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Maya's Portrait

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Maya Furugohri. 古郡・真夜

This character was created by Sho Kawakami (ShoK) of 8105 Graphics.

Moves List

Normal Moves

6 C (forward throw) - 980 4 C (back throw) - 500

A - 210 Both B - 420 Both C - 600 Both

A - 200 Both B - 380 Low C - 650 Low

Running Standing
A - 200 Both B - 460 Both C - 650 Both

Running Crouching
A - 220 Both B - 400 Low C - 700 Low

A - 180 High B - 300 High C - 500 High

Special Moves

  • 236a - 300 dmg High
    手鏡 (The Hand Mirror) Forward Teleport Portals
  • • Slow horizontal projectile that travels 2/3 of full screen.
    • Teleports Maya to opponent on impact.

    • Retains Maya's momentum at time of impact.
  • 623a - 300 dmg High
    割鏡 (Percentage Mirror) Ground Teleport Portal
  • • Places a stationary "mine" at Maya's feet.
    • Teleports Maya above the mine when opponent moves over it and is damaged or blocks it.

    • Maya can double jump after teleport.
  • 214a - 400 dmg High
    空蝉 (Empty Cicada) Illusion Dashing Palm • Sends out a dashing shadow punching Maya.
    • Travels about 1 1/4 standing Mayas.
  • 236b - Damage equal to opponent's attack
    姿見 (Form Seeing) Illusion of Enemy
  • •Creats an illusion of the opponent that loosely mirrors their movements with sligh delay.
    •Lasts around 4 seconds.
    •Disappears when Maya or illusion attacks opponent, hit or block.

    •Does not disappear when Maya is hit.

Monster Blow

  • 236c
    御鏡 (Mirror) Giant White Mirror
  • 214c
    水晶の竜 (Dragon of the Crystal) Illusion Rush

Absurd Special

236236 S
鎮妖駆邪 (Running Wickedness) Power Breaks any attack on the screen.


  • Does no damage. Air shift is her jump B.


    Special Moves

    • 236a - 719 dmg
      手鏡 (The Hand Mirror) Forward Teleport Portals
      • Mirror doesn't go as far and moves forward at a slower pace and with more vertical range.
      • Freezes opponents if it hits an opponent during any attack recovery frame.
    • 623a - 599 dmg
      割鏡 (Percentage Mirror) Ground Teleport Portal
      • Wider portal on the ground.
      • Freezes opponent in the air for a moment before they start falling normally.
    • 214a - 0, 191 dmg
      空蝉 (Empty Cicada) Illusion Dashing Palm
      • Illusion sticks hand out and holds opponent.
      • Maya will always jump after illusion grabs opponent, unless opponent hits Maya out of it.
    • 236b
      姿見 (Form Seeing) Illusion of Enemy
      • Summons illusion of enemy that copies opponent's actions, but illusion always follows Maya.


    Special Moves

    • 236a
      手鏡 (The Hand Mirror) Forward Teleport Portals
      • Portals move forward quickly to about 1/5th of the screen and teleport Maya there.
      • Portals can't hit the opponent.
    • 623a
      割鏡 (Percentage Mirror) Ground Teleport Portal
      • Ground portals can hit the opponent and can be used to teleport on command by pressing the C button after dropping one.
    • 214a - 239, 237 dmg
      空蝉 (Empty Cicada) Illusion Dashing Palm
      • Illusion of Maya does a short range Dashing Palm and follows up with a jumping C.
    • 236b
      姿見 (Form Seeing) Illusion of Enemy
      • Same as normal version.


    Special Moves

    • 236a
      手鏡 (The Hand Mirror) Forward Teleport Portals
      • A white glowing sign surrounds Maya and protects her from 1 hit from any attack.
    • 623a
      割鏡 (Percentage Mirror) Ground Teleport Portal
      • Same as normal version.
    • 214a
      空蝉 (Empty Cicada) Illusion Dashing Palm
      • Creates a blue illusion of Maya that stands there until Maya does a standing C, in which the illusion then changes back to normal and does a Dashing Palm.
    • 236b
      姿見 (Form Seeing) Illusion of Enemy
      • Creates an illusion of herself that imitates all of Maya's actions half a second after she does them for 5 seconds.