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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, released in 2005, is SNK-Playmore's own version of Capcom's "Capcom Fighting Evolution". Boasting a massive roster of over forty characters, SNK combined numerous fighters from their various fighting universes (and even some new characters and non-fighting game characters), making NeoGeo Battle Coliseum the super-clash that SNK fans have been waiting for. Featuring a unqiue "tag team" gameplay system and a special timer that takes the place of the traditional "ladder", Battle Coliseum is a refreshing fighting game in a time where SNK-Playmore seemed to be running out of ideas.

NGBC screen1.jpg NGBC screen2.gif NGBC screen3.jpg

Basic Commands

Taunt - Press Start

Fronstep/Dash - Press forward, forward (hold forward to run)

Backstep - Press back, back

Super Jump - press down-back/down/down-forward, up-back/up/up-forward

Fallbreaker - Press A+B when knocked down

Throw Escape - Press C+D when grabbed

Tactical Step - Press A+B (requires half of a stock)

AC Tactical Step - Press A+B during normal attack (requires 1 stock)

Guard Cancel Front Step - Press forward, forward during block (requires half of a stock)

Just Defense Front Step - Press forward, forward during block (requires a quarter of a stock)

  • to Just Defend you must block the attack at the last possible moment

Tag-Out - Press E

Double Assault - qcf + E

Guard Cancel Tag Attack - Press E, during block (requires 1 stock)

Game Mechanics

By Dark Geese

This game is back to basics in a way that does not revolve around the hyper hopping frenzy we all have come to know known as KOF.

This game is more simplistic at it's base, addnig flair by bringign characters from different universes together for one shodown.

Just because this game is not KOF does not mean it does not have aspecta of KOF.

For NGBC basic stuff see the basics thread in the NGBC SRK thread..plenty of info to help you out there.

"Don't direct people from SRK, to the Wiki then back to SRK. The Wiki is for info... Can't be bothered to write? The don't..."

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tier List


Mr. Big


Hotaru, Marco, Iori, Robert, Kim

Mid-Top Tier:

Mai, Lee, Haohmaru, Shiki, Kaede, Mizuchi, Neo-Dio


Ai, Kyo, Terry, Moriya, Akari, Washizuka, Hanzo, Fuma, Kisarah, Cyber Woo, Shishioh

Low-Mid Tier:

K', Shermie, Geese, Rock, Mr. Karate, Nakoruru, Genjyuro, Asura, Mudman, Mars People


Yuki, Athena, Chonshu, Chonrei, Tung

Game Versions

The Characters


NeoGeo Battle Coliseum Final Boss