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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, released in 2005, is SNK-Playmore's own version of Capcom's "Capcom Fighting Evolution". Boasting a massive roster of over forty characters, SNK combined numerous fighters from their various fighting universes (and even some new characters and non-fighting game characters), making NeoGeo Battle Coliseum the super-clash that SNK fans have been waiting for. Featuring a unqiue "tag team" gameplay system and a special timer that takes the place of the traditional "ladder", Battle Coliseum is a refreshing fighting game in a time where SNK-Playmore seemed to be running out of ideas.

NGBC screen1.jpg NGBC screen2.gif NGBC screen3.jpg

Basic Commands

Taunt - Press Start

Fronstep/Dash - Press forward, forward (hold forward to run)

Backstep - Press back, back

Super Jump - press down-back/down/down-forward, up-back/up/up-forward

Fallbreaker - Press A B when knocked down

Throw Escape - Press C D when grabbed

Tactical Step - Press A B (requires half of a stock)

AC Tactical Step - Press A B during normal attack (requires 1 stock)

Guard Cancel Front Step - Press forward, forward during block (requires half of a stock)

Just Defense Front Step - Press forward, forward during block (requires a quarter of a stock)

  • to Just Defend you must block the attack at the last possible moment

Tag-Out - Press E

Double Assault - qcf E

  • The message "D-Assault OK" must appear above your stock gauge before you can activate a D-Assault

Guard Cancel Tag Attack - Press E, during block (requires 1 stock)

Game Mechanics

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

God Tier And Banned


S Class Mr Big, Kim, Hotaru

A Class

Marco, Iori, Robert,Lee, Haohmaru,Mizuchi,Hanzo, Kyo. 

B Class

Mai,Fuma,Shiki, Kaede, Moriya, Washizuka.

C Class

Tung, "Master" Athena, K', Shermie, Mr. Karate, Neo Dio, "Master" Tung,Cyber Woo, Shishioh, Terry,Akari,

D Class

 Rock, Geese, Mudman, Asura,Mars People (and Rising), Chonrei, Ai (And Rising)

E Class

 Yuki,Chonshu, Nakoruru, Genjyuro

Game Versions

The Characters


NeoGeo Battle Coliseum Final Boss