Raven (EC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves


Inner Strength Moves

Mist Form A + C 5 hits, 3% dmg/hit
Bedazzle X + Y + Z 0% dmg
Manifest A + B + C 0% dmg
Doom Dog QCT B 3 hits, 5% dmg/hit
Ceiling Ram QCF C 10% dmg
Flying Wall Smash Charge B, F Z 13% dmg
Life Drain Charge B, F X + Y + Z 15% dmg

Skill Moves

Demon's Fang (in air) Charge B, F C 13% dmg
Rapid Fire Charge B, F B + C 5 hits, 3% dmg/hit
Overhead Stomach Smash F A + B + C 18% dmg
Shoulder Roll QCT Z 12% dmg

Move Analysis

IS Moves

Mist Form - Midknight turns into a cloud of mist and rushes across the screen towards the opponent, hitting three times.

Bedazzle - Midknight fires a slow moving projectile that stuns the opponent. If the opponent is on the ground, they are forced to approach Midknight. If airborne, they are momentarily frozen in place.

Manifest - Midknight briefly glows, causing the next hit received to do half damage.

Doom Dog - Transforms Midknight into a Hellhound, rushing across the screen and doing three hits.

Ceiling Ram - Midknight grabs his opponent and leaps into the air, smashing them into the top of the stage.

Flying Wall Smash - Launches Midknight across the stage, Superman (or Raiden) style. Causes wallbounce on hit.

Life Drain - This command throw causes damage while returning health to Midknight.

Skill Moves

Demon's Fang - Midnight delivers a horizontal flying kick across the screen.

Rapid Fire - A 5 hit flurry of blows.

Overhead Stomach Smash - Midknight lifts the opponent over his head and punches them upwards.

Shoulder Roll - Midknight rolls over his opponent, delivering a kick to the head on his way over.