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Tech Rolling

Tech Rolling is when you hit the floor and roll away, this helps you get out of extended combos. However, some people can make their off the ground combos (abbreviated as OTG/’s) unrollable by sticking out their attack before you land on the floor thus the attack sort of hits you before you land even thought it doesn’t look like that in the game. To perform a tech roll you have to do a reverse fireball motion (F,DF,D/B,DB,D) + any punch or kick button. Also, you’re invincible falling down if you got SWEPT (not hit by Psylocke or something!). The only character in the game that can be hit before he lands after being swept is ----- Dhalsim!

Not every move that knocks you on your back will let you roll out of it – There are some moves that will need you to mash out if you want to get up quicker (ex. Gamma Crush). Some moves however, are genuinely unrollable – B.B. Hood’s Cruel Hunting super (qcf+pp). Also some supers that carry across the screen like Magneto’s shockwave, it’s unrollable even though there are times when you hit the ground and are OTG’d by another hit of the shockwave. Lastly, some moves require switching the way you have to roll. Meaning that instead of rolling the way you’re supposed to, you would have to do the opposite motion.

The person who isn’t tech rolling can choose which direction the tech roller is going to go by placing himself in a certain side. If he moves to the right of the character the person will roll to the right. A note about rolling is: OTGs don’t cause stun so you can’t dizzy someone if all of your attacks are OTGs. An infinite that abuses this rule is Amingo’s QCF+LP (specials don’t cause stun) OTG with S.LK repeat, it can be done for 999+ hits.

Some properties about OTGs, rolls and wake-ups:

• The person who is rolling is invincible till they get up.

• Everyone’s roll is the same meaning they travel the same distance and at the same speed.

• When the person is getting up they are invincible while rising meaning things can be going through them and they will not be hit until they are in standing animation. This means that they can be crossed up while they are getting up. For instance Magneto’s CR.HK can cross them up because if Magneto’s sprite is RIGHT in the middle of the person who is getting up it will cause a lot of confusion on which side to block so it becomes a cross-up and sometimes unblockables happen for that reason. However, if the move the person is trying to do is a low move the person getting up can jump straight out of it since apparently there is some invincibility while you’re jumping to so you never hit standing animation. The only thing that can stop you is a move that would hit you from mid or high.

• The person who caused the guy to fall and roll can control which direction the person will roll by standing or being above the person on a certain side. Sometimes this can also be done by just waiting there after you perform a sweep if you’re Magneto or someone who moves a lot during their sweep. You would just sit there as the guy rolls to the other side (forward). If you were Magneto you could SJC towards them. .


Force-Rolls are when the character hits you right before you hit the floor or when you’re already on the floor and he hits you with only one move. That causes you to start rolling. However, this kind of roll is different than normal tech rolling. You can be hit during the first few frames of your Force-Roll. For instance: Psylocke does a CR.HK and OTG’s with a CR.LK (if she doesn’t do anything afterwards you’ll start to roll away from her but you’ll be in the air for some reason) if she waits and does a dashing CR.HP it will OTG you and won’t count as a move that produced stun. So, it’s possible to get two different kinds of OTG’s in a combo. On that example of Psylocke: she can do an infinite on Servbot by doing [CR.HP -> Psyblade -> OTG w/ CR.LK, pause for a little bit/let the CR.LK animation finish, -> dash] As you probably guessed, it can be done for 999+ hits.

Another interesting thing about force rolls is that if you are hit with a CR.LP or CR.LK you will pop-up into the air in a strange way. And if you’re hit with a sweep (normally) you will fall down as if you were knocked on your back again. Theoretically that would be an infinite ([OTG, CR.HK]). Oh, and if you’re hit with a standing move usually a S.LK you will be knocked on your feet in a strange way. It will look like you bounced a little then landed on your feet.