Mortal Kombat X/Tier List

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This is the Mortal Kombat X Tier List as studied by YOMI Gaming. It is an interactive tier list meaning if you click a character's image, it will take you directly to its page. It is recent as of December 2015.

Mortal Kombat X Tier List
Tier Character(s)
S Cell cageJr.pngCell kungLao.pngCell predator.pngCell quanChi.pngCell shinnok.pngCell tanyaDLC.pngCell tremor.png
A+ Cell ladyBug.pngCell nomad.pngCell jax.pngCell johnnyCage.pngCell aztec.pngCell kungLaoJr.pngCell liuKang.pngCell reptile.pngCell sonya.pngCell subzero.pngCell kenshiJr.png
A Cell masterMale.pngCell jaxJr.pngCell kano.pngCell kitana.pngCell raiden.pngCell scorpion.png
B Cell ermac.pngCell goro.pngCell kenshi.pngCell mileena.png
C Cell jason.png