Ryo Sakazaki (KoF '94-Era) (KoF '98)

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Gameplay overview

'94 Ryo trades '98 Ryo's versatility and mix up options for a zoning centered, shoto esque gameplay style. His main weapons and what differences him from his regular counterpart are his high-priority, low-risk DP and a long range fireball. He can still be used as a poking, pressure character like '98 Ryo, only not as effectively.


  • cr.B, cr.B, A, hcb + K
  • cr.B, cr.C (link), qcf + P
  • j.D, cl.C, f.A / qcf + P

Normal Moves

Standing A - Good priority, decent range, can be cancelled into a hcb + K. Good to combo from cr.B.

Standing B - GREAT, fast, long ranged poke. Even when it's not on the godly level of Yashiro's standing B, it's still a great normal move and you should abuse it to keep your opponent from getting too close.

Standing C - Nice damage, fast and long ranged. Another of Ryo's good normals.

Close A - Can be used as combo filler instead of cr.A/B

Close B - Can be used as combo filler instead of cr.A/B

Close C - Very fast, useful as a meaty attack.

Crouching A - Standard crouching A, cancelable.

Crouching B - Your main combo starter. Comes out fast and has nice range, good for footsies.

Crouching C - Good, fast anti-air. You can use it in combos too, but has less range than cl.C.

Crouching D - Cancellable sweep, range is only decent.

Jumping B - Very fast. Will beat lots of stuff in an air-to-air clash.

Jumping D - Your main jump-in.

Jumping CD - Comes out a bit slowly, j.B is a better air-to-air and j.D is a better air-to-ground move.

Command Normals

f+A - Overhead, excellent used as a meaty attack.