Omega Red (XMCOTA)

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Ground Chain: Punch to Kick (any)
Normal Jump Chain: Punch to Kick (any)
Super Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1
Tech hit type: Escape/Safe Fall
Weight Class: Heavy
Pushback Factor: (TBA)
Stamina Rank: 4th (TBC)

Moves List

Normal Moves

Air Dash: 2P or F,F in air. After a coil, you can air dash again, and coil again, even in Normal Jump mode (and you gain 2 normal attacks again. SJ [Coil,(recall),Air Dash] x N can be used to pester the opponent from above or stall for time/meter, especially on breaking floor stages.

Taunt: mk, lp, down, lk, mp - builds meter, can cancel normals but the taunt itself lasts too long

Special Moves

Omega Strike - D,DF,F+K
--Back + any Kick to recall, Down + any Kick to cancel where you are. If near a wall, the wall will cancel it as if you had hit Down+Kick.
--LK: Travels across the ground, has the longest D+K recovery because Omega lands on the ground, but still useful for combos, esspecially as a dizzying hit.
--MK: Travels diagonally up, possibly most useful for combos.
--HK: Travels straight up, combo uses seem very limited.
--Strikes that end in the air leave you in normal jump mode.

Super Attacks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

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