Oswald (KOF:XI)

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Body Tosses

2 - Near opponent, press back or forward + C or D

Unique Moves

Jack - Press forward + A

10 - Press down-forward + A

Special Moves

Spade - qcb + A or C (can be repeated) (SC)

Diamond - qcf + A or C (can be repeated) (SC)

Club - qcb + B or D

Heart - qcf + B or D (*SC - only on standalone)

>Ace - qcf or qcb + E

Queen - dp + A or B or C or D

King - rdp + B or D

Super Desperation Moves

Four Suits - qcf, hcb + A or C (hold C to delay) (DC)

Royal Flush - hcbx2 + A or C

Leader Desperation Move

Joker - Briefly hold back, press forward, back, forward + E

This move is an surefire/anywhere juggle and can hit opponents in mid-air even if hit by a standing/airborne jab.

PS2 Arranged Mode Differences

Harder to link crouching A off of his crouching B.

Harder to chain the crouching A

Loses his anti-air Joker juggle combos.


Jumping deep C, standing close D, Jack, Spade (A), Diamond (A), Club (B)

Jumping deep C, crouching B, link crouching A, Spade (A), Diamond (A), Club (B)

Jumping deep C, crouching D (1 hit), Jack, Spade (A), Diamond (A), Club (B)

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