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Remy's Character Select Portrait
Remy's Neutral Stance


Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Light of Virtue (LoV) Charge B, F + P/K (EX)
Rising Rage Flash Charge D, U + K (EX)
Cold Blue Kick D, DB, B + K (EX)

Super Arts

I. Light of Justice QCF, QCF + P
II. Supreme Rising Rage Flash QCF, QCF + K
III. Blue Nocturne QCF, QCF + K

Note: Super Art III is a counter.

Move Analysis


Basic Ground Combos

#1) Crouching LP x 2 canceled into a HK Rising Rage Flash.

#2) Crouching LP x 2~3 canceled into Supreme Rising Rage Flash or Light of Justice.

#3) Close standing MK, linked into a late Supreme Rising Rage Flash.

#4) Close standing HP canceled into a HK Rising Rage Flash, Supreme Rising Rage Flash, Light of Justice.

Neutral Throw Specific Combos

#1) Neutral throw near a corner, juggle with an early HK Rising Rage Flash when you recover from the throw.

#2) Neutral throw near a corner, juggle with an early Light of Justice (3 hits only), when you recover from the volley of projectiles, juggle with a HK Rising Rage Flash.

Anti-Air Combos

#1) Anti-air crouching HP, when you recover, juggle with an early HK Rising Rage Flash.

#2) When near a corner, land an anti-Air crouching HP, when you recover, juggle with an early LK Cold Blue Kick, then juggle with a final HK Rising Rage Flash or a crouching MP canceled into a Supreme Rising Rage Flash.

#3) Land a air to air jumping HP, when you land, juggle with an early HK Rising Rage Flash.

#4) When near a corner, land an air to air jumping HP, when you recover, juggle with an early LK Cold Blue Kick, then juggle with a final HK Rising Rage Flash or a crouching MP canceled into a Supreme Rising Rage Flash.

#5) Anti-air crouching MP canceled into a Supreme Rising Rage Flash.

Advanced Combos

#1) Close standing MP linked into a crouching MP canceled into a LK Light of Virtue. Note that this is 1 frame easier to perform on a crouching character.

#2) Against a cornered opponent who's standing, jump in HP,when you land link close standing MK canceled into a HP Light of Virtue, then link crouching LK canceled into a HK Rising Rage Flash, Supreme Rising Rage Flash, or Light of Justice.

The Basics

Remy's Objective

Remy's goal is to force his opponent to jump towards him. Although difficult to implement because of the parry, his focus completely revolves around controlling space with his large array of projectiles and attacks that make it difficult for his opponent to be mobile. By applying the right kind of pressure, your opponent will be pressured into committing risky actions in order to avoid Remy's mid-range offense, like the jump, or other evasive special moves. When properly anticipated, Remy can score big damage off of a poorly timed jump with his wide variety of damaging anti-air options.

Outside of this objective, it's also important to focus on cornering your opponent as soon as possible. Once cornered, Remy's ability to control his opponent's movements is heightened, making it that much easier to apply pressure and bait a jump. In addition to this, many of his anti air options, his neutral throw, and a variety of Light of Virtue based combos, all lead to extra damage when near a corner.


Remy's low-hitting attacks are severely lacking. Outside of crouching LK, none of his low attacks are safe, nor do they lead to a substantial amount of damage. His only answer to this problem is crouching LK--> Light of Justice, which is safe, but not verifiable. This severely limits his close range options to a handful of attacks that are highly vulnerable to standing parries.

Additionally, Remy is heavily reliant on his low EX Light of Virtue to exert a threatening mid-range presence. Without it, his ability to punish whiffed attacks and control the movements of mid-range oriented characters is limited to a handful of lackluster attacks. The result is rarely having access to Remy's much needed Super Arts because of the meter usage. Without a Light of Justice or Supreme Rising Rage Flash stocked, Remy must rely on weak and highly risky tactics in order to score damage at close range.

If the above wasn't enough, Remy also happens to have the lowest stun damage rating in the game. This is a huge disadvantage to shoulder when dealing with characters that are focused on dizzying you, such as Ryu (Denjin Hadouken), Necro (Electric Snake) or Makoto (Abare Tosanami Kudaki).

