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Rugal, at best, is middle middle tier. His pokes and projectiles are subpar and his godpress is horrendously slow. He has no good links into strong practical hit confirm BnBs, and is also plagued with a slow and bad hitbox dp. So why use Rugal you ask? He's decent at guard crushing, and is second to none at doing huge damage. In most practical situations, he can do more damage than A-Bison paint the wall off of random c lks (TM). Also, with a 2000 damage P throw, Rugal does indeed get dangerous at close range. He has one of the best j hks in the game, comparable to Blanka's, and also the fastest dash in the game. While his pokes do not excel in range, they have quite decent priority. Also, any godpress or super corners the opponent, making RC/parry Rugal very intimidating indeed.

Besides, he's a one eyed Hitler hailing guy in a red suit with a pet panther. And Guile statues.

But seriously, don't pick this character unless you're willing to do a lot of work. He does have potential against top tiers, but I won't lie to you, Rugal takes a ton of work and some good psychicing.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Normal Moves

Name State Spc Sup Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Jab Close ? ? +5 +5 4 6 7 500
Far ? ? +5 +5 4 6 7 500
Crouch ? ? +5 +5 4 4 6 400
Jump - - - - ? ? - ?
Strong Close ? ? -8 -8 5 4 24 1100
Far ? ? -8 -8 5 4 24 1100
Crouch ? ? -1 -1 4 3 18 1000
Jump - - - - ? ? - ?
Fierce Close y ? -14 -14 4 4 34 1300
Far ? ? -12 -12 10 6 30 1100
Crouch ? ? -10 -10 8 2/7 27 400+1200
Jump - - - - 5 6 - 1400
Short Close ? ? +2 +2 4 4 9 600
Far ? ? +2 +2 4 6 9 500
Crouch y y +2 +2 3 4 9 300
Jump - - - - ? ? - ?
Forward Close y ? 0 0 4 11 11 1200
Far ? y -10 -10 5 5 27 1100
Crouch y y -4 -4 5 7 19 1000
Jump - - - - 7 7 - 1000
Roundhouse Close y ? -9 -9 4 7 26 1300,1100
Far ? ? -8 -8 10 8 24 1500,1300
Crouch y y DWN -9 6 4 29 1500
Jump - - - - 10 10 - 1500

I dunno how to work the normals table, so I'm just gonna copy and paste from kcxj's post

far and close s.LP 500 +5/+5 4/6/7
Hits 77 pixels high, so it will hit crouching Sagat and taller. Has good priority and decent meatiness. Use it to stuff Blanka c hps and the like.

far and close s.MP 1100 -8/-8 5/4/24
Basic anti-air. This is the one to use if they're normal/super jumping in close to you. Don't touch otherwise.

close s.HP 1300 -14/-14 4/4/34
Links off of point blank c lp. The only time you should use this is when you know it's gonna hit. Always cancel into godpress. For GC strings or not guaranteed hits, use close st hk instead for the better frames. Personally, I always use hk except for doing the link (close st hk requires you to be closer and won't come out after c lp).

far s.HP 1100 -12/-12 10/6/30
Decent poke. Retarded damage. Horrendous frames. The only good thing is that no one crouches it. Use it on Iori, Hibiki, and every other less than 62 frame crouch characters instead of c hp. It has less range than c hp too, so be careful.

d.LP 400 +5/+5 4/4/6
Decent priority. Can link into close st hp or c mp. Can stop some low mid pokes (Blanka c hp). Don't use it a lot.

d.MP 1000 -1/-1 4/3/18
Great damage, wicked priority. Stuffs Blanka and Sagat c hps, and some other similiar moves. Magically anti airs just about every low jump in the game. Can also anti air crossups and normal jump ins, but the timing is extremely tight and weird (only 3 hitting frames, not all 3 will beat the jump in...oddly). Probably his best prioritied move. Does not stuff lows though.

