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== Vs. ST Zangief ==
== Vs. ST Zangief ==
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Choose Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting or Super Turbo

Moves List

Shown below.

Normal Moves

- Forward + HP

- Forward + MP

Special Moves

HadouKen: QCF + P

Shoryuken: DP + P

Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku: QCB + K

Fire HadouKen: HCF + P

Super Move

Shinkuu Hadouken: QCF x2 + P

The Basics

Hadouken when the enemy is far away. Shoryuken if he jumps!

Advanced Strategy

When close to the enemy, the best thing to do would be c.mk xx fire hadouken but shoryuken and hadouken work as well. Cross 'em up using mk, and use your hadoukens wisely.


- For more damage ass a j.hk or a j.mk cross up.

- c.mk xx shoryuken

- c.mk xx hadouken

- c.mk xx Fire hadouken

- c.mk xx tatsumaki

- s.mk xx tatsumaki

- s.hp xx SRK/Hadouken/Tatsumaki

- Towards + hp, c.mk, SRK

- c.hp xx hadouken/SRK/Tatsumaki

- c.mp xx hadouken/fire


Vs. ST Balrog (boxer)

A fairly easy match-up for Ryu. Counter his dash move with a Hadouken and you pretty much safe.

Vs. HF Blanka

Vs. ST Cammy

Vs. ST Chun-li

Vs. ST Dee Jay

Vs. ST Dhalsim

Vs. HF E. Honda

Pretty much the same as balrog. Counter his dashing/flying move with a hadouken and don't get too near him. Play a midscreen game.

Vs. ST E. Honda

Vs. ST Fei Long

Vs. CE Guile

Vs. HF Ken

Vs. ST Ken

Vs. CE M. Bison (dictator)

Vs. HF Ryu

Vs. ST Ryu

Vs. CE Sagat

Vs. ST O. Sagat

Vs. ST T. Hawk

Vs. CE Vega (claw)

Vs. ST Vega (claw)

Vs. HF Zangief

Staying away from him is the best idea. If he gets near you try to go in and out with a shoryuken. Remember not to do a hadouken when he's near you.

Vs. ST Zangief