Offensive Notes

Remy's neutral throw is extremely important to his overall game. Mid-screen this attack sends your enemy flying across the screen, making it very useful for quickly pushing your enemy towards the nearest corner. Remy recovers well before his enemy even hits the ground, enabling you to throw a LP or LK Light of Virtue afterwards that will meet your enemy as they stand up if they perform a Quick recovery. Dash behind the LoV in order to safely approach your enemy. Near corners, Remy's neutral throw can also be juggled after with a HK Rising Rage Flash for additional damage. In comparison to the damage output of most normal throws, the addition of the juggle makes this throw one of the more threatening grappling attacks in 3rd Strike. This is especially helpful considering Remy's overall attack options against the Parry system are so weak.

Moreover, standing MP can be kara-canceled into Remy's throw for a massive range increase. This is done by pressing MP then LP + LK very quickly in succession. Like any kara-throw, this is an invaluable option to Remy because of his weakness towards Parries. Always stand just outside of your enemy's throw range when performing a kara-throw on wake up in order to avoid being thrown yourself.

Remy's most commonly used attack openings are close standing MK and crouching LP x 2. In the case of close standing MK, it's possible to link a Supreme Rising Rage Flash directly after it hits. The second hit of crouching LP x 2 can simply be canceled into a HK Rising Rage Flash or a Supreme Rising Rage Flash. Both options are verifiable (Hit Confirm-able) . Commonly used follow up attack options to go for when these options don't connect consist of either crouching MP--> LK Light of Virtue, walk up kara throw, an immediate universal overhead, or a late walk up close standing MK.

  • Personal Action: Stun Damage up.

Defensive Notes

The Parry System makes it extremely risky to always place faith in the recovery-heavy crouching HP. In order to consistently land this attack, your enemy must be willing to either perform a jump attack (Which will either trade or lose to crouching HP), or attempt a Parry much earlier during a jump then normal. This requires you to bolster your defense with several different types of anti-air maneuvers; all of which are designed to attack your jumping enemy at different points during their jump in order to throw off their Parry timing.

Your first option is to attack your enemy very early during their jump. This effectively throws off their Parry timing, forcing them to attempt one earlier during their jump (Leaving them vulnerable to crouching HP). A quick forward jumping MP is your best choice in this situation. Standing MP can also be used in the same manner if you're close enough, although it cannot catch your airborne enemy quite as early as jumping MP can.

Your second option is to give your enemy more than they can effectively parry. For example, far standing LP (Wait a quarter of a second)--> close standing LP--> standing LK, is an extremely worthy Parry deterrent against later Parry attempts. Your enemy has no choice but to parry all 3 hits of this chain, which is very difficult to do with any sort of consistency. In cases where only the first hit is Parried, the second standing LP will always beat any jump attack your enemy attempts to perform after the Parry. The final standing LK will actually juggle your enemy just after the close standing LP connects, resulting in a strange looking 2 hit juggle combo.

Crouching MP canceled into a Supreme Rising Rage Flash is also very effective against late Parry attempts. The damage is terrible, but it's worth going for on occasion when you're close to ending a round.

Both of the above Parry deterrents can be beaten if your enemy simply decides to perform a jump attack. Knowing this, anticipate your enemy's attempts to counter these options and beat their jump attack with crouching HP.

Super Art Selection

The Supreme Rising Rage Flash is generally the preferred super of choice. It's possible to link into this attack off of the majority Remy's strongest attack openings, including crouching LP x 2, close standing MK, close standing MP, and close standing HK. It even has a long super meter, allowing Remy to store massive amounts of EX moves for opportune moments. It's also worth noting that the Supreme Rising Rage Flash is a 2 frame Super Art, enabling you to juggle with it if canceled into from ANY normal attack that hits a jumping enemy. This also allows you to punish a hand full of close-range attacks that are normally safe when blocked, like Ken's crouching MK or close standing HP, or the third hit of Yun's standing LP-->standing LK-->standing MP Target Combo.

Despite the SRRF's dominance, Remy's Light of Justice has some use in specific match ups against characters who rely heavily on the Parry in wake up situations. Having a safe, high damage option off of crouching LK (crouching LK--> LoJ) gives you your only real deterrent against random parry attempts outside of throws. It's also very effective as an anti-air option against close-range oriented characters with low jump arcs, like Dudley and Hugo. Specifically, a LP Light of Virtue canceled into the Light of Justice is a solid anti-air option.

