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Tech Hitting

Tech-Hitting can also be called Tech Throwing. Which means you get out of a throw before the character does his damage on you or after he does his damage on you but before you land on the floor. EX: You can tech hit Sentinel’s throw after he throws you into the corner before he can OTG you. Or you can Tech hit out of Juggernaut’s HP throw in the corner before he kills you in 5 hits. To do a tech hit you have to hold the joystick left or right and press HP or HK while doing so. You can do it at the start of the persons throws or at the end right before you land. Not all throws are techable, you can’t tech specials or supers. An important thing about tech throws is that you can’t tech roll if the person performs an unrollable OTG on you. EX: Juggernaut can hit you before you land making a tech throw on the floor impossible. Some people’s throws and follow-ups to those throws are so dangerous that you must tech hit before they actually do their damage/animation.

Another big important thing about tech hitting is that you are put into normal jump which means you lose unfly and you can be guard broken no matter how high up you on screen. Although it’s not as bad as it sounds since you can block once + call an assist.

Tech Hit/Tech Roll Buffering

When you are thrown, do the motion for the tech roll, then finish the motion when you hit the ground, (so if roll is half circle forward, you end on forward, when you hit the ground) and hit FP or FK.

That way, you've done the motion and button for the roll, but you also are trying to tech it, since you hit forward and fp when you hit the ground.

If you don't get the tech hit, you get the roll