Samurai Shodown Tenka

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This game is in essence the culmination of All 5 Samurai Shodown games in one for CVS2 style feel...

You have six grooves and every character to ever appear in a 2d Samurai Shodown game plus new characters.

What time zone does this game take place?? This game is a prequel to the First Sam Sho game in storyline mode..

And by story dont ask bc it is gonna confuse you even more..

Just for kicks know this for story:

1. SS0,SS6,SS1,SS3,SS4,SS2. (Then came the 64 games in the future)

That is what I believe to be the official canon of the game...if I find something different I will let you know.

The basics will follow.

Game Mechanics

Instead of posting more I will just link you to a place in Guardcrush where all this is being discussed already...

Come support guardcrush and please post post post ask questions and dont be afraid to look like a noob!!!!=)

Basic Strategy

See above Game Mechanics section bc in Tenka this all overlaps...

Tenka is a thinking mans game where wakeup is key....

Advanced Strategy

I already have a Tenka section practically built up in GC.Net, come contribute, post, build up, ask questions..contribute..

any contributions or questions are more than welcome...

Tier List


Mina, Shizumaru, Amakusa, Iroha


Kazuki, Sougetsu, Cham Cham, Gaoh, Zankuro, Haohmaru, Ukyo, Galford, Mizuki

Mid-Top Tier:

Hanzo, Yumeji, Rasetsumaru, Enja, Genan, Rera, Sieger


Suija, Nicotine, Sankuro, Basara, Andrew, Ochamaru, Gaira

Low-Mid Tier:

Rimururu, Sugoroku, Jubei, Yunfei, Tam Tam, Kyoushiro, Charlotte


Genjuro, Yoshitora, Wan-Fu, Kusaregedo, Earthquake, Nakoruru

Game Versions

The Characters