d.HP 400+1200 -10/-10 8/2/7/27
His best poke. Slow, ok damage, huge range. Beats Sagat c hp, gets beaten by Sagat st hp. At 2/3 the screen away, can be used to stab Sagat's hand when he wants to throw high tigers. Can punish crouch blocked Blanka ball after reversal walking forward a pixel or two, or just reversal c hp on a stand-block (according to Nick T.). Use this move a lot. Be careful of the -10 though, so don't go spraying this too close. Also, can be used to anti air Sagat j hk at the right distances (he arches under the foot).

close s.LK 600 +2/+2 4/4/9
Looks exactly the same as his close st mk. Use for mind games and mixups. Stronger than c lks and same frames. A decent move. Use mostly for the mind games.

far s.LK 500 +2/+2 4/6/9
Low crush. Very fast, meaty, same frame adv as c lk, but strong. End c lk chains with this. Stuff lows with this. Run up st lks are decent for slowing inching in.

close s.MK 1200 0/0 4/11/11
Very meaty. Strong. Best use is meatying on wakeup. Either link stuff after it or cancel into reflector. Reflector will combo off a CH.

far s.MK 1100 -10/-10 5/5/27
Low crush, safer version of his far st hp. Slightly less range. I prefer this over st hp for < 62 pixel crouchers. The ideal button to press to punish far whiff/far parry into super. That is, if they're far away and open, press st mk super.

close s.HK 1300,1100 -9/-9 4/7/26
A high angled thrust kick. Can be used as anti air. Generally. this is his big damage punish button (or GC). Always cancel it. Can anti air big crossups crouching and letting them go past you, then stand up and hk right away. This is easier to cancel than close st hp, so if they're dizzy or GC'ed, use st hk to cancel into godpress.

far s.HK 1500,1300 -8/-8 10/8/24
Far anti air. Also, good poke for standing characters. Especially tall ones. Use it to stop near max range Sagat st lks (his lower body hitbox retreats slightly). His best anti air in my opinion. Press it early. More damage than st mp, huger hitbox. Generally, you can use this to stop most jump ins before their normal comes out. If they do it early, it'd have beaten st mp. At least this it trades most likely in your favor.

d.LK 300 +2/+2 o/o/o 3/4/9
His best normal. Starts all his BnBs. Stop throw attempts. Whiff tricks. Huge range for a c lk. It's just a godly c lk. If you're cancelling into super, I supposed chaining this into st lk first, for more damage and 2 more frames to combo. Max range c lk cancelled too slow will NOT combo into a level 2. Level 3 always works though.

d.MK 1000 -4/-4 x/o/o 5/7/19
Decent poke. Ok for comboing into godpress. Be warned, far c mks will NOT combo into godpress.

d.HK 1500 knockdown/-9 x/o/o 6/4/29
Great sweep. Decent range, big damage, ok frames, good priority. Poke with this a lot. When in range. Don't always cancel into repuken. Great GC string ender.

j.MK 1000 7/7
Cross-up attack. Decent range. Also an ok angle for non crossups.

j.HP 1400 5/6
Air to air. Also generic anti air (j back hp). Can also be used as a sucky dive punch fake. It won't trick them really, but it might psych them out slightly (ie, they'll be momentarily stunned in the wtf state).

j.HK 1500 10/10
Coffin kick. One of the best j hks in the game. Instand overhead vs sagat and taller with low jump. Spam low jump hks like your name is Blanka. Can combo into super or dp after if done slightly later.

punch throw 2000 damage 52 pixels 3 frame startup
One of the strongest P throws in the game. Abuse it. 3 dashes after the throw puts you up in their face again. If you link the dashes good, you will be able to meaty them (maybe not Hibiki...).

kick throw 2100 52 pixels 5 frame startup 2100 damage
For 100 damage more and less follow up options? Stick with P throw. It does throw them farther, a little more than his P throw. So maybe if you really want them cornered and P throw just won't cut it, then consider this. If you're not sure, I'd stick with P.

