Ryo Sakazaki (KoF '94-Era) (KoF '98)

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Gameplay overview

'94 Ryo trades '98 Ryo's versatility and mix up options for a zoning centered, shoto esque gameplay style. His main weapons and what differences him from his regular counterpart are his high-priority, low-risk DP and a long range fireball. He can still be used as a poking, pressure character like '98 Ryo, only not as effectively.


  • cr.B, cr.B, A, hcb + K
  • cr.B, cr.C (link), qcf + P
  • j.D, cl.C, f.A / qcf + P

Normal Moves

Standing A - Good priority, decent range, can be cancelled into a hcb + K. Good to combo from cr.B.

Standing B - GREAT, fast, long ranged poke. Even when it's not on the godly level of Yashiro's standing B, it's still a great normal move and you should abuse it to keep your opponent from getting too close.

Standing C - Nice damage, fast and long ranged. Another of Ryo's good normals.

Close A - Can be used as combo filler instead of cr.A/B

Close B - Can be used as combo filler instead of cr.A/B

Close C - Very fast, useful as a meaty attack.

Crouching A - Standard crouching A, cancelable.

Crouching B - Your main combo starter. Comes out fast and has nice range, good for footsies.

Crouching C - Good, fast anti-air. You can use it in combos too, but has less range than cl.C.

Crouching D - Cancellable sweep, range is only decent.

Jumping B - Very fast. Will beat lots of stuff in an air-to-air clash.

Jumping D - Your main jump-in.

Jumping CD - Comes out a bit slowly, j.B is a better air-to-air and j.D is a better air-to-ground move.

Command Normals

f+A - Overhead, excellent used as a meaty attack.

Special Moves

Ko ou Ken (qcf+P) - Good full screen projectile. It has its drawbacks, though: it can miss crouching characters (so be careful using it in a combo), and comes out a bit slow. Still, a good zoning tool.

Kohou (f, d, df + P) - The A version is one of the best, if not the best, anti-airs in the game. Like Ryu's DP in SF, it has good startup invincibility, has better range than regular Ryo's DP and it's hard to punish. Ryo's main strenght.

Kuuchuu Ko ou Ken (In air, qcf + P) - An Akuma-esque diagonal air fireball. It's not as safe as Akuma's, because Ryo 'hangs' up a bit while performing it, giving your opponent the chance to roll and punish. Use it mainly to punish baited anti-airs.

Hien Shippuu Kyaku (hcb + K) - Both versions are unsafe and easily punishable when blocked, so use them mainly in combos. A version can sometimes be useful to catch jumping enemies that are outside the range of your DP. Still, be careful when using it.

Zanretsu Ken (f, b, f + P) - Ryo doesn't have much of an use for this move. As an anti-air it's an inferior option, it doesn't deal a lot of damage, and it leaves you open for a long time with a 'rape me' sign in your head. Avoid.