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Game Modes

  • Story - a series of scripted fights interspersed with cutscenes. You do not get to choose your character, but fight as a series of different characters throughout the story. Some CPU opponents in this mode are characters who are not playable anywhere else in the game, such as Sindel and Rain.
  • Traditional Tower - standard one-player fighting game play. Fight 10 opponents in series; the last-but-one is always Goro and the last one is always Shinnok.
  • Test Your Luck - plays as Traditional Tower but with random modifiers applied to each fight.
  • Test Your Might - not actually a fighting game at all; on each round you must mash buttons until the outer circle on the display moves inside the smaller circle and then hit Bl.png to break an object.
  • Player Match - standard local PvP.
  • Test Your Luck (2-player) - local PvP with random modifiers applied.
  • Kustom Kombat (2-player) - local PvP with your choice of modifiers applied.

Mortal Kombat X

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