Sagat (CvS2)

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Before I begin, I want to introduce some terms (we always should start off with this).

Forward = F/f, Backward = B/b, Up = U/u, Down = D/d

Light punch = LP (Jab Punch), Medium Punch = MP (Strong Punch), Hard punch = HP (Fierce Punch), Light kick = LK (Short Kick), Medium Kick = MK (Forward Kick), Hard kick = HK (Roundhouse Kick)

Any Punch = AP, Any Kick = AK

QCF - d,df,f (Hadoken/Tiger shot movement), QCB - d,db,b (Hurricane Kick movement), DP - f,df,f (Dragon punch/Tiger Uppercut movement)

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

High Standing Tiger Shot - QCF + Punch Low Standing Tiger Shot - QCF + Kick

The Basics

Bread and Butter Combos

Super Combos

Advanced Strategy

C-Groove Combos

Crossover lk, 2 standing lp, crouching mk ~ lvl. 2 Ground Tiger Cannon ~ lvl. 1 Tiger Cannon

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