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Moves List

Shown Below...

Normal Moves

Button Position Buffers: Itself Specials Supers Hit Block Startup Active Recovery Damage
Jab Close y y y 5 5 3 4 8 400
Far y y y 4 4 3 7 4 300
Crouching y y y 6 6 4 3 6 300
Jumping - - - - - 4 20 - 500
Strong Close n y y 4 4 3 5 13 700
Far n n y -1 -1 5 7 17 800
Crouching n/n y/n y/y -11 -11 3 6? 25 700,600
Jumping - - - - - 4 8 - 800
Fierce Close n y y -10 -10 4 3 31 1100
Far n n y -12 -12 7 3 33 1300
Crouching n n n -4 -4 8 10 22 1200
Jumping - - - - - 6 6 - 1100
Short Close n y y 2 2 2 6 9 500
Far n n y 1 1 5 7 9 400
Crouching y y y 6 6 4 4 7 200
Jumping - - - - - 5 19 - 600
Forward Close n y y -3 -3 2 9 16 800
Far n n n 1 1 8 6 15 700
Crouching n y y -6 -6 4 8 20 800
Jumping - - - - - 5 13 - 900
Roundhouse Close n y y -2 -2 4 8 20 1200
Far n n n -2 -2 8 9 19 1300
Crouching n n y down -9 5 3 30 1200
Jumping - - - - - 7 8 - 1200
Command Normals
f Forward n n n 2 2 27 3 18 900

Special Moves

Reppuken - QCF LP or MP

Double Reppuken - QCF HP

Hard Edge - QCB Any Punch

Rising Tackle - Hold down, press up and punch

Shinkuu Nage (Evac Toss) - 360 P

- Brake - During Shinkuu Nage, tap PPP

- Raksasa - During Shinkuu Nage, hold PPP, then release.

- Rage Run, Dunk - QCB LK

- Rage Run, Stop - QCB MK

- Rage Run, Shift - QCB HK

- High Crack Counter - QCF LK

- Mid Crack Counter - QCF MK

- Low Crack Counter - QCF HK


Raging Storm - QCF x2 P

Shining Knuckle - QCF x2 K

Neo Deadly Rave* - HCB, F LK (after hit)** LP LP LK LK MP MK HP HK then QCF HP

Basic Combos

#1) Crouching LK, then link a standing HP canceled into a HP Hard Edge

#2) Crouching LK x 2~3, then link crouching MK canceled into level 1~3 Shine Knuckle or Deadly Rave Neo

#3) Shinkuu Nage (Break), juggle with an early HP Hard Edge or a late Level 3 Shine Knuckle.

#4) Shinkuu Nage (Rasetsu) into a corner, after the blast, juggle with an early crouching HK canceled into level 1~3 Raging Storm.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Reppu Ken Trap

In cases where you're sitting on a level 3 super, establish long range and look for an opportunity to safely throw a MP Reppu Ken. If your opponent rolls past or jumps any direction over the projectile, immediately input the command for Rock's Level 3 Shine Knuckle as you recover from the Reppu Ken to punish their evasive maneuver. If your opponent simply blocks the Reppu Ken, throw another MP Reppu Ken while they're still recovering from block stun. This effectively resets the same situation all over again, which may be repeated until your super meter expires.

Unfortunately, this tactic is not applicable against specific grooves and characters. Specifically, A Groove characters sitting on a full super bar can simply jump straight up over the projectile and look for the super attempt. If you initiate a level 3 Shine Knuckle, the defending player can simply activate Custom Combo Mode to safely pass through and punish your Level 3 Shine Knuckle. Additionally, P and K Groove characters can simply parry or Just Defend your onslaught of projectiles without having to worry about making risky decisions to avoid guard damage. There's also a long a list of special attacks that can punish Rock's Reppu Ken effortlessly.

Despite these problems, the Reppu Ken Trap is still effective regardless of whether or not your opponent takes the bait. In cases where your opponent knows you're looking for a jump and opts to block, parry, dodge, or Just Defend your projectiles, use the opportunity to throw a LP Reppu Ken. After its release, run behind it to safely, and effortlessly, establish semi-close range.

Low Jump HK

Rock arguably has one of the best jump attacks in the game at his disposal. This attack happens to be jumping HK, which is extremely difficult to anti air properly when combined with a low jump. This is all due to the incredibly steep downward angle this attack posseses. After the initial low jump, it's possible to perform jumping HK at practically any moment just as you hit the peak of your jump without the risk of it missing. This allows you to adjust your timing and hit jumping HK just before you think your opponent may go for a normal attack anti air. Although special attacks with invulnerability will still cleanly beat this attack, low jumps in general are very difficult to reverse without directly looking for them.

