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[[Category: Eternal Fighter ZERO]]
[[Category: Eternal Fighter ZERO]]
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Satomura Akane (里村 茜) is an elegant fighter who uses her shapeshifting hair as a weapon. Her friend Shiko is always eager to help out when called for. Her hair gives her a decent range, and her multiple Leaps give her a sense of unpredictability.

Akane is actually one of the heroines of ONE, a visual novel produced by Tactics in 1998. She is a classmate of Kouhei. When it rains, one will always find Akane at the grassy field, looking as if she was waiting for someone. She is very quiet to the point where you could say she isolates herself from others. During ONE, Kouhei learns the reason for Akane's melancholy, which is connected to his own fate...

Stage: Rainy Field (雨の空き地)

BGM: A Tair

Character-Specific Notes

  • Akane is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once.
  • A few of Akane's moves call forth her friend Shiko to the battle. If Shiko is already on-screen, Akane will not be able to use any Shiko-centric moves until Shiko is off-screen again.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 170 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2A 1 170 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.A 1 180 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66A 1 170 Ground Yes No Yes
662A 1 170 Low Yes No Yes
5B(c) 1 360 Ground Yes Yes Yes
5B(f) 1 400 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2B 1 370 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.B 1 380 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66B 3 430 Ground Yes Yes Yes
662B 1 370 Low Yes No Yes
5C 9 ≈675 Ground Yes No Yes
2C 1 540 Ground Yes Yes Yes
j.C 1 600 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66C 1 650 Ground Yes Yes Yes
662C 1 600 High/Air Yes No Yes
Throw 2 1000 Throw No No Yes
j.Throw 2 1200 Air Throw No No No
Side Hammer
j.6C 1 550 High/Air Yes Yes Yes

Weak Attacks


  • Akane does a quick slap to the opponent's face.
  • Has very short range compared to most characters. Almost impossible to link two 5As together. Using the 2A would be safer.


  • Akane does a small kick at the opponent's feet.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane does short diagonal kick that extends more down than forward.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane does a quick slap to the opponent's face.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane does a small kick at the opponent's feet.
  • [usefulness]

Medium Attacks

5B (close)

  • Akane tosses her hair forward into the opponent.
  • [usefulness]

5B (far)

  • Akane's hair forms into a blade and stabs directly forward.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane slides forward feet first as a kick.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane spins in midair, causing her hair to extend out a good distance horizontally.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane tosses her hair forward into the opponent. Two trailing shadows repeat the motion.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane slides forward feet first as a kick.
  • [usefulness]

Strong Attacks


  • Akane's hair forms into a large drill in front of her and spins.
  • Since this move hits multiple times and cannot be guarded normally in the air, it can be an effective move against opponents jumping in.


  • Akane extends her head out almost touching the ground and back again, allowing her hair to cut a wide arc in front of her.
  • This move will knock down the opponent if it connects.


  • Akane's hair forms into a large hammer, which she then swings down hard.
  • [usefulness]


  • Akane puts all of her body into a two-handed shove.
  • This move causes wallbounce when used on airborne opponents. This property makes this move one of Akane's most useful normal moves to use during combos.


  • Akane does a short running hop, turns her hair into a large hammer, and swings down hard.
  • Because of the long startup time for this move, it is really only useful as an overhead attack on a waking opponent.



  • Akane grabs the opponent and does a two-handed shove.
  • This move can be IC cancelled, which makes it very useful in the corner. After the IC cancel, you should do a Dashing Strong attack to wallbounce the opponent and follow up from there.

Air Throw

  • Akane grabs the opponent, somersaults, raises them above her head, and drives them head first into the ground upon landing.
  • [usefulness]

Command Normals

Side Hammer (サイドハンマー)

  • Akane's hair forms into a large hammer, which she then swings forward with good horizontal range.
  • [usefulness]

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
Shiko-san Appears
236A 1 650 Any No
236B 1 500 Any No
236C 1 810 Any No
Bad Waffle
j.236A ~3 ≈675 High Yes
j.236B ~3 ≈700 High Yes
j.236C ~14 ≈1400 High Yes
Rainy Spin
623A 7 ≈790 Any Yes
623B 9 ≈940 Any Yes
623C 13 ≈1480 Any Yes
Assault Leap [Can be done midair]
214A/C 1 475 Low Yes
214B 0 N/A N/A No
Trick Leap [Can be done midair]
412A/B/C 0 N/A N/A No
> Air Sting [During Assault/Trick Leap]
> C 1 400 Any Yes
> Air Carrier [During Assault Leap]
> 4C 2 1000 Unblockable No
> Pile Masher [During Trick Leap]
> 2C 3 ≈710 Any No
> Stun Needle [During Assault/Trick Leap]
> 236A/B 3 ≈580 Any Yes (FIC)
> 236C 3 ≈850 Any Yes (FIC)
>> (guarded) 3 ≈280 Any N/A
Rain of Tears [SP Level 1-3]
236236A ≈13 ≈2100 Any No
236236B ≈19 ≈2900 Any No
236236C ≈27 ≈3400 Any No
Absolute Rejection Barrier [SP Level 1]
214214A/B/C 1 510 Any No
Dempshiko Roll [SP Level 1-3]
641236A 9 ≈2375 Any Yes
641236B 15 ≈2775 Any Yes
641236C 1 3500 Unblockable No
Unpleasant Hell Murder [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
AA6BC 23 4500 Unblockable No


Enter Shiko-san (詩子さん登場です)

  • A: Shiko appears from offscreen behind Akane, and twirls across the upper half of the screen.
  • B: Shiko runs from offscreen behind Akane to where the opponent was when the move was performed, and throws a punch.
  • C: Shiko appears from offscreen behind the opponent riding a scooter, and drives across the screen.
  • In all versions, Shiko can be knocked down for several seconds with one hit.
  • This move will not work if Shiko is already onscreen.

