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Samchay is the Fighter's History equivalent of Sagat (sort of) - he's a kickboxer, he has a fireball, he has "tiger kicks". Samchay is an easy character to pick up and play, but his simplicity ultimately limits his options a bit. He's a solid mid-tier character and can pull out a lot of wins, but expect to have some problems against the top tiers.

Samchay appears to be a bit of a fan favorite in Japan (or at least a running joke). The Great Grapple 2004 tournament held an all-Samchay side tournament that 48 players ended up entering. What is their infatuation with Samchay? The world may never know...

Moves List

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Standing (Far) - A high jab that whiffs crouchers. Not chainable into another attack, so you can't even do rapid standing LP's like most other characters. Don't use this.

Standing (Close) - Hits crouchers, but still not chainable so it's pretty garbage. No real reason to use this when you're close.

Crouching - An unchainable crouching jab, which makes it very bad for combos. Use Crouching LK instead.

Jumping - Elbow drop. Not good for starting combos with, but decent as an air-to-air attack.

Jumping (Neutral) - Same as above.

Hard Punch

Standing (Far) - High punch that whiffs most characters in crouch, but it does hit a few of them (I'll edit in which ones those are later). Too bad, as this does have decent range and great priority. Use it if you can.

Standing (Close) - Elbow attack, no real reason to use this in combos when standing HK does more damage.

Crouching - Anti-air uppercut. Really nice priority for knocking people out of the air, but they have to be close (and it helps if you do it early).

Jumping - A punch that doesn't hit very deep, not very good for starting combos.

Jumping (Neutral) - Same as above.

Light Kick

Standing (Far) - Mid-level kick, not chainable but half-decent in terms of range

Standing (Close) - Almost exactly like the far version

Crouching - Samchay's only chainable normal attack. Abuse the hell out of this on the ground, you'll need it!

Jumping - Knee attack. Samchay's best crossup attack.

Jumping (Neutral) - A weird kick that sticks out. I never know what to say about these neutral jumping light attacks!

Hard Kick

Standing (Far) - High kick, decent for anti-air, ok range and pretty good priority. Hits crouchers, so it's an attack that's actually worth using.

Standing (Close) - Pretty much the same animation as the far version, but when close it hits twice. It's his most damaging normal attack, and best combo starter.

Crouching - Standard-issue sweep, pretty good range.

Jumping - Samchay's all-around best jumping attack, excellent for starting combos and can even crossup on occasion

Jumping (Neutral) - An odd "hook kick". Has ok horizontal range.

Other Normals

Forward + Hard Punch - Low blow to the nuts. Not bufferable when fully extended, but if you hit with it when his fist is about halfway extended, it's bufferable. This move has great range so it's worth using even if you can't buffer off it.

Forward + Hard Kick - Kick to the knees, has even more range than F+HP! Unforuntately it's never bufferable. Still a solid poke, but you're kinda screwed if they jump.


Forward/Back + Hard Punch - Samchay grabs his opponent and begins elbowing them in the top of the head. Mash joystick + buttons for more hits, opponent can counter-mash to break out of the grab faster. This grab can do more damage than most character's throws, so be sure to mash those extra hits out. On the last hit Samchay punches his opponent away.

Forward/Back + Hard Kick - Samchay knees his opponent in the stomach repeatedly. Mash joystick + buttons for more hits, opponent can counter-mash to break out of the grab faster. Damage-wise it is exactly like the Hard Punch grab, but it does have one advantage - the last hit leaves the opponent fairly close to Samchay. For that reason you'll want to stick with this throw whenever possible.

Special Moves

  • Maddron Jusarop
    • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

It's a fireball. Actually, it's one of the best fireballs in the game - it comes out quickly, and doesn't have too much recovery either. It's actually possible to combo after one of these in the corner if you're quick. The only problem with this fireball is that Samchay kind of leans forward when he does it, which makes him more susceptible to getting hit out of it (or trading).

  • Ti-Kaukoun
    • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Samchay's signature move, which looks a lot like Sagat's Tiger Knee.

The LK version hits once and knocks down. The HK version hits twice, knocks down on second hit.

This move makes up a lot of Samchay's bread 'n butter combos, and it's often great to toss out randomly to see if it hits. Beware of doing it to someone too close though, an opponent who blocks it can throw you when you're recovering if you wind up too close to them.

  • Ti-KauRoi
    • Forward, Down-Back, Down-Forward + Kick

"Vertical" version of the Ti-Kaukoun. Most players do not use this move as much because of the weird motion - note that you MUST end the motion at Down-Forward. If you accidentally continue through to Forward, you'll get the Ti-Kaukoun instead.

The LK version will knock down on the ground. The HK version goes higher up into the air, but beware - it never knocks down. Both versions are great for going through fireballs unharmed, and unlike the Ti-Kaukoun, Samchay has a lot of invincibility when he performs this, which makes it perfect for anti-air or wakeup purposes. The LK version also pushes them back pretty far on block. Try to master the joystick motion for this if you intend on playing Samchay seriously.

  • Pap Soukau
    • Simultaneously press the same strength Punch and Kick

Samchay charges forward and does... a simultaneous elbow + knee attack? I don't know, this move always looked strange to me. This move is great for combos off his standing HK, but unfortunately does not combo off of light attacks.

Pressing HP+HK makes Samchay go farther on the ground than LP+LK. I'm not really sure why you'd ever want to use the LP+LK version (unless you wanted it to whiff on purpose?), so stick to HP+HK, especially for combos.


  • s. HK (2 hits) xx HK Ti-Kaukoun
  • s. HK (2 hits) xx HP+HK Pap Soukau
  • c. LK, s. HK (2 hits) xx HK Ti-Kaukoun
  • c. LK, Standing HK (2 hits) xx HP+HK Pap Soukau
  • c. LK, c. LK, c. LK, s. LK xx HK Ti-Kaukoun
  • s. HP xx HP Maddron Jusarop, F+HP xx HK Ti-Kaukoun [corner only]

The Basics

The most important thing to learn when playing Samchay is to know the range of his Ti-Kaukouns. While it's a great move, if you use it when you're too close to the opponent and they block, you'll end up getting thrown, or even worse, comboed. So don't overuse it.

Pap Soukau, on the other hand, is always safe on block, but of course there's a delay before the attack actually comes out. If you manage to make somebody block one though, they'll usually immediately retaliate with a sweep (or similar move). That is a good time to use a Ti-Kaukoun, to beat whatever move they have sticking out and knock them down. Of course this won't work every time...

Samchay can dizzy a lot of opponents very quickly, thanks to his 2-hit standing HK and special moves that hit twice, usually to the mid-section (which is the most common weak point). Unfortunately, finding those openings can sometimes be tricky. You may instead have to rely on his crouching LK x3, qcf + HK combo. This is an extremely useful combo as it allows you to do half-decent damage off a light attack, and you have plenty of time to hit confirm. If the opponent is blocking, end the chain instead with a crouching HK into a QCF+P to push them back.

Samchay's fireball is most excellent, against some characters you can spam it without any fear of instant retaliation. A lot of characters do have moves that let them pass through/under/over fireballs though, it's them you have to watch out for. Against anyone else, fireball trapping them in the corner is always a viable strategy. Throw a few fireballs, try to get them to jump, and if they do you can knock them out of the air every time with a Ti-KauRoi (the vertical one).

Advanced Strategy


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