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Ryu is the main protagonist of Capcom's Street Fighter series.


Move List

Standing Normal Punches

"Left Handed Jab"

LP while Standing (all games); LP while Standing Close (SFA1, SFA2)
A quick jab forwards with his left (near) hand.

"Right Handed Punch"

MP while Standing (SF2,SFA3,SF3), HP while Standing (SF2);HP (SFA1,SFA2)
A powerfull punch straight forwards with his right (far) hand.

"Left Hook"

HP while Standing Close (SFA3), HP while Standing (SF3)
Ryu hooks his left hand across his opponent's chest.

"High Elbow"

LP while Standing Close (all games)
Ryu quickly hits his opponent on the head with his left elbow.

"Straight Elbow"

MP while Standing Close (SF2)
Ryu thrusts his right elbow into his opponent's chest.

"Gut Punch"

MP while Standing Close (SFA,SF3)
Ryu punches his opponent in the gut with his right hand.

"Standing Uppercut"

HP while Standing Close (SF2); MP (SFA1,SFA2)
Ryu performs a standing uppercut with his left arm.

Standing Normal Kicks

"Low Roundhouse Kick"

A quick, weak low roundhouse kick targeting his opponent's mid-leg area with the front of his foot.

"High Kick"

MK while Standing (SF2,SFA); LK while Standing (SF2); MK while Standing (SFA)
Ryu leans back and kicks with his left foot at head-level.

"Straight Kick"

MK while Standing (SF3);
Ryu kicks straight forwards with his left foot (he can't seem to kick as high as he used to).

"Reverse Roundhouse Kick"

HK while Standing (all games); HK while Standing Close (SFA1-2, SF3)
Ryu performs a reverse roundhouse kick targetting his opponent's chin with his heel.

"Knee Jab"

LK while Standing Close (SF2)
Ryu kicks forwards with his right leg, bending his knee slightly so that it bumps into his opponent.

"Knee Thrust"

MK while Standing Close (SF2)
Ryu thrusts his knee high into his opponent's gut.

"Axe Kick"

HK while Standing Close (SF2,SFA3); MK (SFA1-2)
Ryu sends his foot straight up into the air and then it comes back down on his opponent.

Crouching Normals

"Crouching Jab"

D+LP (all games), D+MP (SF3)
Like Ryu's "Left Handed Jab" except he is crouching.

"Crouching Punch"

Like Ryu's "Right Handed Punch" except he is crouching.

"Rising Uppercut"

D+HP (all games)
Ryu rises from a crouching position while performing an uppercut with his right hand.

"Quick Low Kick"

D+LK (all games)
With his right knee planted on the ground, his left leg does a quick short low kick.

"Long Low Kick"

D+MK (SF2, SFA), D+LK (SF3)
While crouching, Ryu drops down further, sharing his weight between his right arm and bent right leg, and extends his left foot far forwards.

"Right Low Kick"

D+MK (SF3)
Ryu braces himself with his right arm, has his left knee bent forwards, and slides his right foot far forwards.

"Drop Sweep"

D+HK (all games)
While crouching, Ryu extends his right foot and twists about his left foot, often times tripping his opponent.

Normal Air Punches

"Air Jab"

LP while in air (all games)
Ryu jabs with is (near) left hand diagonally downwards.

"Air Elbow"

U+LP (SF3)
Ryu brings down his left elbow on his opponent's head.

"Air Punch"

U+MP (SF2,SF3); JD+MP (SF2-SSF2T); U+HP(SF2); JD+HP (SF2, SF3)
Ryu punches with his right (far) hand diagonally downwards.

"Raised Air Punch"

Ryu raises his left fist into any opponents who happens to be in front of and above him while jumping (in SF3, his legs are bent at an odd angle and his feet are touching each other).

"Forwards Air Punch"

U+HP (SF3)
Ryu punches straight forwards (presumably against an oppenent jumping at him) while jumping or descending vertically in the air.

Normal Air Kicks

"Air High Kick"

U + LK (SF2); U + MK (SF2)
Ryu kicks his right leg high up to head level while in the air.

"Air Forwards Kick"

U + HK (SF2), U + MK (SF2)
Ryu kicks his right leg straight forwards while in the air. His bent right arm also punches upwards.

"Air Fowards High Kick"

U + HK (SF2)
While in the air, Ryu twists his body about and sends his right foot diagonally upwards and forwards.

"Jump Knee"

JD + LK (SF2, SF3), J + LK (SF3)
While in the air, Ryu bends his left knee and aims it downwards and forwards. In SF2, his left hand also punches parallel to his knee, while in the SF3 version it just hangs down.

"Parallel Jump Kick"

JD + MK (SF2, SF3); JD + HK (SF2, SF3)
While in the air, Ryu kicks his left leg diagonally and downwards. His left hand also punches parallel to his kick.


Seoi Nage

Punch Throw (all games)
Ryu grapples his opponent and tosses him over his shoulder.

Tomoe Nage

Kick Throw (all games)
Ryu grapples his opponents with his foot against his stomach, rolls onto his back, and tosses them across the stage with his foot away from his head.

