8-way and can be done three times in a row, it can be used to catch sj/flight happy opponents, especially Sent. It's also great for run away. Though it's relatively quick, there is some startup on each rep, so be careful. On connect, you can cancel into Lightning Storm. AHVB safe on block. (it is right?) Also, does anyone know the specifics of the unblockable?

Lightning Sphere
HCB+P (air only)
Using her j.MP animation, Storm throws out a ball of lightning like her MP in XvSF. LP version goes straight, while HP goes df. Since the ball is pretty small, its not really useful, but can be TK'd.

Hikou (Flight)
QCB+KK (can be done in air) (repeat to end)
She flies. A big (and noticable) startup, combined with relatively slow speed makes this move pretty useless in real gameplay. Can be used to do a stupid j.LP infinite though...

Super Moves

Lightning Storm
HCF+PP (can be done in air)
Used mostly at the end of an air combo into a DHC, but can be used to surprise flight-happy Sentinels. If the opponent is offscreen, the lightning will not hit them at all.

Hail Storm
Storm's trademark super, Hail Storm is great for chip damage, assist punishing, and DHC'ing in and out of. You can throw it out randomly if you or your opponent is feeling scrubby. Does random damage (30-60pts), and is mashable.

Assist Moves

Assist: (HK Typhoon)
Counter: (HK Typhoon)
THC: (Lightning Storm)

Arguably Storm's best assist. Like the special, the typhoon will go through some projectiles, saving your ass at random times. All in all though, not that special.

Assist: (Lightning Attack)
Counter: (Lightning Attack)
THC: (Lightning Storm)

Why aren't you using drones/disruptor?

Assist: (LK Vertical Typhoon)
Counter: (LK Vertical Typhoon)
THC: (Hail Storm)

This assist is used in traps (Cable, Sent), but since its SO slow to come out, most people just choose Alpha.

The Basics

Bread and butter combo

(S.RH ^ SJ.LP->SJ.LK->SJ.MP->SJ.MK, Lightning Attack, Lightning Storm)


On Everybody

(SJ xx ADDF, jLK, jRH, repeat) (SJ xx ADDF, jRH, repeat)

On Sentinel Only

(jLK,jLK,jFP,jRH,land, repeat)

Against Sentinel

In the air, you need to be able to connect Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm on him. On the ground, you need to be able to do the infinite on him.

Advanced Strategy