Bad Waffle (バッドワッフル)

  • Akane's hair transforms into a giant waffle surrounding Akane, and spins diagonally down-forward until reaching the ground.
  • [usefulness]

Rainy Spin (レイニースピン)

  • Akane spins up and forward, dealing multiple hits as her hair twirls around her.
  • [usefulness]

Assault Leap (アサルトリープ)

  • Akane somersaults into the air, and does a low sweep on landing.
  • A: Akane leaps slightly forward.
  • B: Akane leaps slightly backwards.
  • C: Akane leaps forwards.
  • This move will knockdown the opponent if it connects.
  • [usefulness]

Trick Leap (トリックリープ)

  • Akane quickly leaps a certain distance forward in the air, and drops straight down.
  • A: Akane leaps a short distance forward.
  • B: Akane leaps a medium distance forward.
  • C: Akane leaps a long distance forward.
  • [usefulness]

Air Sting (エアスティング)

  • During Akane's Assault/Trick Leap, Akane abruptly kicks down and slightly toward the opponent.
  • [usefulness]

Air Carrier (エアキャリア)

  • During Akane's Assault Leap, Akane stops somersaulting and reaches out with her hand. On connecting, the opponent is first airthrown, and then launched into the air.
  • This move requires strict timing. Once the move is performed, Akane's hand must reach the opponent within about half a second, otherwise the move becomes harmless and can be easily punished.
  • [usefulness]

Pile Masher (パイルマッシャー)

  • During Akane's Trick Leap, Akane's hair forms a drill around her feet and drills straight down.
  • This move will knock down the opponent if it connects.
  • [usefulness]

Stun Needle (スタンニードル)

  • During Akane's Assault/Trick Leap, Akane throws 3 fast hair needles forward and slightly down at the opponent.
  • If the C version needles are blocked, they will bounce up into the air and fall down on the opponent.
  • [usefulness]

Eterny Specials

Rain of Tears (レインオブティア)

  • Akane launches several hair swords straight up off screen. A moment later, the swords fall aimed at the opponent.
  • The opponent can be hit by both the launched swords going up and the falling swords coming down.
  • The number of swords that fall is directly related to the number of swords Akane launches. If she is interrupted by an opponent during the move and only launches 5 swords, only 5 swords will fall.
  • [usefulness]

Absolute Rejection Barrier (絶対拒否障壁)

  • Akane turns her back toward the opponent as a light-blue barrier appears in the specified location.
  • A: The barrier appears a short distance in front of Akane.
  • B: The barrier appears a medium distance in front of Akane.
  • C: The barrier appears a short distance above Akane.
  • This super uses only 1 Level of SP for all 3 versions.
  • [usefulness]

Dempshiko Roll (デンプ詩子ロール)

  • A version:
    • Shiko jumps in front of Akane with boxing gloves and performs a Dempsey Roll boxing technique, ending with an uppercut.
    • [usefulness]
  • B version:
    • Shiko jumps in front of Akane with boxing gloves and hits the opponent by moving her head in a figure-eight pattern (part of the Dempsey Roll boxing technique). Shiko then finishes the move with an uppercut.
    • [usefulness]
  • C version:
    • Shiko jumps in front of Akane with boxing gloves and moves her head in a figure-eight pattern (part of the Dempsey Roll boxing technique) in the background. After a few seconds, Shiko launches herself straight up and slightly forward to do a powerful and unblockable frog uppercut.
    • For the C version, Akane is able to move after Shiko starts moving her head. This time should be used to keep the opponent in the exit path of Shiko's uppercut.

Final Memory

Unpleasant Hell Murder (嫌獄殺)

  • Akane, with one leg raised and bent, slowly slides forward. On connecting, the screen turns black for a few seconds, and then Akane is seen looking away from the downed opponent. If this move drains the last of the opponent's hit points, the kanji for "Unpleasant" (嫌) appears in the background.
  • Even though this move is unblockable, Akane can still be hit out of it very easily.

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


insert combos here.  :V

Win Quotes

Japanese English


Don't bother with me...


My hair...
I'm sorry it was so unruly...


Is the school all right?


It's over.
If you understand that, please go home...

(To Ayu)


(To Ayu)
Taiyaki is good, but waffles are much better...

Next time...
I'll introduce you to a shop.

(To Mai)

(To Mai)
I was a bit reluctant, but if it's 2-on-2, then there's no doubt as to what the result will be...

(To Mio)

(To Mio)
To suddenly have to study for a play is tough, isn't it?




Something like eternity...
I don't need it...

Please vanish...

It can all end here.

(To Akane)

(To Akane)
You may displace me, but can you feel?
Illusion without meaning; go away please...



In-game References

External References

ONE References

  • The raining field in the background is the one where Akane frequently visits during the game.
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