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Not Ben Matlock, but Guile's British punker cousin, Matlok is pretty low tier with trashy normals, no invicibility and thus being free on wakeup, but he has excellent zoning with Spinning Wave, his fireball.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Standing (Far) - Has less range than it might look, but good as an early jump stopper. Can be crouched, chains into itself and is cancelable.

Standing (Close) - Can't be crouched, so hope you get this instead of s.lp. Cancelable.

Crouching - Better range than s.lp, and slightly longer range than, so use this instead if you want to use his ground lp. Chains into itself and is cancelable.

Jumping - Matlok jumps with his head first, stays out until he lands, has pretty good priority.

Jumping (Neutral) - Not much use for this, I think.

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) - Matlok throws a fierce backfist. Good range, but pretty slow so not much use for as an general poke, but good during strings or when your opponent blocked a fireball and such. Cancelable.

Standing (Close) - Headbutt, can be linked into from, but use instead. Cancelable.

Crouching - Matlok does a weird lunge up to the air, works pretty well as and anti-air, takes him off ground too so it can avoid some lows. Cancelable during the first part, but not once Matlok has fully extended himself and is off the ground.

Jumping - Elbow drop, doesn't stay out for too long so better hit deep with it.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Light Kick

Standing (Far) - Garbage, it has no range. Stick with

Standing (Close) - Ditto.

Crouching - Finally, a good normal! Good range, fast, chains into itself, cancelable, use it. His main combo tool.

Jumping - Knee drop, same application as j.lp.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) - Kinda shitty, lacks range and is too slow to be used as a poke or an anti-air, even though it might look good for the latter. Soooo don't use it.

Standing (Close) - Two-hit kick, has the wonky property of hitting either two times to the mid part or once to mid, then to the head of your opponent. Good news anyway when it comes to hitting weak spots. Linkable from, both hits are cancelable. Use in comboes.

Crouching - Sweep. Pretty fast, but pretty long recovery if blocked. No problem though as it's cancelable. The other main part of Matlok's comboes.

Jumping - Drop kick. Same application as j.hp.

Jumping (Neutral) -


Forward/Back + Hard Punch - Matlok tosses the opponent back to the other end of the screen with a traditional judo throw. Who says punks don't know martial arts? Anyway, useful if you want the opponent off you so you can start spamming projectiles at them.

Special Moves

Dancing Head Press

  • Down or Down+Forward + Kick in the air
    • DANCER! Matlok does a weird dance manouver(?) during the air and stomps the opponent and then jumps again. Think it as Chun's d+mk from ST. LK version stays out until he lands but does less damage, HK version only hits during the start but does more damage, so use the LK version as it has more priority. Has an instant start-up, so you can do this very close to the ground and it'll still hit. Matlok can act before landing on the ground after the move hits or is blocked, so you can do some wonky comboes like deep LK Press and then j.hp. You can also steer Matlok a little in the air after he jumps again by holding the joystick either forward or back.

Spinning Wave

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch
    • SPIT IN WAY! Matlok throws a Sonic Boom. Button determines how fast the projectile flies. Has a pretty small charge time, think SvC Guile. Pretty fast start-up and recovery too, your main zoning tool that compensates for your shitty normals, so throw a lot of these. Becomes very deadly in the corner because of the small charge time when used in conjuction with normals like c.lp, or s.hp to keep the pressure on.

Overhead Kick

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick
    • OVERHEAD KICK! Matlok jumps into the air and does an upside-down Flashkick. As it's name suggets, it's an overhead. LK version is pretty fast but goes a shorter distance, HK vesion is slower but goes a longer distance. Neither version knocks down. The LK version can be comboed off close hard normals, so use that instead. Can also be used to close the gap between your opponent, like after a hit sweep.

Road Hurricane

  • Charge Down, Up + Kick
    • HURRICANE! Matlok starts spinning on his head legs a-flailing like a break dancer. LK version is one hit and always knocks down, HK version is three hits of which only the last hit knocks down and has trouble getting all of the three hits to actually hit, so stick with the LK version. Both are pretty punishable on block, HK version even on hit if the last hit whiffs, so make it count. Can be used as an anti-air, if you have the charge. You could also try to use it to escape the corner and such as the move throws you quite a bit forward at the end.

Super Move

Loop Hurricane

  • Charge Down, Up + CD
    • Same as above, except Matlok spins for a longer time and you can steer him with the joystick. Hits for who knows how many times, the last hit may even knock down, but the problem is that you'll never land all of the hits, not to mention the last one. So it's useless.

The Basics

Matlok is a charge character, so your main idea is to sit on your ass and throw Spinning Waves 'till your opponent jumps, that's when you peg them off the air with c.hp or lk hurricane, or they get pushed to the corner and you can start pressuring. His weak point is on his head, the sunglasses and the headphones, so watch your head!


  • (Jump-in) xn, - Your bnb. Jump-in is optional, replace number of's depending on range. Cancel into a special for shenanigans and such.
  • ( (2 hits) x lk Overhead Kick. - Good after dizzying your opponent, gives you a mixup afterwards.

Advanced Strategy

Couple of old match videos of Jap Matlok players, this is probably how you should be playing him: [1] [2] [3]

(Why is the Matlok player throwing out rapid fire s.lp and in the second match? I don't know, promixity blocking shenanigans maybe?)


Vs. Clown:

Vs. Jean Pierre:

Vs. Kano Ryoko:

Vs. Karnov:

Vs. Lee Diendo:

Vs. Liu Feilin:

Vs. Liu Yungmie:

Vs. Marstorius:

You want to keep this mofo out, and lucky for you his ass doesn't leave the ground too far when he jumps, he walks slow and generally has no way to approach your barrage of LP Waves without taking risks, so throw that 'till he's either dead or starts using Rising Knee to go over them, that's when you smack him out of the air with LK Hurricane and turtle it up again. If you fuck up and he gets close, you're dead.

Vs. Matlok Jade (self):

Grab your popcorn cause it's an all around turtle fest that echoes a Guile mirror match from ST.

Vs. Mizoguchi Makoto:

Vs. Ray McDougal:

Vs. Samchay Tomyamgun:

Vs. Zazie Muhaba:

Sucks. Zazie can Duck through your Spinning Waves and then retaliate with Hellfire, plus his normals are far better than yours, so you can't play your normal zoning game, or he can just lock you down in the corner with Hellfire and you can't do shit about it because none of your specials are invincible or your normals good enough to stop him. Just ragequit if you get matched against Zazie.