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Ryu's Character Select Portrait
Ryu's Neutral Stance


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Ryu

Content below is from thread available on forums. Editing help requested!

A source of frame data has been obtained and the frame data will be passed on here when possible. Someone who wants to develop a nice table in the meantime by all means, go ahead.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Name State [StUp] BkAd HtAd CHAd SlCn SpCn Grd Pry Dmg
Jab Close [4] +1 +1 +1 Yes Yes HL HL 3-6 (1) 3
Far [4] +1 +1 +1 Yes Yes HL HL 3-6 (1) 2
Crouch [4] +1 +1 +1 Yes Yes HL HL 3-6 (1) 3
Jump [4] - - - - - H H 5-8 (3) 3
Strong Stand [4] -1 +0 +1 Yes Yes HL H 12-22 (1) 3
Crouch [7] +0 +1 +2 No No HL HL 11-19 (1) 3
Jump [5] - - - - - H H 10-14 (3) 2
Fierce Stand [14] -1 +1 +3 No No H H 18-32 (-) 4
Crouch [13] -9 D D No No HL HL 16-26 (1/5) 2
Jump [8] - - - - - H H 18-31 (3) 3
Short Stand [5] +0 +0 +0 Yes Yes HL HL 5-8 (1) 3
Crouch [5] +2 +2 +2 Yes Yes L L 5-8 (1) 3
Jump [4] - - - - - H H 7-13 (3) 3
Forward Close [5] -1 +0 +1 Yes Yes HL HL 13-23 (1) 4
Far [11] +0 +1 +2 No No HL HL 12-22 (1) 4
Crouch [8] -1 +0 +1 No No L L 9-15 (X) 4
Jump [9] - - - - - H H 11-19 (3) 3
Rdhouse Stand [16] -13 +0 +2 No No HL H 19-33 (1) 3
Crouch [11] -15 D D No No L L 16-28 (-) 2
Jump [8] - - - - - H H 15-26 (3) 3


Name [StUp] Dmg
Body Slam [3] -

Special Normals

Name [StUp] BkAd HtAd CHAd SlCn SpCn Grd Pry Dmg
T.Strong [7] -1 +0 +1 No No HL HL 14-24 (1) 4
T.Fierce [9] -1 +1 +3 No No HL H 17-24 (6) 3
A,Fierce [8] -11 - - No No HL U 23-32 (X) 2
A.Fierce(Back) [8] -11 +3 +3 No No HL U - (X) 2
D.Fierce(air) [10] - - - - - H H 15-26 (3) 2
UOH [15-25] - - - - - H H 5-8 (1) 3

Target Combos

  • HP -> HK

Special Moves

Name Type [StUp] BkAd SpCn Grd Pry Dmg
Flash Chop Jab [12] -2 No HL H 15-26 (6) 4
Strong [16] -1 Yes HL H 16-28 (6) 3
Firece [20] -1 Yes HL H 18-31 (6) 3
EX [10] -1 Yes HL H 24-39 (6) 4
Power Bomb Jab [7] - No U U 20-28 (X) 4
Strong [8] - No U U 23-32 (X) 3
Fierce [9] - No U U 25-35 (X) 3
Power Bomb (Back) Jab [7] - No U U 23-32 (X) 2
Strong [8] - No U U 25-35 (X) 2
Fierce [9] - No U U 29-40 (X) 3
DDT Short [21] - No U U 20-28 (X) 2
Forward [24] - No U U 20-28 (X) 3
Roundhouse [27] - No U U 20-28 (X) 2
Air Knee Smash Short [7] - No H H 15-21 (6) 3
Forward [8] - No H H 17-24 (6) 3
Roundhouse [9] - No H H 19-26 (6) 3
EX [4] - No H H 24-33 (6) 4
Slash Elbow Short [16] -2 Yes HL H 12-22 (3) 3
Foward [19] -8 Yes HL H 15-26 (3) 2
Roundhouse [21] -8 Yes HL H 18-31 (3) 2
EX [10] -6 Yes HL H 19-34 (6) 4
Air Stomp Short [24] -3 No H H 15-26 (-) 3
Foward [26] -3 No H H 18-31 (-) 3
Roundhouse [27] -3 No H H 20-35 (-) 3
EX [27] -3 No H H 23-40 (-) 3

Command moves

» towards+MP: Sakotsu Wari A sort of lunging, overhead punch that hits twice.

