Psylocke (XMCOTA)

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Very good at rushing down and very high combo potential. Her fast regular jump and quick/well angled Hard jumping attacks give her almost an XvSF Sabretooth-like jumping pattern vs big characters.

Ground Chain: Zig Zag 1
Normal Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1 Rules with NJ limits
Super Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1
Tech hit type: Counter Throw
Weight Class: Feather

Moves List

Normal Moves

Psylocke can double jump.

Taunt - Psylocke is the only character whose taunt is simply the Start button. Her moving hand is an active hitbox and can do damage, dizzy if the opponent is in the red, and even kill if the opponent has zero vital. It can also cancel standing normals, but not crouching ones. Psylocke remains taunting until hit or the player moves her.

Hold Forward + HK(keep holding after hit) - Psylocke rolls forward slightly after the hit. If close enough, you can crossover behind the opponent.
Back + HK - Jump back (you're off the ground) slightly, land then kick (you can hold forward after to rollover still). Since you are in the air, you cannot SJ or Ninjutsu Split, but you can still do air specials. You land for the hit, so this is NOT an overhead.
A good use for this is to cancel from a dashed, blocked poke. Pushback will make you jump back far, where you can safely Psy-flash depending on what the opponent does.
Standing HK can be crouch cancelled.

Special Moves

Psi-Blast(Flash): D,DF,F+P (ground/air projectile)
LP - Down-forward
MP - Straight
HP - Up-forward
This will stop several kinds of projectiles, but won't stop other Psi-Blasts.

Psi-Blade: D,DF,F+K (ground/air)
LK - Move forward
MK - Move up-forward
HK - Move up, but off a dash you move in a similar (but slightly higher) arc as MK
Each spin can hit 3 times each (should the opponent stay in range), and can go into another strength spin (max 3 spins). EG: LK spin, MK, LK is possible, but LK, LK, LK is not.
Recovery on this move is bad, and can leave you vulnerable sometimes even if it hits. Use with caution.


Ninjitsu Split: D,DB,B+K(+ another button to control where your solid is) (ground only)
During this move, even your solid self can pass through the opponent (but can still be hit).
To change where your solid self is, do the motion again, and hit one of the buttons (positions follow the button layout, eg lights put you leftmost, mediums in middle, hards rightmost). You won't have any visual confirmation that your position has changed, and you can change in the air.
Your shadows CANNOT hit the opponent. More research is needed (check to see if you can change position while blocking?).

Super Attacks

Psi-Thrust: D,DF,F+2P (then direction), then direction + punch for another thrust (ground/air)
A bit of startup (easy to combo however) but no recovery, even on block. After they're hit, the opponent will be in fall stun until they land.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

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