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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Sean Tackle

  • Half Circle Forward + Punch, Hold Punch

Dragon Smash

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Punch


  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Tornado Kick

  • Quarter Circle Back + Kick


  • Quarter Circle Back + Punch

Super Moves


  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Super Sean Tackle

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch


  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick, then tap Kick rapidly for more hits.

The Basics

Best pokes:

Crouching forward kick

Standing roundhouse

Standing fierce

Best anti-airs:

Standing roundhouse

Crouching fierce

Dragon Smash

Best hit confirms:

Close roundhouse (Gives you ages to confirm.)


Crouching forward kick, hurricane kick

Close Roundhouse, hurricane kick

Jump-in fierce/roundhouse, close roundhouse, hurricane kick

Close strong xx close fierce (target combo)

In NG, Sean has a jumping forward kick cross up that is very easy to land and will combo into heaps of different things.

Jumping forward kick cross up, target combo

Jumping forward kick cross up, close roundhouse xx hurricane kick (or SA3 if you have meter)

Advanced Strategy

One of Sean's greatest gifts in NG is the insane amount of stun damage he does. He has the tools to easily dizzy the opponent and damaging combos to use once he gets them dizzy.

Jump-in fierce/roundhouse, close standing roundhouse, hurricane kick will do a good amount of damage AND leave almost every character in the game within one normal away from being stunned. (And once you have them dizzy you can follow up with the same combo, or if you'd like, replace the hurricane kick with a super art.)

His hurricane kick will easily combo off of his crouching forward kick (one of his best pokes) and also does GREAT stun damage.

Sean has some good mix-ups, though they are not as elaborate as they are in later versions of SF3 (but Sean isn't as reliant on his mix-ups in NG). You can fake people out with the Sean Tackle and them throw them or whatever you like. The roll is useful for crossing up your opponents on wake up and getting out of corners (and into a potentially great position to deal damage).

Have fun.