» towards+FP: Kyuubi Kudaki A lunging, forward gut punch that hits twice.

Special Moves

(image notation to be implemented once we agree to a standard)

Fireball (Hadouken)

Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Senpukyaku)
QCB+K (can be done in air)

» QCF+P (236+P): Hadouken (EX w/PP) A fireball. The EX version hits twice, is red, is faster and knocks down.

» DP+P (623+P): Shoryuken (EX w/PP) A dragon punch / uppercut moving upwards and slightly to the side. The EX version hits twice when starting from the ground and has faster startup.

» QCB+K (214+K): Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (EX w/KK) A travelling hurricane kick that knocks down on hit. The EX version can hit up to 5 times and is stationary.

» HCF+K (41236+K): Joudan Sokotou Geri (EX w/KK) A simple, forward sidekick that sends your opponent flying. The EX version bounces your opponent off the wall for a juggle opportunity.

Super Arts

I Shinkuu Hadouken D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P
II Shin Shoryuken D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P
III Denjin Hadouken D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P *
* Hold P to hold and strengthen fireball

» SA1: QCFx2 +P (236236+P): Shinkuu Hadouken (2 stocks) (5.6 EX moves) An upgraded version of the Hadouken that can hit up to 5 times.

» SA2: QCFx2 +P (236236+P): Shin Shoryuken (1 stock) (3.2 EX moves) An upgraded version of the Shoryuken. If the first hit connects, the move does a huge amount of damage and sends your opponent flying into the air. If it does not, the move turns into a low-damage, multi-hit Shoryuken.

» SA3: QCFx2 +P [Hold P, rotate stick to charge faster] (236236+P[H]): Denjin Hadouken (1 stock) (2.4 EX moves) An unblockable attack (must be parried), Ryu will charge up an electric fireball for as long as the punch button is held. The longer the button is held, the stronger the fireball will be in terms of both damage and stun.


  • Personal Action: Recovers stun, max 3 per round.

Ground game Pokes

» c.MK (low hit, decent reach, cancels, hitconfirm late cancel)

» c.MP (good for hitconfirms)

» c.LK (do two for a hitconfirm chain)

» s.MP (can cancel into super or special)

» s.HK (great vs dudley, great anti-air, excellent to catch people with)

» s.MK (ok reach, excellent priority)


» c.LK, s.LK, s.MK (push people out if they're too close for comfort)

» c.LK, c.LP, c.LK (can confirm into SA1)

» s.HP, s.HK (target combo)

» cl.MP, s.MK, c.MK (slightly unsafe)

Air game Jump-ins » j.MK (crosses up)

» j.HP (to attack, hurts like hell)

» j.HK (to attack, little bit more range)


» j.MP (hits twice, harder to parry, pushes you away on parry, totally safe in air-to-air)

» j.HP (to attack)

» j.HK (to attack)

» EX Tatsumaki (to attack, risky)

Anti-air » s.HK (quick, easy, good recovery)

» s.HP, s.HK (HP needs to be early enough to hit as an anti-air)

» c.HP (good when opponent is nearly directly above you, but slow)

» (EX?) SRK (getting divekicked for sure? use this)

» ju.HP (you'd be surprised)

» s.MP (sometimes, and you can toss a fireball right afterwards for zoning)

Meaty attacks » towards+MP [can link into c.LK if timed for last hit to land very late]

» UOH (MP+MK) [can link into SA1 / SA2]

» close s.MK (hitconfirms, strong, cancels into SRK for SA3 setups)

» close s.HP

Combos » s.HP, s.HK [chain]

» j.HP, cl.HP (or close s.MK), EX Joudan, (EX?) SRK [best damage/stun for bar]

» c.LK, c.LK > SA1

» c.LK, c.LP > SA2

» c.MK, HK Tatsumaki [vs. standing]

