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(The Basics)
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= The Basics =
= The Basics =
= Combos =
*j.SK, cr.SP , strong dash uppercut
*Strong tiger kick x 4 , strong dash uppercut or super dash uppercut
*Super Tiger Shot , j,SK ,combo from above
= Advanced Strategy =
= Advanced Strategy =

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Mizoguchi is the 28 year old(Or whatever the current story decides to change his age to)high school student. His story changes depending on version of said character. He is constantly trying to finish school(with the occasional partys, and girls)however he unfortunately happens to be too skilled for his own good, and his master forces(Kidnaps)him to enter more tourneys to constantly prove he is the worlds greatest fighter. This is the reason why he has still not finished. Also depending on story his most important thing to him is his girlfriend. However in the comic the most important thing to him is yummy. After protecting her and a secret scroll they end up becoming a couple and fucking like crazy. The manga shortly after this became to risque for regular customers and was banned for being to awesome. He also goes to school with ryoko, however they apparently other then there sexual encounters there relationship appears to be one sided as mizoguchi regularly subjects her to physical abuse for nothing better then to test his skills during lunch break. In one story Ox is used as a training dummy by mizoguchi from his master. He eventually knocks it out and eats it.

Mizoguchi is NOT the main character of the game. Mizoguchi plays the role of the reluctant "hero". Where as ray is the true main character of the game. As a matter of fact despite the fact that ray real life job is a detective. His goal in life is to only fight to proove he is the strongest in the world. So in fact ray is the ryu of the game. Unfortunately ray wears tight pants.. very tight pants. And besides his win pose, almost has no cool points what so ever. Which lead helped mizoguchi become the most distinguishable character of the game. With the edition of yummy and the then the comic showing there sexual relationship this was only magnified to the point of mizoguchi and yummy getting there own game to live out the fantasy of sexual tension in a forbidden old time japan(some random weapon fighter). And then ray was gone as far as being taken out of the next FH game through a robotic "plot twist".

In the game mizoguchi is the worst character. Only playable because of powerful combos. Unfortunately landing these combos are not easy as he has competitively the worst normal set of specials and regular attacks in the game.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Standing (Far) - Mizoguchis arm is invincible, only his body can be hit. Use this as a fake mini force field of sorts. Standing (Close) - Honestly I can think of no reason to use this over another attack, other then you are trying to hit there dizzy spot with it specifically.

Crouching - Like stand version but ducking. Differences being it allows your dizzy spot to be hit more easily, but you can also hit some harder to hit dizzy spots from opponents as well.

Jumping - Holy fucking shit hand of God move. This has incredible priority. Do use this, it will beat the repertoire of most characters moves clean. Stays out till you land as an added bonus.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) - Anti air. Think of it in terms of ryus stand mp/fierce in old SF, or just stand fierce in alpha 1. Differences being that in FHD normals tend to have a lot of priority compared to other fighters. Standing (Close) - A headbutt. Important for combos. However ray, lee, fei lin, and clown can duck it realistically in combos. Comes out farther then a stand HK. Crouching - Anti air. Generally good enough to at least trade with any air attack. However if you trade it will always hit your dizzy spot so....

Jumping - Not much use compared to his other air normals, other then a specific counter to certain normals, or to hit slightly lower when aiming for a dizzy spot.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Light Kick

Standing (Far) - Anti air. Good for combos, and aiming for mid dizzy spots.

Standing (Close) - Good for combos, and aiming for mid to thigh range dizzy spots.

Crouching - Mizos legs is invincible, only his body can be hit. Used in the general rock sissors paper game that FHD normals go by.

Jumping - A cross up. Priority is similar to jump punch, comes out faster then lp, but at a lower angle then it. Thus it loses the air to air battle use that the jump punch also doubles as.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Long standing air to air attack. Deceptive hit box.

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) - A anti air. Unfortunately stand hp actually works better then it in most realistic situations where you would use it. So its use is a more minimal/specific counter.

Standing (Close) - A 2 hit axe kick. Starts closer then then close stand hp distance wise. Thus the same combos do not work, or require greater timing if going for a close attack. Very important for combos. It can anti air, however in general not as realistic as other attacks for the same circumstance.

