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Ground Chain: Punch to Kick (any)
Normal Jump Chain: Punch to Kick (any)
Super Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1
Tech hit type: Escape/Safe Fall
Weight Class: Heavy
Pushback Factor: (TBA)
Stamina Rank: 4th (TBC)

Moves List

Normal Moves

Air Dash: 2P or F,F in air. After a coil, you can air dash again, and coil again, even in Normal Jump mode (and you gain 2 normal attacks again). SJ [Coil,(recall),Air Dash] x N can be used to pester the opponent from above or stall for time/meter, especially on breaking floor stages.

Taunt: mk, lp, down, lk, mp - builds meter, can cancel normals but the taunt itself lasts too long

Special Moves

Carbonadium Coils - D,DF,F+ Punch or Kick (Can be done in air, kick in air only)
-LP: Straight ahead coil.
-MP: Diagonal up-forward coil.
-HP: Straight up coil.
-LK: Straight ahead coil.
-MK: Diagonal down-forward coil.
-HK: Straight down coil.
--Back + any button to recall.
--When it grabs, mash Punch to drain health and Kick to drain meter.
--Coil Grab counts as a throw-type, so is subject to the "two throws per combo/juggle" limit. If you've used up your allowed throws, the next coil will pass harmlessly through the opponent. Also if you try to combo another throw, it simply won't work.
--Coil Slamming--
After a coil grab, hold a direction and hit any attack to slam and/or toss the opponent. Whether you are able to slam more than once (max 2) depends on a few factors.
-- The coil must be "long" enough.
-- You cannot have used a throw or another coil in the combo OR juggle (eg they haven't landed yet), the second slam counts against your 2nd allowed throw in the "two throws per combo" limit.
Coil Throw Directions on Ground:
Back OR Forward throws the opponent behind you, if they have a long OTG time (like Cyclops), OTG options are possible.
Down+Forward or Down+Back slams the opponent in that direction.
Up throws them straight up, Up+Forward throws them in a similar way to straight up, but they move forward slightly.
Up+Back throws them in more of an arc, if your back is to the corner and the opponent is heavy+ you can SJ up and air combo off it.
Coil Throw Notes in Air:
If you throw the opponent Down+Forward on a short coil in the air (the coil can't "reach" the ground during the slam), the opponent will "bounce" back up and travel a bit and be in stun until they crash into the ground. This is important in combos, and provides an easy way to combo into Omega Destroyer on many characters.

Omega Strike - D,DF,F+K
--Back + any Kick to recall, Down + any Kick to cancel where you are. If near a wall, the wall will cancel it as if you had hit Down+Kick.
--LK: Travels across the ground, has the longest D+K recovery because Omega lands on the ground, but still useful for combos, esspecially as a dizzying hit.
--MK: Travels diagonally up-forward, possibly most useful for combos.
--HK: Travels straight up, combo uses seem very limited.
--Strikes that end in the air leave you in normal jump mode.

Super Attacks

Omega Destroyer - D,DF,F+2P
A good deal of startup and a great deal of recovery. It deals alot of chip damage, but shouldn't be used just for chip, unless you're sure it will kill. Easiest ways to combo into it are off an "air bounce" (down+forward) air coil, or an HP throw. If put late into a combo the damage is greatly reduced.

The Basics

Due to the "any" punch to kick chain, Omega Red can poke with s.HP and cancel it's recovery with c.LK. [Dashing s.HP, (wiff c.LK] x N will loop on many characters, but on the lighter weights pushback fights you hard. On heavier characters, there isn't enough pushback and you can end up hitting the c.LK, which will screw the combo.

Advanced Strategy



Vs. Omega Red (self):

Vs. Akuma:

Throw Akuma down-right on the ground on a semi-short coil and he'll bounce as if you threw him down-forward in the air, leaving even more time for follow up attacks. Even enough to super.

Vs. Colossus:

Vs. Cyclops:

Vs. Iceman:

Vs. Psylocke:

Vs. Sentinel:

Vs. Silver Samurai:

Vs. Spiral:

Vs. Storm:

Vs. Wolverine:

LP ground coils and LK Omega Strikes will wiff right over a crouching Wolv's head. If LK Strike passes over a crouching Wolvie and you call it back, Wolverine gets dragged back towards you.

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