» crossup with j.MK, c.LK, c.LK > SA1 / SA2 [vs. crouching]

» c.MP (or c.MK), EX Tatsumaki [good chip, safe on block]

» c.MP (hc) > SA1 / SA2

» cl.MK (hc), (EX?) SRK (or > SA1 / SA2)

» toward+HP (hc), (EX?) SRK (or > SA1 / SA2)

» (corner) c.MK (or close s.MK), EX Tatsumaki > (on landing) SA1

Setups SA3 Denjin setups » Anything leading into HP SRK xx SA3 setup

» Anything leading into LP SRK xx SA3 (on 1/4 - 1/3 stunned character, release if SRK hits)

» Anything into LK / MK Tatsumaki, SA3 setup (preferable over HK)

» Any air-to-air where you land first (HP Hadouken xx SA3)

» Any instance where you anti-air a guy from the ground (LP Hadouken xx SA3)

» crossup MK, c.LK, s.MP, LP Hadouken xx SA3 (better vs Akuma)

» c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, LP Hadouken xx SA3 (better vs Akuma)

Kara-throw setups

» cl.MP, Kara-throw

» c.LK, Kara-throw

» toward+HP, step back, Kara-throw

» c.LK, s.LP (whiff), Kara-throw [vs. crouching]

Punishing after a parry » parry -> any close s.HP (or close s.MK) Denjin setup

» parry -> close s.HP (or close s.MK), EX Joudan, (EX?) SRK

» low parry -> c.MP (HP?), EX Joudan, (EX?) SRK (?)

» low parry -> c.MK, EX Tatsumaki (or > SA1 / SA2)

» low parry -> c.MK, LP SRK xx SA3 (Denjin setup)

Wakeup game Possible things to do on wakeup against an opponent

» toward+MP [overhead, done very early may link into c.LK]

» c.LK, toward+MP [low, then overhead]

» c.LK, c.LK [hits low]

» c.LK, s.LP (whiff), Kara-throw [vs. crouching]

» c.LK, step back 2 frames, Kara-throw

» walk in, step back, Kara-throw

» meaty UOH [can link into super]

» meaty close s.MK, HP SRK xx SA3

» crossup j.MK

Kara-cancels Throwing: toward+MP SRK: c.MK or c.HK (MK safer)

Notes and comments

» EX Joudan as a follow up to anything you can link it off lets you set an opponent up for extra damage.

» A blocked HP SRK is a prime candidate to be followed up with SA3. Remember that!

» MK is not always good as a crossup, it's better on crouching opponents (it also sometimes doesn't link with your ground attack unless done very deep).

» His (j.HP, s.HP, EX Joudan, SRK / HK Tatsumaki) combo deals 70 damage and 60% stun on an opponent Ryu.

» His EX Hadouken is ridiculously fast. Use it, it's good damage and generally reliable, even when tossed out randomly at somewhat close range.

General playstyles

» eddieW: Ryu compared to Ken? While Ken has better and easier ways to land a super, Ryu has great damage and knockdown potential without a super. The way he plays Ryu is to select SA1 and play what he calls "Super Turbo Red Fireball Ryu", blended with some 3S tactics. The goal here is to score a knockdown, then dash in and 50/50 for some more damage (eg. with kara-throwing, or c.LK, walk back to bait the throw, punish with c.MK, MK Tatsumaki for knockdown and good damage). If they get you off, EX Hadoukens will get your opponent to jump and score some extra damage.

» Super Art 2 playstyle: This is Ryu's most damaging super. So obviously, you'll want to find ways to land it. One idea is to abuse his karathrow and just when they think you'll throw again, dash in for a c.shortx2 cancel into superart 2.


» Ken - Can punish any blocked kick that isn't c.LK with a super. Be careful.

» Yun - http://www.livejournal.com/~mopreme -- what applies to Ken in this case in general also applies to Ryu. Rush him and force him to activate Genei Jin from far away. Yun without bar is Yun racing to get bar. Yun with bar is Yun in control. Keep him from gaining control. And block the Genei Jin.

