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[[Category:Melty Blood: Act Cadenza]]
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Character Bio

Isn't it sad, Sacchin?

Normal Attacks

Motion Y. Damage R. Damage Meter Gained Startup Proration Blocked Shielded
5A 250 150 2.8% 3 65% Ground Any
2A 300 150 4% 4 75% Ground Any
j.A 500 300 3% 4 73% Any Any
5B 700 420 8% 9 100% Ground High
2B 600 360 7% 8 100% Ground Low
j.B 900 550 8% 6 100% Upper High
5C 1000 700 11% 9 90% Ground High
5[C] 1400 550 11% 34 70% Ground High
2C 800+600 550+300 7+8% 5 70%, 55% Low Low
2[C] 1000+950 650+350 8+8% 27 70% Low Low
j.C 1200 800 11% 7 85% Upper High
j.[C] 2100 1550 16% 26 50% Upper High
214D 1400 800 10% 27 100% Ground High

(raw data)

Ground throw: 1400/600 damage. Satsuki throws her opponent to the other side, they can tech just before they hit the ground. No guaranteed followup.

Air throw: 1300/550 damage. Satsuki punshed her opponent in the face so hard they bounce off the ground (untechable).

Special Attacks

Motion Y. Damage R. Damage Meter Gained Startup Proration Blocked Shielded
Grab (Ground) (Sacchin's Arm Grasping the Endless Dream)
236A 1500 900 0% 8 100% Any High
236B 1300 680 0% 29 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
236C 2000 1400 -100% 10 60%r Any High
Grab (Air) (Sacchin's Arm Reaching the Untouchable Dream)
623A 1500 900 0% 8 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
623B 1300 680 0% 15 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
623C 2000 1400 -100% 8 60%r Unblockable Unshieldable
Ground Pound (Don't Stop Me!)
22A 1000 600 10% 10 70% Any High
22B 800+1000 400+500 10+10% 9 100% Any High
22C 400*6+600 320*6+550 -100% 10 50% Any High
Punch to the Face (Here I Go!)
214A 1000 500 9% 9 100% Ground High
214B 700+800 400+400 11+11% 31 70% High High
214C 2400 2000 -100% 28 45% Ground High
Hungry Sacchin (?)
632146C 2500 1453 -100% 10 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
Sacchin Goes Insane (I'm Mad!) [Requires Heat or Max Mode]
41236C 3300 2600 -300%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
Sacchin Goes Insane (I'm Mad!) [Requires Blood Heat Mode]
41236C 280*20+3800 220*20+2800 -300%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
Depletion Garden (Reality Marble: Depletion Garden) [Requires Blood Heat Mode]
D (grd.) 300*20 200*20 -300%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable

(raw data)

Character Strategy and Notes


Her standard no-meter combo is 2AAC 5CB 623B, 5B 623A. This does fairly meodicre damage (~2900), especially in punishment situtations (since the 2C causes scaling to kick in very quickly). Sometimes you will be too far away from the opponent in order for 5C to hit after the 2C; in that case you need to replace it with a 5B for slightly less damage (it may just be better to always use 5B). An alternative follow-up after a 5C is to jump, dash at the opponent, and air throw them. The dash is required to get close enough to them in time to throw them. It does about 500 less damage but puts her in a much better position post-knockdown.

Another no meter combo Sacchin has to offer is j.[C] > j.[C] > air grab. This does roughly 3200 damage and is pretty easy to connect with. Additionally, it puts you in a position for Satsuki's wakeup games. Also, you can replace the air grab in the corner with a land and a 2[C] to combo into her ex loop. With one iteration of the loop, this combo can top 5000 damage on some characters, making this one of Satsuki's better corner options.

Off of her j.[C] she can relaunch with 5[C] into 2C5C loop, and if they are close to the corner you can do another j.[C] 5[C] after the first 5[C] (but it is not an infinite -- the game allows for only two floor bounces in combos). Not practical, but this is worth knowing on the odd chance your opponent does not stay honest with her 5[C] jump-in on wakeup, as the damage is massive (~4500 before you even get into the EX loop portion of the combo).

Satsuki's real damage (and ph34r) comes when she has a lot of magic circut to work with. She can combo into her EX grabs from nearly anything (and her EX Air Grab is effective as an anti-air), and you can follow-up after the grab into a combo that loops back into the EX Air Grab. The standard sequence for this after an EX grab is to do 2C (two hits) 5C 623B, 5B (OTGs) 623C. You can do this as long as either you have meter or your opponent has life, but the scaling gets to be henious after two iterations. The damage varies wildly, but from starting from an anti-air 623C, one iteration of the loop does about 4000 damage, two iterations do ~6000, and three iterations do ~7000 (the actual damage is dependent on the exact setup used).

The general enders on the loop are the same as they are for her normal combos -- either 623B 5B (OTGs) 623A or an air throw. In the PS2 original version, she can also do 214A air throw as an ender for slightly more damage and meter.

However, the methods to begin the throw loop against Ciel, Miyako, Len, Kouma and Satsuki differ.

  • Against Ciel/Len: Replace the 5B with 214A (Sequence is now 236B/623B 214A 623C) -- The timing on the 214A is strict.
  • Miyako Arima: Replace the 5B with 2C (Sequence is now 236B/623B 2C 623C)
  • Satsuki Yumiduka: Replace the 5B with 5C (Sequence is now 236B/623B C 623C)
  • Kouma Kishima: 2C 5C 623B becomes 2C 5B 623B (The normal 5C 623B sequence does not connect as Kouma gets sent pretty high up)
  • Note: Against all of the characters, the OTG portion of the loop may be removed (5B 2C 5C 236C 2C 5B 236C ad infinitum).


Satsuki is the closest thing to a grappler in MBAC. She sacrifices air combo potential and has a dash rather then a run, however she features a throw heavy moveset, as well as a couple of overpowering heavy damage attacks. She is a meter dependant character -- her main BNB without meter is inferior to most of the cast.

Due to her poor dash, she actually moves about the stages quicker using her air dashes, with jumps to help adjust her positioning. Her Jump B is high priority and can set up her combos on counterhit. Her jump C beats out many ground normals as well as being used in unusual methods as an overhead (more on this below).

Satsuki's main BNB is an intermediate loop involving knocking down the opponent, and OTGing them into an EX Airgrab. Whether or not the developers intended for such a loop to work is debateable, however to Satsuki it is invaluable -- most of her damage will come from it. This puts her into some interesting or unfortunate positions against some characters who cannot be hit by her Stand B as OTG (Ciel, Ren, Satsuki, and Miyako), which forces the player to perform more difficult variations against these characters to get in her damage, or settle for her inferior non meter BNB.

After landing an air throw (as part of a combo or just out of the blue), you have some decent wakeup options to use against your opponent. Your main followups are Pause -> Superjump : [Jump C] or [air backdash C] or [whiff Air C -> Crouch C] or [whiff air C -> EX Bite]. The differences in these are subtle and yet each must be blocked or dodged a different way, making the followup rather likely to allow her to combo -> Air throw to start the deadly mixup again. Her game revolves heavily around this and her loop -- they are her biggest threats.

Satsuki is an intermediate to advanced character. She is currently considered Upper mid to mid.

Changes Between Arcade and PS2 Versions

  • 5A now does 65% scaling instead of 76%.
  • 5A now has more recovery time.
  • 2C now has more recovery time.
  • 236C and 623C changed from 2200/1550 damage and 65%r scaling to 2000/1400 damage and 60%r scaling.
  • 214A has less recovery.
  • 214A and 214B are now jump cancellable on conect.