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Move List

Standing Normal Punches

Standing Normal Kicks

Crouching Normals

Normal Air Punches

Normal Air Kicks


Sakura Jime

Punch Throw (all games)

Sakura Shoot

Kick Throw (all games)

Special Normals

Flower Kick

F + MK (all games)

Special Moves


QCF + P, press P one or two more times to enlarge (all games)

Sho'o Ken

DP + P (all games)

Shunpu Kyoku

QCB + K (all games)

Sakura Otoshi

DP + K (SFA2G)

Super Moves

Shinku Hadouken

DQCF + P (all games)

Haru Ichiban

DQCB + K (all games)

Midare Zakura

DQCF + K (all games)

Non-Attack Moves