Additionally, low jump HK can be used as an "instant overhead" against larger characters like Geese, Sagat, Todo, Zangief, Raiden, Chang, etc. In other words, stand directly next to your opponent, then perform a low jump any direction and immediately hit HK the second you leave the ground. This acts as a very quick overhead attack that's impossible to consistently react to. Since Rock is open to punishment after hitting HK that early during a low jump, it's generally better to low jump backwards before hitting HK to safely fly away from your opponent. However, there is a specific trick that takes advantage of the seemingly massive opening. Perform a forward instant low jump HK, then as you land, immediately cancel your low jump recovery into Rage Run Shift-->Shinkuu Nage. Because most players react slowly to the small opening present after a low jump done that early, they often go for what's usually considered the fastest and safest option available: the throw. Since throws in this situation are rarely timed correctly, you can pass through and punish the attempt with a quick Rage Run Shift, which will cause the throw to whiff as you teleport through them.

Meaty LP Reppu Ken

If you manage to land a crouching HK and your opponent is scared to perform a quick recovery, immediately throw a LP Reppu Ken so that it meets your opponent just as they stand up. You should recover just before your projectile touches your opponent. Once you recover from the Reppu Ken, use the slight advantage gained from the blocked projectile to run forward and stage a basic 50/50 mix up. An early crouching HK, or a super late run up Shinkuu Nage are the more commonly used options in this situation.

In cases where you aren't willing to risk a direct wake up attack, use this option. Because of the projectile directly on top of your opponent as they stand up, this pattern acts as an effective reversal deterent.

Commonly Used Shinkuu Nage Resets

All of the below patterns only work if you're throwing your opponent into a corner. Although these resets all start with Rock's Rage Run Shift, they very much still work if you land a stand-alone Shinkuu Nage while you're cornered yourself.

#1) Rage Run (Shift)--> Shinkuu Nage (Rasetsu), juggle with a late crouching MK canceled into another Rage Run Shift-->Shinkuu Nage.

#2) Rage Run (Shift)--> Shinkuu Nage (Rasetsu), juggle with a early close standing HP, canceled into a LK Crack Counter (whiffs). When you recover from the counter, initiate either a late Shinkuu Nage to grab your opponent as they land, or walk up and go for the combo of your choice. Against large characters, an instant low jump HK towards your opponent is also applicable.

#3) 2nd Player ONLY, Rage Run (Shift)--> Shinkuu Nage (Rasetsu), run into the corner and immediately juggle with a crouching MP. If done correctly, your opponent will flip over you and away from the corner. As they're still airborne, it's possible to walk under their falling body and dictate which side you're on before they land. Use this moment to force your opponent to guess which direction to block and go for the combo of your choice.

Counter Hit Set Ups

Blocked crouching LK chained into a close standing LK

After you recover, go for either a Shinkuu Nage right from where you're standing or a Counter Hit crouching LK linked into crouching HK. If you have super meter, swap out the crouching HK with a crouching MK canceled into a Lvl 1~3 Shine Knuckle. The crouching LK-->standing LK chain must be done from point blank range or you will not be in range for a Shinkuu Nage or a crouching LK. Just as you would with any counter hit set up, delay crouching LK--> crouching HK slightly if your opponent is delaying their counter attacks after the blocked chain.

If crouching LK--> close standing LK happens to hit your opponent, it's possible verify the hit and cancel the close standing LK into a level 1~3 Shine Knuckle. This is, however, exceedingly difficult.

Keep in mind that because of the poor frame advantage after Rock's close standing LK ( 2), this pattern is very difficult to impliment against characters with 2 frame normal attacks, such as M. Bison and Chun Li. Additionally, the lack of frame advantage makes it somewhat difficult to stop a player from jumping out of this pattern. Counter such attempts with an early jumping MK or crouching HP to keep them grounded.

Blocked crouching LK Crouching LK leaves you with quite a bit more frame advantage then close standing LK, giving you the option of making your attack after it airtight if it needs to be. This makes it highly risky for your opponent to attempt a jump. After it's blocked, go for a delayed Shinkuu Nage, counter hit crouching LK--> crouching HK, or simply a standing HP canceled into a MP Reppu Ken.

Keep in mind that because of the increased frame advantage, it's very difficult to correctly time a Shinkuu Nage after a blocked crouching LK. Because of this, you may opt to use close standing LK against opponents where it's applicable (Characters without 2 frame normal attacks).