Advanced Strategy

Jump Straight Up HK

As mentioned, the risk versus reward on Remy's close range options is lacking when he isn't sitting on super meter. To compensate for this, you may have no choice but to commit to risky actions in order to open up the window to score big damage in wake up situations.

One of these such options is utilizing Remy's jumping HK as a means to punish throw whiffs. In wake up situations, anticipate when your opponent may attempt to tech a throw, then jump straight up just before they initiate the command. If timed correctly, your opponent's throw will whiff directly under you. Since jumping HK has such a steep downward angle, you can initiate the attack very early in the air to punish the throw whiff. After it connects, it's still possible to link a crouching LK canceled into a Raging Rage Flash for sizable damage.

It's possible to use jump straight up HK in a variety of attack patterns to punish tech throw whiffs. For example:

Options after blocked crouching LK

  • Kara throw directly where you're standing.
  • Jump straight up HK

Options after blocked close standing MP

  • Walk up a step, kara throw.
  • Walk up a step, jump straight up HK
  • Early crouching MP canceled into a LK Light of Virtue

Unfortunately, there are several ways for many characters to avoid this tactic altogether. Chun-li for instance can simply use crouching LP to avoid throws instead of teching, which is far too fast to be punished by jumping HK if it whiffs.

In other cases, players may use a throw teching technique that involves pressing LP + LK while crouching. Although throws cannot be initiated while crouching, your opponent can still tech throws using this command. That bieng the case, if you don't go for a throw, your opponent's character will simply do a stand alone crouching LP, avoiding the recovery heavy throw whiff.

In either of these cases, it's advised to option select crouching MP with a low parry if you anticipate these options (Let the joystick return to neutral, tap down, then press MP). Doing so will scare your opponent into teching throws while standing, allowing you to utilize jump straight up HK once again.

More on Jump Straight Up HK

It's possible to tap forward just as you leave the ground for the jump to cover reversal attempts with a parry. Although this may seem impossible if you want to keep a charge for the crouching LK-->RRF follow up, simply tapping down for a second before you jump will allow you to partition and keep a charge for the follow up combo (Press down for a slightly longer period of time then normal to make sure you don't get a super jump). This is, however, only applicable after crouching LK or a standalone jump.

Additionally, against characters that utilize recovery heavy command throws, such as Makoto, Hugo, or Alex, jumping HK can be done slightly later then normal to punish the throw whiff. Because of the extended hit stun from the later jump attack, it's possible to go for extended combos when near a corner.

Example Combo: Jump straight up, charge down-back, press HK when you start to fall, land, let the joystick return to the neutral position, link close standing MK canceled into a HP LoV (use the motion db, f, db + HP, then continue to hold db), then link crouching LK canceled into a HK Rising Rage Flash once you recover from the projectile.

Although risky, this combo leads to massive damage and a large amount of super meter gain.

Meaty LP Light of Virtue

In wake up situations, Remy's LP Light of Virtue can be thrown on top of your opponent to meet them as they initiate a quick recovery. Although the LP LoV whiffs on most crouching characters, the quick recovery's final recovery frame is much taller then normal, allowing the LoV to hit. Strategically, not only does Remy have frame advantage after an LoV that connects this late, but the projectile itself acts as an effective reversal deterrent.

The better situations to set up a meaty LoV are after any Rising Rage Flash that connects near a corner. In regards to commonly used set ups, land a neutral throw near a corner and juggle with a HK Rising Rage Flash afterwards. Once you recover from the Rising Rage Flash, whiff a crouching MP, then throw a LP LoV when you recover. Assuming your opponent does a quick recovery, the LoV will meet your opponent just as they stand up. Remy recovers well before the LoV is blocked, leaving you with a heavy amount of frame advantage to work with for staging an attack.

Basic options after the blocked LoV

  • Walk up kara throw
  • Walk up close standing MK. If it hits, link into a Supreme Rising Rage Flash.
  • If your opponent parries the LoV, immediately do crouching MP canceled into a LK LoV to beat anything the try afterwards that doesn't have invulnerability.