from buktooth's ssytem's faq on gamefaqs:
79 - Raiden
78 - Geese, Chang
77 - Zangief, Sagat

72 - Eagle
71 - Rugal, Yamazaki, Benimaru
70 - E.Honda
69 - Dhalsim, Terry
68 - Kyo, Joe
67 - Guile, Balrog
66 - Blanka, M.Bison, Kyosuke, Todo
65 - Ryo
64 - Ryu, Ken, Akuma, King, Dan, Rolento, Haohmaru
63 - Vega, Cammy
62 - Morrigan, Yun

61 - Chun Li, Sakura, Mai, Kim, Vice, Yuri, Nakoruru, Rock, Hibiki
60 - Maki, Iori, Athena

Rugal 62 - standing close fierce
77 - standing far jab
79 - standing far roundhouse
62 - second hit of low fierce (the part that goes really far)
77 - overhead low jump roundhouse

Rugal 120 [27/2U/4R]
An average roll. Which means it sucks, btw.

Rugal 65/0 85/11.3
One of the best dashes in the game. Short distance yeah, but it's the speed that makes it deadly. He can dash twice in the time it takes a lot of characters to dash once. Consider ending light strings with dash forward throw. Use this to travel very quickly towards opponent. Link them together nicely and you'll get the "oh snap that looks cool" effect and some nice pressure in.

Rugal 8.5
Average. He shifts his hitbox way forward though. So expect to be smacked now and then.

Special Moves


LP 800 -4/-4 15/40 MP 900 -5/-5 15/40 HP 1000 -5/-5 15/40

The slowest ground projectile in the game. It also doesn't really help that it comes out behind him. It will never hit on the first frame that it's out (unless they roll through you or something), so take into account the few frames it takes for it to travel, that means even a hp repu is perfectly safe on block even if they're extremely close to you.

Unfortunately, that's not all that helpful, cuz you want to use lp repu for the big frame advantage, and also, many characters can punish ANY repuken by trading in their favor on reaction, even if the repu is RC'ed.

The most critical use is to predict a cammy st hk and RC through it safely to discourage pokes. That is, use this to replace psychic DP. And I mean psychic, as in not in between strings or any case where you're almost assured to hit a RC godpress.

Overall the frames aren't so bad, so don't hesitate to use this or cancel normals into it during strings. Just be warned that just about anyone can punish you in between the normal and the repu without RC or even an aerial special. A poke that reaches is enough. And from a max range normal, they have enough time to jump over this, so use at your own discretion.

The only person with a worse ground projectile than Rugal, in my opinion, is Iori.

RC lp repu is also a decent last ditch anti air, used almost exactly like Guile RC lp sonic booms. They'll land on it for some chip and you can guard string them afterwards. Better to take 1300~1600 damage with his normal anti airs though.


All versions 1100,1000 knockdown/0 19/63

Leaving you at 0 frames, this is a sick meaty. RC reflector on wakeup is his (much crappier) version of RC lightning. In the corner, like A-Blanka can turn RC lightning into free CC, Rugal can turn this into a free Genocide Heaven (any level). If you're using him in C, that means 9k damage.

I don't believe he can setup his CC from this, however.

People also love to cancel this off meaty st mks. If the mk CHs, this will combo. Otherwise, it'll leave you in a good position to continue the guard string.


All versions have no upper body invincibilty frames.

LK 1100+400,400 knockdown/-22 6/10/31 11 frames feet invincibility

Other than for style, never touch this move except for the lk version, and use that sparingly. I can only think of 2 decent uses for this, and that is if you ever find Rugal with no meter, instead of c lks -> super, do c lk -> st lk -> lk genocide cutter IF you want a knockdown. In most situations, you'll only get the second hit (the 400 damage one), totaling a whopping 1k damage (yay, a medium). More on no meter options in later sections...

The other use, which is far more practical, is off a low jump coffin kick (hk). 6 frame startup isn't all that great, so you really gotta cancel it as early as you can.