Special Normals

Seichu Nidan Tsuki

F+HP (SSF2T, SFA3 (X, V-ism))
Ryu slides his elbow into his opponent.

Sakotsu Wari

F+MP (SSF2T, SFA, SF3, CvS2)
Ryu swings his fist in an arc above his head, causing two hits.

Senpu Kyaku

F+MK (SFA, CvS2)
Ryu does a short hop forwards ending in a kick.

Double Air Upper

JT+MP (CvS2 - Good Ryu)

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku

JT,D+MK (CvS2 - Evil Ryu)

Special Moves

Hadouken (Fireball)

QCF+P (all games)
The Hadouken is the signature move of Ryu and of fighting games in general. Ryu gathers Chi into an energy ball and releases that energy towards an opponent. Ryu had this capability in the original Street Fighter I game and has had it in every appearance. When Ken was altered to play slightly differently than Ryu, Ryu was given a more powerfull Hadouken than Ken, while Ken was given a more powerfull Shoryuken. This move is always performed with QCF+P. The higher the strength of the punch button pressed, the faster the hadouken travels across the screen. The Hadouken is about half the size of a Ryu and is released at chest-level. In games that don't have a Shakunetsu Hadouken, this move will knock down an opponent and set them on fire if it lands while they are very near to Ryu. The Shinku Hadouken is a super-version of this move.

Shakunetsu Hadouken (Red Fireball)

HCF+P (SSF2T, CvS2, SFA3,CvS2); QCF+2P (SF3TS)
In Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Ryu gained a slower, more powerfull, and red version of the Hadouken. This move will set an opponent on fire. If thrown from a distance, they will be stunned for a short time. If performed close-up, they will be knocked down. In most games, this move can be performed by doing a half circle instead of a quarter circle forward (HCF+P). In Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Ryu can perform a similar red fireball (the EX version of the Hadouken, consumes energy) by pressing two punch buttons at the same time while performing a normal Hadouken.

Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)

DP+P (all games), DP+2P (SF3TS-EX)
Ryu and Ken have had had the Shoryuken move since Street Fighter I. It is a rising dragon uppercut attack which moves slightly forwards (though not as forwards as Ken's would later do). This move eventually became Ken's signature move and Ryu was given a less powerfull version of the attack. Ryu's version is typically much more vertical than Ken's, though it does have some forwards motion. The EX version of this move in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike happens when two punches are pressed at the same time while executing the move, hits twice when starting from the ground, has a faster startup, and has more forward motion like Ken's Shoryuken.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Hurricane Kick)

The Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is the third basic move characteristic of the Shotokan style of martial arts. Ryu leaps straight in the air with one leg while the other spins around in a fierce hurricane kick. While spinning, Ryu travels horizontally forwards across the screen. In Street Fighter II Turbo and most games since, this move can be performed in the air. The "Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku" is a super-version of this move.

Joudan Sokotou Geri

HCF+K (SF3), HCF+2K (SF3-EX)
In the Street Fighter 3 Series of games, Ryu has a special forwards sidekick that sends his opponent flying. It is performed with HCF+K. The EX version (consumes energy meter) bounces your opponent off of the wall for a juggling opportunity.

Super Moves

Shinku Hadoken

DQCF+P (SSF2T, SFA, SF3, SFEX, CvS2), DHCB+P (CvS2: Evil Ryu)
Five closely packed Hadoukens are released at the same time.

Denjin Hadouken

DQCF+P (chargeable) (SF3)
A chargeable unblockable hadouken.

Shinku Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku

DQCB+K (SFA,CvS2 - Good Ryu), QCB+2P (SF3TS)
A super-Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku move. Ryu spins furiously in the air while remaining in the same spot. The opponent does not get knocked out of the attack range, but instead is continuously juggled between kicks to take many hits. In Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, this is the EX version of the Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku.

Messatsu Shoryuken

Ryu dashes his fist hard into his opponent. If he connects, he immediately follows up with a Shin Shoryuken. This takes up 3 energy bars.

Shin Shoryuken

hit with DQCF+K (SFA3); DQCF+P (SF3); DQCF+K (CvS2)
A super-charged "true" Shoryuken. Ryu launches himself straight up into the air.

Metsu Hadouken

DHCB+K (CvS2: Evil Ryu, Lv3 Only)
Evil Ryu is able to this powerfull Hadouken. It is like a Shinku Hadouken except that it will automatically dizzy an opponent.

Messatsu Goushoryu

DQCF+K (SFA2: Evil Ryu); DQCF+P (CvS2: Evil Ryu)
Evil Ryu is able to perform Akuma's Messatsu Go Shoryu move. This is similar to the Shin Shoryuken.


LP,LP,F,LK,HP (SFA2, CvS2: Evil Ryu)
Evil Ryu is able to perform Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu. He performs a Ashura Senku, then grabs his opponent, and then causes his opponent to explode, dealing massive damage.

Non-Attack Moves

Hado no Kamae

Ryu pretends to throw a Hadouken. This ability first appears in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Ashura Senku

(RDP or DP)+(3P or 3K) (SFA2,CvS2)
Evil Ryu is able to perform Akuma's Ashura Senku move. He pulls back slightly, then moves towards or away from the opponent and is able to move through without getting hit.