Moreover, it's possible to increase the options available to you after the blocked LoV by initiating the projectile with this command: charge db, f, db, + LP. This throws the LoV while gathering a small portion of the charge needed for a Rising Rage Flash, allowing you to have the attack available for specific tactics and combos. For example:

After your opponent blocks a meaty LoV

  • Walk up, press down, chain crouching LP x 2. If Crouching LP x 2 hits, press up + HK just as the second LP connects to cancel it into a HK Rising Rage Flash.
  • After you recover from the LoV, let your joystick return to the neutral position. Initiate a Universal Overhead, then immediately start to charge down. If the overhead connects, immediately press up + LK when you recover to link a LK Rising Rage Flash afterwards.

LoV Machinegun

Using charge partitioning, it's possible to loop high and low Light of Virtues back to back without any gaps between each projectile. Although 3rd Strike's projectile rules generally only allow you to have 1 of the same projectile on screen at a time, Remy's High and Low Light of Virtue are considered to be two different projectiles. This simply means that you cannot throw only one type of LoV - you must alternate between Low and High projectiles in order for the technique to work.

Command to initiate the LoV Machinegun:

  1. Charge back and obtain a full charge for a LoV. Once you have a charge, tap forward, then immediately press back then Punch. Continue to hold back after the projectile's release.
  2. Once the first projectile travels about a quarter of its maximum distance, tap forward, then immediately press back + kick to throw a second LoV.
  3. Using the same command (back, forward, back + punch), immediately throw another high LoV as soon as you after you recover from the last. Continue to alternate between high and low LoVs.

Using the LoV Machinegun Effectively

The LoV Machinegun must be initiated at specific distances in order to be effective. The ideal distance is against a cornered opponent at mid-range, just outside of your opponent's maximum attack distance. Moreover, it's best to utilize the trap when your opponent is the most eager to be mobile. This causes them to run into projectiles trying to parry or jump when they should simply be blocking.

However, this technique is not nearly as difficult to counter as some tend to believe. Your opponent needs only to crouch under the high LoV then jump forward to score a free combo on you.

In order for this trap to be air-tight and safe to the parry, LK LoVs must be followed with high EX LoVs. If your opponent attempts to parry the low LoV and jump forward, the EX High LoV will hit them as they leave the ground. If they instead parry the EX High LoV and then attempt to jump forward, react to the parry and simply don't throw the following kick LoV. When you recover, counter their jump accordingly.

Even this technique, however, has a glaring weakness. There's nothing to stop the opposing player from simply blocking your volley of projectiles. They can simply wait you out, watching as you relentlessly blow super meter on something that doesn't lead to guaranteed damage.

For this technique to be effective, you must think of it as a series of pokes. Your opponent can jump during any of the gaps, so anticipate their jump attempts then stop the trap accordingly to counter them. In cases where your opponent is simply blocking, toss in the occasional dash up throw after a blocked or parried LoV to keep your opponent from thinking it's safe to sit. Replace the dash up throw with a EX High LoV when you know your opponent is looking to counter it. The idea is to make them willing to jump or attack, which is exactly the kind of mistakes Remy feeds off of.

LoV Machinegun out of a Dash.

Since the LoV Machinegun trap is only effective in certain positions, it's useful to be able to move around a bit before initiating it. That being the case, it's possible to perform the LoV trap after coming out of a dash. Keep in mind that the example below illustrates how to do this after dashing behind a LK or LP LoV, which is the safest way to move around.

Command to initiate dashing LoV Machinegun:

  1. Charge back and obtain a full charge for a LoV. Once you have a charge, tap forward, then immediately press back then LK. Continue to hold back during the projectile's release.
  2. Once you recover from the LoV, dash forward behind it. Immediately start to charge back again once you initiate the dash.
  3. When you recover from the dash, tap forward, then press back + LP to come out of the dash with a high LoV. Using the same motion, throw alternating LoVs as soon as you recover from the projectile.

Light of Virtue --> Rising Rage Flash

Using the right command, it's possible to immediately initiate a Rising Rage Flash directly after recovering from a Light of Virtue.

Command to store a RRF behind a LoV

  1. Charge down-back and obtain 90% of a charge for a LoV.
  2. Tap forward, then immediately press down-back again. Press any punch button a quarter of a second after hitting down-back to throw the LoV.
  3. When you recover from the projectile, immediately press up + HK to initiate the Rising Rage Flash.