Negative Edge

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Negative Edge

Negative edging is used to severely decrease the time it requires for a button-terminating input sequence to finish. Consider the basic fireball motion: Qcf.png + P.png, also expressed as: Qcf.gif + P.png

The easy input method is typically pressing forward and pressing A at the same time and then released A. This is better expressed as these steps:

  • Press D.png
  • Press Df.png
  • Press F.png + Press P.png
  • Release P.png

The advanced, negative edge, input method takes advantage of the fact that most moves are triggered by the release of the button. Thus you can typically do:

  • Press D.png
  • Press Df.png + Press P.png
  • Press F.png + Release P.png

, shaving milliseconds or much more of your input time. For example you can use this with Cable in MvC2 to throw grenades that detonate right next to Cable's head, as opposed to their usual usage as distance weapons.