The third use of this is to DP in between lows if you don't have RC. It's not that bad, because this includes Blanka's lk/mk, Sagat's lk/mk, Geese's hk, etc. RC repu is always better, though. RC godpress if you're very sure it'll hit.


All versions have 13 frame startup, -23 on the block.

His trademark move in this game. 13 frame startup and -23 on block is horrifically bad frames, so do not use this move unless it's GUARANTEED to hit. More so than other combo specials. Because of the bad startup and general slowness, it will NOT combo off a far away c mp/mk. I can't think of any situation where you'd want to do this off a c mp, but generally, for the c mk, it'll combo is half your leg is inside them.

Because of the slow startup, only RC this on hards or slow mediums that you know they're gonna throw. Also, because of it's very low hitbox, I would not suggest RC godpress to antiair (the only exception is far sagat j/lj hk).

I don't remember exactly how much damage it does, but it's huge. This also sets up his combo for every groove. Super grooves, free genocide heaven. Try to wait til they're as low as possible to get the maximum hits (level 1 should always be able to get 3 hits, the others I don't remember, but if you really must find out, do them from a reflector and you'll always get the maximum hits). For his CC, you'll want to activate early since his st hk is a little slow.

Whether you super them or not, this will corner the opponent, no matter where they were before. If you're cornered and desperate, an RC godpress can reverse the situation instantly. This gives Rugal a decent edge in space control.


Rugal's Supers:

Genocide Heaven

qcf, qcf+K

Comes out very fast. The frame data is oddly missing, but it seems like 1 frame startup after freeze. Not very strong, but very high juggle potential. Tack these on after a godpress or grab super.

His trademark C cancel is level 2 this -> dive punch -> level 1 this in the corner.

From midscreen, it's uses become very limited. If you only have a level 1, 2 c lks into this, because a level 1 grab super won't combo.

Also, use this from a hit confirmed low jump instead of his P super, as this is much faster, so you will not have to do his coffin kick very deep. Also gives you more time to hit confirm.

If meter is available, ALWAYS tack this on to any godpress/p super.

Be warned, level 2 grab -> godpress -> level 1 DOES NOT work. This is because the first hits only have a juggle potential of 2, but his running grab is 2 hits, and you grabbed them out of the air instead of the ground (like in normal situations). Meaning you have exceeded the juggle potential of the first hit, and the others won't come out fast enough to pop them back up. So it'd just whiff. A shame, Rugal would be even more sick than he already is if he could do that.

Gigatech Pressure

qcf, hcb+P

The huge damage super. One of the strongest in the game (in the same league as Shun-GokuSatsu, Gigaton Blow, etc). Unfortunately, it's plagued with the same problem as his regular grab. It's incredibly slow.

A level 1 is hardly faster than his normal grab. My suggestion, never use his level 1 grab super (except for level 2 grab -> level 1 grab).

His level 2 can combo off a far lk cancelled as soon as possible, but will have difficulty from a max ranged one. Cancel it off a st lk as that stuns 2 frames longer. Might have trouble comboing off an absolute max range non CH st mk, nothing to worry about. If possible, use this over his level 3. Also, I suggest cancelling it into the normal grab only, as his level 1 super grab isn't much stronger, and Rugal with no levels poses very little threat.

His level 3 is what you use most of the time. Trusty and very intimidating. It can punish a blocked Blanka ball, however, this requires very tight timing (almost reversal). Will never fail to combo off any lk. Rugal's game is largely based on landing this in most grooves. Very crucial that you can combo this off lks on reaction at any time.

DO NOT anti air with ANY of his P supers, as they have an even lower hitbox than his normal grab. Not even Sagat j hks.

While a level 3 can combo off low jump coffin kick, it's hard and you have to do it relatively deep, losing the nigh instant overhead property that makes it so deadly. But it's not so bad. Just puts it on par with most character's low jump -> supers.

The Basics

Bread and Butter Combos


Super Combos

Custom Combos

Advanced Strategy


Random Tricks/Notes