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To perform a Delayed Hyper Combo, first perform a Hyper Combo with your Point Character. Then, while the Hyper Combo is still being executed (even before it hits or during its recovery), perform the command for any Hyper Combo that the current Assist Character 1 possesses to cause the Point Character to leave the battle and have Assist Character 1 to jump into the screen and perform the Hyper Combo you executed. Then, while the second character is performing their Hyper Combo, you can choose to enter the code for a Hyper Combo possessed by Assist Character 2 to DHC into the third character.

The ABC's of DHC's

You can only do up to two DHC's in one sequence. Also, each Hyper Combo performed in a DHC sequence changes the color of the Hyper Combo background, which gives you an indication of how many Hyper Combos you have performed. The first Hyper Combo's background will be blue color. When you DHC into the second Hyper Combo, the background becomes green. And when you perform the second DHC into the third Hyper Combo, the background will turn red.

You are only allowed two DHC's in a row, but if you allow a Hyper Combo you DHC'ed into to end and are able to continue combo and then activate a brand new Hyper Combo, you can start the DHC sequence from scratch and get up to two DHC's again. However, you have to have enough Levels of Hyper Meter to perform this, as each DHC costs as much meter as it takes to perform the Hyper Combo you've DHC'ed into.

If one of your characters has been K.O.'ed, however, you are only allowed one DHC from your Point Character to the remaining character. DHC'ing will obviously always bring in the character who is still alive regardless if they are Assist Character 1 or Assist Character 2. But you will not be able to DHC back to the Point Character anymore. And it goes without saying, but it's being said anyhow, if you are the only character left on your team, you cannot perform a DHC at all.

DHC's Not Easy As 123

The most obvious use of Delayed Hyper Combos is to extend combos and cause more damage. Oftentimes, a combo that ended with a Hyper Combo will fall just short of finishing off an opponent's character. And because a lot of Hyper Combos cannot be followed up with more hits, a DHC is usually used to finish off the opponent's character.

Keep in mind that, just because you cancel one Hyper Combo into another via DHC, does not mean that the second Hyper Combo will connect. Thanks to the sheer variety of Hyper Combos, most DHCs will more than likely miss! But because you can DHC at any point during a Hyper Combo, you can usually adjust the timing so that the Hyper Combos do connect.

For example, if Chun Li lands her Hoyokusen, the last hit launches the opponent up into the air. So if you DHC her Hyper Combo after the last hit into, say, Deadpool's Happy Happy Trigger, Deadpool's Hyper Combo will miss. However, if you DHC before the last hit connects, because they are still on the ground, Happy Happy Trigger will actually connect.

Another example is with Amaterasu and Morrigan. If you land Amaterasu's Okami Shuffle and want to DHC into Morrigan's Finishing Shower, you have to DHC very early, right when the lightning portion of Amaterasu's Hyper Combo begins. However, if you want to combo into Morrigan's Darkness Illusion, you have to DHC later in the combo, right when the lightning portion is about to end. So even with learning to DHC into the same character but different Hyper Combos, different timings will needed. It will take a lot of experimentation to figure out how to combo Hyper Combos via DHC.

DHC Tagging

However, DHC's actually have what can be argued as an even more important use than just landing combos. The most important thing that DHC's allow for are a safe way to swap characters. So even if your opponent blocks the DHC, if the DHC is safe on Block, you can actually use two levels of Hyper Meter to safely bring in Assist Character 1 as your new Point Character. Performing a normal Cross-Over Attack can be risky as the character coming in is at a huge delay if blocked. And landing an Aerial Exchange requires you to start landing a combo and, oftentimes, you need to swap character right away in order to save your Point Character, so waiting until you land a combo isn't practical.

And oftentimes, people won't even bother to try and land the first Hyper Combo. If you have one that starts almost instantaneously, players oftentimes will just activate it as soon as they are free and instantly DHC into the second Hyper Combo without even worrying about letting the first Hyper Combo animate at all just to guarantee the Point Character tags out.

So DHCs ends up being one of the safest means to tag out your Point Character. And not only can it be a safe way to change characters, it also prevents the character entering the match from losing their Red Health, which is a huge bonus.

Strategy Corner

DHC's can actually be used in one extra capacity that isn't obvious at first. If you ever perform a Hyper Combo and it misses, leaving yourself open to be punished, you can actually DHC the recovery of the Hyper Combo to save yourself from punish and, sometimes, even hit the enemy trying to punish your first character. For example, let's say you are Hsien-Ko and you perform a Chireitou Blades Hyper Combo but your opponent manages to teleport behind you with, say, Wesker and is about to punish Hsien-Ko. You can actually DHC Hsien-Ko's Hyper Combo into the next character's Hyper Combo to prevent Wesker from punishing you. And as mentioned, if you timed it right so that Wesker was just starting his attack, you might even be able to punish him for trying to punish you!

DHC's can also be used to counter counter attempts which can result in some complex and humorous scenarios. For example, if Ryu starts the Shinku Hadoken Hyper Combo from about 3/4 a screen away from Akuma, Akuma can counter with a Messatsu Shoryu Hyper Combo which has enough invincibility to get through Ryu's Hyper Combo and hit Ryu. But now, before Akuma's Hyper Combo even begins moving, Ryu can DHC into Taskmaster's Aegis Counter, which will catch Akuma's Messatsu Goushoryu! But wait! Akuma then DHC's into Thor's Mighty Thunder, which will beat Taskmaster's Aegis Counter because the pillars of lightning are Projectiles and Taskmaster's Counter Hyper Combo fails against Projectiles! But we're not done yet! Taskmaster DHC's into Morrigan's Level 3 Darkness Illusion, which has enough invincibility to make it right through Thor's pillars of lightning to punish Thor. But with the last laugh, Thor DHC's into Iron Man's Level 3 Iron Avenger, which easily takes out Morrigan's Darkness Illusion. (Side note: yes, this entire scenario actually works... each Hyper Combo will beat the previous one!)

Yes, that scenario isn't likely to happen and costs both players 5 Levels of Hyper Meter, but it's just an example of what is possible thanks to DHC's and the easy input of commands during Hyper Combo Freeze.

Level 3 Hyper Combo DHC'ing

One restriction of Delayed Hyper Cancels, however, is that while you can DHC into a Level 3 Hyper Combo, once a Level 3 Hyper Combo connects, you can no longer DHC out of one! Whether this is the result of the developers thinking that canceling out of a Level 3 would be too powerful or because the fancier animations of Level 3's prevented a simple way to have DHC's work off of them, it's just not possible without any exceptions.