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{{MoveListRow | Jumping Heavy | {{#motion: air h }} | 73,000 | high djcancel }}
{{MoveListRow | Jumping Heavy | {{#motion: air h }} | 73,000 | high djcancel }}
{{MoveListRow | Jumping Special | {{#motion: air s }} | 75,000 | high }}
{{MoveListRow | Jumping Special | {{#motion: air s }} | 75,000 | high }}
{{MoveListRow | Focus Attack | {{#motion: hold s + atk }} | Level 1: 70,000<br>Level 2: 80,000<br>Level 3: 90,000 | armored <br> Level 2: crumple <br> Level 3: crumple unblockable <br> After release, can only by canceled into X-Factor <br> Damage scales by 0.9 }}
Line 51: Line 52:
{{MoveListRow | Seismo | {{#motion: dp + atk }} | 80,000 | jcancel otg s to feint }}
{{MoveListRow | Seismo | {{#motion: dp + atk }} | 80,000 | jcancel otg s to feint }}
{{MoveListRow | EX Seismo | {{#motion: dp + s }} | 135,400 (50,000 x 3) | jcancel otg s to feint }}
{{MoveListRow | EX Seismo | {{#motion: dp + s }} | 135,400 (50,000 x 3) | jcancel otg s to feint }}
{{MoveListRow | Focus Attack | {{#motion: hold s + atk }} | Level 1: 70,000<br>Level 2: 80,000<br>Level 3: 90,000 | Level 1: Regular hit<br>Level 2: crumple <br>Level 3: crumple unblockable <br>Can only dash cancel<br>before release.}}

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C. Viper


In a nutshell

Viper, like her SF4 self, is a high execution combo maniac. She is the only character with a focus attack, giving her unique options on defense. Her jump cancelable Seismo attacks keep her mobile and take up large portions of the screen. Her EX attacks make her hog a lot of super meter, but the damage output can be worth it. She even gets nasty combos off of throws, and can use her feints to confuse you nearly endlessly. Her Burn Kick assist is one of only two High.png hitting assists in the game! If you love a technically challenging but rewarding character, just like in SF4, Viper might be a solid addition to your team.

Video Walkthrough

Move List

Assist Types

Special Properties
Cross-Over Combination
Alpha.png Thunder Knuckle
Direct.png Tiltup.png
Emergency Combination
Beta.png Seismic Gunner
Shot.png Tiltdown.png
Burst Time
Gamma.png Burning Kick
Direct.png Front.png
High.png Softknockdown.png
Burst Time

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Double Jump
U.png in the air
If you've Air Dashed you cannot Double Jump
Air Dash
Any direction in the air + Atk.png + Atk.png
If you've Double Jumped you cannot Air Dash
Standing Light
Crouching Light
D.png + L.png
Standing Medium
Crouching Medium
D.png + M.png
Elbow Drop
F.png + M.png
High.png Counts as airborn
during this
Standing Heavy
Crouching Heavy
D.png + H.png
Standing Special
75,000 (30,000 + 50,000)
2nd hit Launch.png
Jumping Light
air L.png
High.png Djcancel.png
Jumping Medium
air M.png
High.png Djcancel.png
Jumping Heavy
air H.png
High.png Djcancel.png
Jumping Special
air S.png
Focus Attack
hold S.png + Atk.png
Level 1: 70,000
Level 2: 80,000
Level 3: 90,000
Level 2: Crumple.png
Level 3: Crumple.png Unblockable.png
After release, can only by canceled into X-Factor
Damage scales by 0.9

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Thunder Knuckle
Qcf.png + Atk.png
S.png to feint, H.png goes Uf.png
Destroys projectiles
EX Thunder Knuckle
Qcf.png + S.png
Crumple.png S.png to feint
Destroys projectiles
Burning Kick
Qcb.png + Atk.png
High.png S.png to feint
Counts as a projectile
EX Burning Kick
Qcb.png + S.png
119,700 (20,000 x 3 + 90,000)
High.png S.png to feint
Counts as a projectile
Dp.png + Atk.png
Jcancel.png Otg.png S.png to feint
EX Seismo
Dp.png + S.png
135,400 (50,000 x 3)
Jcancel.png Otg.png S.png to feint

Hyper Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Emergency Combination
Qcf.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
274,400 (60,000 x 2 + 70,000 x 2)
Damage scales by 0.95
Burst Time
Qcb.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
273,300 (70,000 + 30,000 x 3 + 150,000)
Damage scales by 0.95
First hit counts as a projectile
Viper Full Throttle
Dp.png + Atk.png + Atk.png

Apprentice Combos


Tips and Tricks

  • After most of Viper throws, she can Otg.png with a L.png Seismo, and then Jcancel.png that for a high damage combo.
  • Viper's EX moves consume a whole level of meter, but occupy a unique space in between being a Special move and a Super move. Normally, Specials can cancel into Supers, but in Vipers case, Specials can cancel into EX moves or Supers, and EX moves can cancel into Super moves.
  • Viper can play a very scary ranged game, provided you can Jcancel.png one Seismo into another. Master this technique to add much needed versatility to Viper's game.