Crouching - A sweep. Deceptively long range. Remember that in FHD as long as the move is out, it can be canceled. Jumping - It can cross up. However jump lk in general does the job better. Main use for crossing up would be to throw the opponent off with the diff stun times between the 2 attacks, and when going for ambiguous cross up. Where as doing the HK will cross up but keep you in the front, and the lk will cross up, and cross up. Jumping (Neutral) - A 2 hit axe kick in the air.


The punch version mizoguchi choke slams the opponent into the ground. It leaves him at a good distance for many ambiguous mix ups with cross ups, and hops with his RK. Unfortunately many dps in the game are instant, so this is not as abusable as it would seem.

The kick version tosses the opponent across the screen. You can use it in a sort of "reseting" the match sort of thought. Note that player 2 mizoguchi can not kick throw zazzie.(at least not in the same thought)

Special Moves

Tiger Bazooka

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

A slow start up/recovery/projectile. Mizoguchi does take a low stance during the attack which is its biggest saving grace. Tiger Smash

  • Back, Down-Back, Down + Punch

A quick rushing elbow. Its invincibility for the most part is non existent. However it is fast, and the jab version is awkward to punish at best. Spammable, but it doesnt have enough invincibility to beat any other said DPish attack if done at the same time. The hp version is good for combos. RenZokuKeri

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Can repeat motion for up to five kicks

On hit you can combo after the HK or air version. On block the first four hits leave you at a slight disadvantage though in general not enough for you to actually be punished. Which then lends it self to rock paper scissors type mix ups. The last hit has more recovery and is punishable more realistically. Good for chipping damage.

Comparing it to how most every other special attack in FHD works, its priority is negligible, however it does go over lows. Though even that is a bit slower then it "looks".

Useful for ambiguous cross ups as a stand alone move after a knock down.

LK version goes over fireballs and can be used to try to slowly gain distance. Or to hop over an opponent.

The air version can only be done if a air attack has hit the opponent and is still in stun, and your still in the attack animation of said attack.

Gottsui Tiger Bazooka

  • Quarter Circle Forward + ABCD

Super Move


  • Back, Down-Back, Down + ABCD

The move is completely invincible(besides throws)till he starts to fall. It does suck in. In general there are 2 versions of the move. If the first spin hits, he rises into the air with a shinryukenish attack that deals around 35%-40% damage. If the first hit misses he rushes foward with a dragon pun..elbow for 3 hits. Unfortunately this is duckable by everyone in the game except jean,zazzie and mastourious.

However I said IN GENERAL. There are also a couple of other versions you can get. One is a four hit version of the same move. And another is a spin, that will then "teleport" next to the opponent and then go into the shinryukenish version of said move.

The Basics


  • j.SK, cr.SP , strong dash uppercut
  • Strong tiger kick x 4 , strong dash uppercut or super dash uppercut
  • Super Tiger Shot , j,SK ,combo from above

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Clown:

6.5/7-3.5/3 in mizos favor. One of mizoguchis clear cut winning matchs. Clowns only saving grace is the fact mizoguchis regular combos do not work vs him.

Vs. Jean Pierre:

3/3.5-6.5/7 in jeans favor. On paper the match appears quite lop sided. However the general idea of mizoguchi having some situational yet damaging combos help keep him in the match.

Vs. Kano Ryoko:


Although a generally bad match for Ryoko, having some of the most realistic counters to mizoguchis spammable moves help keep her and her player from leaving the machine before the match starts.

Vs. Karnov:


Ease of use is probably what keeps this match from being even. Mizoguchi has a lot of counters that if done will instantly win you the ground, however what karnovs does is easier then what you have to do to win.

Vs. Lee Diendo:


Mizoguchi has a lot of answers to lee. But again ease of use comes into play. Lee is also one of the characters that mizoguchi normal combos do not work on.

Vs. Liu Feilin:

Vs. Liu Yungmie:

The easiest way to say her name is yummy.

Vs. Marstorius:


Vs. Matlok Jade:


Vs. Mizoguchi Makoto (self):

Most people pick ray.

Vs. Ray McDougal:


Vs. Samchay Tomyamgun:


Vs. Zazie Muhaba:


A bad match. A lot of your counters to his patters are high risk and low reward.