Mr. Big (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

High Lift Throw - Near opponent, press b or f + C+D

Unique Moves

Chopstick - Press f + A

Stab Stick - Press f + C

Special Moves

Ground Blaster - qcf + A or C (SC)

Crazy Drum - qcf + B or D (tap button repeatedly)

California Romance - dp + A or C(SC)

Cross Diving - hcb + A or C

Spinning Lancer - Press A+C or B+D (move with b or f)

Desperation Moves

Blaster Wave - qcfx2 + A or C

Drum Shot Typhoon - qcf, hcb + A or C

Raging Spear - Near opponent, qcfx2 + B or D (2 stocks required)