Viper is a fairly quick character based around pressuring your opponent. She does this plenty fine on her own, but it is important to master safely calling assists in order to truly keep the opponent locked down. With Viper, you must constantly be looking for that opening, and have the steady hands to not drop the combo when the opportunity presents itself. We’ll begin with these two basic ideas: how to get in, and the BnB combos to use once you get in.

Basic Strategy & BnBs

Viper can surprise you from any range. She is EXTREMELY good at playing the classic VS. game strategy where you look for an opening for that Airdash or Tri-Jump -> S attack, and then go into full combo. Most of your approach game should be centered around this, and mixing it up with a ground approach of cr. M -> full combo (cr. M is MUCH, MUCH, better than cr. L as a poke).

The following techniques used as surprises, shenanigans, and answers. Mix-up the standard airdash and assist pressure with some of these ideas:

  • If the opponent blocks your ground series, end the blockstring with Seismo anyway. If they don’t pushblock everything, use a LIGHT Seismo. You can SJC the blocked seismo and triangle dash back in for more pressure. If they’re a pushblocker (most people are), you use a M or H seismo depending on distance and do the same. If you’re really far away, use a straight instant airdash instead of a tri-jump. The basic idea is that her seismo is safe on block, and good to continue pressure. Pushblocking doesn’t ruin it - just use a M or H seismo instead!
  • Against zoners and keepaway characters, a quick Hard Seismo does wonders to interrupt their projectile and let you move forward.
  • When anti-airing, use S to cancel a Hard Thunder Knuckle the moment it hits. If done correctly, viper will still hit the opponent, but remain grounded instead of following them into the air. This allows you to super jump -> air series for good damage.
  • Viper is a meter-intensive character! She does not mix well with Phoenix or other characters that need the super bar to function. Your EX moves that are a big part of your high damage combos all cost precious meter, you don’t want to have a hit-confirm go off and be stuck with no ammunition.


  • These are BASIC Viper Combos. They are meant to get the most damage with the least amount of advanced technique. Refer to the Advanced Section below for those combos.
  • The hardest technique for her basic combos is the instant airdash (IAD). To execute, simply super jump straight up after your seismo and immediately press two attack buttons to airdash horizontally forward. You don’t want to tri-jump (dash down-forward) for her IAD combos!


[750k Damage] L.png M.png H.png S.png (1hit) xx L.png Seismo, Uf.png Air Dash F.png , air M.png air H.png (land), Jump, air H.png air S.png xx File:EX.png Burn Kick (land) M.png H.png S.png Jump M.png H.png S.png

[650K DMG] L.png , M.png , H.png + Chun-Li Legs, S.png (2 hits), cr. S.png xx File:EX.png Burning Kick, M.png H.png S.png (2 hits) -> air series

X-Factor Combos

In the corner:

[1.2 Million DMG] L.png M.png H.png S.png (1 hit) xx M.png Thunder Knuckle, XFC, M.png H.png S.png (1 hit) xx L.png Seismo, IAD forward, j. M, j. H.png <land>, j. H, j. S.png xx File:EX.png Burning Kick <land>, M.png H.png S.png (2 hits) -> air series

Midscreen: [900k DMG] L.png M.png H.png S.png (1 hit) xx M.png Thunder Knuckle, XFC, M.png H.png S.png (1 hit) xx File:EX.png Thunder Knuckle, M.png H.png S.png -> air series

Air Series

j. M.png , M.png , H.png [jc] j. H.png , S.png <land> OTG.png L.png Seismo xx Burst Time (or Reset, see below)

You can also go into the air series from a cornered ground throw, or an air throw. After the throw:

OTG LP Seismo [jc] -> air series.

You always land next to the opponent after an airthrow, and you land next to them when you’re cornered and you throw on the ground. As long as you’re standing next to the opponent post-throw, this OTG will work.

The Reset

After her OTG LP Seismo, Viper gets a free Burst Time. This is good for damage, but the real potential for insane damage in the Marvel series comes from a reset. If you have the opponent “OTG” in the corner, you can LP Seismo and simply jump cancel towards them instead of using a super. Wait until Viper is very deep in the opponent’s hitbox, almost directly under them, and go for an air throw. After it connects, time for LP Seismo -> Air series and do it all over again. :)

Video example courtesy of Keits: Viper Reset in Corner

---Augustine A. 12:27, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

Advanced Strategy