» Chun-Li - Can easily counter a lot of Ryu's moves. Pokes are dangerous, particularly when she has meter. c.LK, c.MK, c.MP, s.MK when close are preferred over standing pokes, but only use the last three on non-metered Chun-Li. EX Hadoukens should be used, but not on a stocked Chun-Li unless very close. Be careful with using Denjin setups, because while they work against her in most cases, metered Chun-Li is an entirely different story. The key to beating Chun-Li is definitely scoring a knockdown and going from there, but to otherwise be safe and careful against her, even if you have to turtle a bit. Jump-ins occasionally work if you're ready and able to parry the impending back+HP or HP anti-air (and the occasional back+MP). (Thanks to C-Royd)

» Makoto -

» Urien - Keep the game in the middle of the screen -- you don't want to fight Urien in the corner. Urien loves j.HK, so counter with s.HK or j.MP. If you've cornered Urien and have Denjin, use it. If he's almost stunned, start poking: abuse far s.MK and s.HK. s.MK may trade with Urien's s.HP, but don't worry: you're aiming to stun, a trade is acceptable. j.MP does a lot of stun and so does f+MP, but in the corner don't get close enough that he can parry you once and put you in the corner. If Urien is knocked down in the corner and you don't wan to take the game to the middle of the screen, meaty far s.MP > EX Fireball is amazing. It'll stuff his headbutts, and if he parries your s.MP, he cannot throw you. If he parries and does fierce, it'll trade, but he gets knocked down so you remain in control. New: If he tries to do random fireball into Aegis and you're a bit cornered, superjump forward into HK Tatsumaki to bail out. (Thanks to C-Royd)

» Dudley - s.HK owns Dudley for free. Use it whenever you feel you'll hit them with it if they may try to jump, if they jump in and are still kind of high up in the air, and ... just plain whenever. Mix it up enough and you have a retardedly easy matchup. Just don't get caught in the corner.

» Akuma - These Denjin setups (crossup MK, c.LK, s.MP, LP Hadouken > SA3 & c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, LP Hadouken > SA3) work wonders on Akuma. Try them, but otherwise it's better to use SA1 on him.

» Necro - Make sure he doesn't get you into the corner. Watch out for snake fang, and the snake fang mixup's they will throw at you, as it is probably necro's best bet to throwing you in the corner, along with the EX Hook once in a while. If you do find yourself in the corner, just block low and wait for an opening while keeping an eye out for grabs, UOH, the Flying Viper(jump up double chop) and sometimes Rising Cobra(flips into an axe kick). Try not to jump a lot close to Necro when he has a stocked Magnatic Storm. Also, a standing Tatsukami crosses up a crouching Necro.

» Elena -

» Oro -

» Alex - Don't use SA3 on stocked SA3 Alex or up-close to stocked SA1 Alex.

» Yang - Stocked SA2 Yang goes under Ryu's SA3.

» Remy -

» Ibuki -

» Hugo - Don't use SA3 on close stocked SA1 Hugo.

» Q - Stick to him. Use j.HP in the air to fight him if he jumps. If you can, attempt to parry predictable moves and punish him. Prevent him from taunting. Far fireballs result in a free taunt, they will take the fireball's damage and just get the added defense anyways. Don't try to punish his LP dash punch. Stocked SA1 Q is dangerous since you can't really throw fireballs and he can move through SA3. Do not sweep to poke a metered SA1 Q as he can punish any shoto sweep on block with an SA1 -- and you'll be crouching. A smart Q is a dangerous Q.

» Twelve - Twelve's dash-in pokefest loses nasty to an EX SRK. EX Fireballs while Twelve is on the ground works sometimes if you're at mid-range, otherwise he can walk under them. I believe stocked X.N.D.L. goes under Ryu's SA3.

» Sean - Parry the obvious, only worry about his vaguely-shotoish normals (like c.MP). Punish anything with close s.HP, HK Tatsumaki or close s.HP, EX Joudan, (EX?) SRK. Shouldn't lose this match. For the love of God, don't set up SA3 close to him on wakeup when he has a stocked SA2.

Thanks to: C-Royd, kal el, MajinRyu, eddieW.