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Couldn't find a pic for Nako...

...That's alright though she's always stylin

Moves List

Normal Moves

Name State Cncls Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Jab Close o/o/o +8 +8 2 4 5 300
Far o/o/o +5 +5 2 4 8 200
Crouch o/o/o +6 +6 3 4 7 200
Jump - - - 2 22 - 400
Strong Close x/o/o +6 +6 4 4 14 800
Far x/o/o -1 -1 6 6 21 800
Crouch x/o/o +6 +6 4 4 19 800
Jump - - - 4 4 - 800
Fierce Close x/x/o/x/o/x +6 +6 4/2 9/4 22 600+700
Far x/x/x -8 -8 11 4 34 1200
Crouch x/xo/x/o/x -4 -4 4 7 28 1000,700
Jump - - - 7 2 - 1100,1000
Short Close x/o/o +6 +6 3 6 8 400
Far x/o/o +3 +3 3 5 9 400
Crouch o/o/o +7 +7 3 4 7 200
Jump - - - 2 22 - 400
Forward Close x/o/o +5 +5 4 7 10 700
Far x/x/x -2 -2 9 5 18 700
Crouch x/x/o +6 +6 5 8 8 700
Jump - - - 5 10 - 700
Roundhouse Close x+x/x+x/o+x -2 -2 6/3 5/4 22 600+800
Far x/x/x +5 +5 10 8 11 1100
Crouch x/x/o DWN -6 6 8 24 1100
Jump - - - 6 8 - 1000
Command Normals
Spining Blade Dwn+Fwd x/x/x +6 +6 10 12 18 1100

Special Moves

Anna Mutsube - B, DB, D, P

LP 1100 Down/-27 11/19/23
MP 1200 Down/-32 11/24/23
HP 1300 Down/-37 11/29/23

Nakoruru's ground slide. The best use for this move is generally in combos. A groove CC's have a use for it when used following activation to blast through projectiles. While you could in theory use it randomly to punish pokes against even the most predictable opponents, being at -27 blocked for even the jab version almost always restricts it to combos only.

While all have apparently the same startup, value of the moves usage comes in the setups following the different strengths
Midscreen Following the Jab:
Deep crossup short
Corpse Hop
Can punish safe falls with another Anna Mutsube

Midscreen Following the Strong:
Crossup short
Corpse Hop
Crossup Roll
Can punish safe falls with another Anna Mutsube

Midscreen Following the Fierce:
Corpse Hop

Due to the nature and somewhat faster recovery of this move this is the prefered special of Nakoruru's to combo into. Lela Mutsube is just too dangerous whether done in the corner or midscreen, your opponent could recover earlier and take away what little life you have.

Lela Mutsube - D, DF, F, P

LP 1200 Down/-47 8/11/56
MP 1300 Down/-40 8/13/57
HP 1400 Down/-13 8/15/57

Aside from perhaps catching people off guard as a mediocre and not so safe anti-air, there's generally not much use for this move. Whereas the ground slide used randomly and blocked as a result will get Nakoruru killed, doing this move randomly, or even in combos will likely result in the same, especially in the corner, especially if they're playing the "not so safe" fall grooves. If you do insist on using this move, do so with caution, and only as an anti-air.

Amube Yatoro HCB+P

LP 900 Down/0 19/40
MP 1000 Down/+1 19/40
HP 1100 Down/+3 19/40

The computer uses this move a lot following a punchthrow midscreen, and surprisingly enough this works against people just as well; following the punchthrow they wakeup with the bird literally mere pixels from where they stand. You can do this also with the kickthrow, but the kickthrow's recovery is longer than that of the punch, and Nakoruru's vitality and pressure games demand faster recovery moves. With this in mind, they actually have a moment or two longer with the kickthrow with which to react.
Aside from added pressure and throwing more things at your opponent to worry about, there's not much of a reason to use this move alone, it's one of those moves you need to set up.
You don't even need to throw this out, as you can just run up to your downed opponent and begin counterhit/throw mixup patterns just as easily.
Still, it knocksdown and gives you advantage enough so that you can run after it and use it so it doesn't hurt in that it forces your opponent to block more often.

Kamui Risse RDP+P,P

LP 800 -5/-5 14/5/4/20
MP 900 -5/-5 14/5/4/20
HP 1000 -5/-5 14/5/4/20
Cancel Frames 16-22

2nd Hit 500 Down/-6 14/2/24

Nakoruru's reflect. RC'd, the fierce version makes an effective poke. It moves her forward, reflects fireballs and can potentially knockdown when done through laggy normals/specials. At range, the move is also safe at -5, similar to Kyo's 1st hit LP rekka when blocked following his d.LKx2, d.MP chain.

Mamahaha Grab QCB+K

ALL - -/- 15 frame move

This move, in conjunction with her speed, makes Nakoruru what she is. She's off the ground early, either on the 1st or 2nd frame, and can follow up with numerous dismounts depending on the situation at hand but all are typically offensive in nature save the "Release."

Mamahaha Slashes After Mamahaha Grab, LP/MP/LK/MK

LP 500 -3/+8 6/2/17
MP 800 -6/+5 6/2/20
LK 400 0/+11 4/2/10
MK 700 0/+11 4/2/10

Nothing listed so far as cancels go, but looking at these moves now, in particular MK, makes me wonder. MK in particular is basically Nako's j.HK but with her grabbing the falcon. Good angle and this and the other moves cancel and combo into the dive on hit or blocked. Even the qcf+P firebird attacks could work with this kind of "hit confirmation." I don't like these moves in general because she's in another world of vulnerable here, can't safely say I'd recommend doing them just because of risk/reward alone.

Mamahaha Release After Mamahaha Grab, HK

HK - -/- Landing 6 frames until landing.

Generally safer to throw the Mamahaha attack when you've got your pressure on, if things are going sour I suppose you could do this to bait attacks. But why would you, when you have the better option of Mamahaha Attack, getting a hefty frame advantage bonus in the process?

Mamahaha Attack After Mamahaha Grab, HP


The Basics

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Super Combos

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Advanced Strategy

Wake-Up Pressure/Knockdown Mixups


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