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Sean's Character Select Portrait
Sean's Neutral Stance


Sean is a one of the most underrated characters in 3S.In 2I he was too easy to play with doing large amounts of damage on his lengthy combo strings.Capcom did the responsible thing and made a original character and not just a ken clone in a yellow karate gi.Well they did it a little too well.Other than being extremely hard to use and situational because of his hitbox placement and frame advantage(Dragon Smash's hitbox is located over his head.So most of the priority is centered over his head.Not in front of him.) On 3S he's more of a defensive counter character. When you play with sean you have to understand he does have alot of good points(like mp,tornado does 50% stun on everyone and SA2 and SA3 are unblockable.)He trades pretty well and if used properly on the right SA's agianst certain match-ups.(SA3 against chun SA2 against makoto).He has an assortment of AAs.(way too many in my opinion)

-cr FP -st RH(steep jump in) -DS(over or near over sean's head only) -Tornado(steep jump in) -Axekick(mid-far jump in.Do not kick into them. axekick with the apropriate range for their jump in) -f+FP -RH(far slow good for angled jump in) -FP(close)

Now try to pull all that together and use them based on your match-up's moveset/hitbox placement.See how hard he is to use? Now if you don't use his AA's based on your matchup's moveset you will struggle.End of story.



Sean can deal alot of damage to your Stun meter in small "chips" at a time.You see since he can't combo very well he needs to hit you more over the duration of the match to break even.He's not ranked very high because "chippy"(High/mid damage:low combo ability)character in tournaments fall apart because professional players will not give you a chance to hit them many times and they don't make many mistakes.So try to find ways to chip until you have meter then use your SAs to deal large damage to break even.

Parrying with Sean

You need to parry and parry well to use sean.Jump into/out of parry dash in/dash back into parry.Parry makes Sean a good character. If you do not use it he will suck. A lot of his moves are extremely situational/impractical/strange hitbox placement.You need the parry and other tech to setup into said moves.

Moves List

NOTE: Names taken from Kao Megura's Street Fighter III 3S FAQ (can be found in

Dragon Smash: F, D, DF+P

Tornado: QCB+K

Ryuubi-kyaku: QCF+K

Sean Tackle: HCF+Hold P (not holding P will have him dash forward, the length depends on the button used)

Zenten: QCB+P

Command Normals

Sean Pachiki: F+HP

Rolling Sobat: F+HK

Target Combos

St. MP-->HK (Not cancelable BUT can link an SA III after it on Makoto)

Super Arts

Hadou-Burst (SA I): Builds meter very fast. Travels fast and is pretty quick on start up. Does have a bit of wind-down lag but its does have some good block stun. Use SA I for constant flow of damage. This is his EX SA. Great for a constant pressure from long range.

Shoryu-Cannon (SA II): Has the most priority of any move in the game except for Gill's Seriphim's Wing Deals alot of damage and can reset(Arcade/Mame and DC version only) into another SA2 Use Against: High priority close range supers,aerial based opponents/play styles,parry experts

Hyper-Tornado (SA III): Low hitting grab super that travels fast and is pretty quick. Unblockable on wakeup if you throw a basketball. Does decent damage. Punishes far away opponents as well as alot of invincibility frames (try against projectile spammers). Use Against: projectile spammers,pokers

Taunt:Jump Shot (Basketball) Effect: Added stun to next move (if ball hits)

Move Analysis

You see most of Seans moves have poor hitbox arrangements.

Dragon Smash:

The Cons... People tend to think DS is a DP. Well it's not. Its slower(not by much)

Has most of its priority over Sean's head.


The Cons...

Has somewhat of the same problem. Capcom does not make the attack a "grab" and they don't give the attack the "duck" propery(like Yun's jump kick and dudley's rush attack or Sean's roll)So now you have a move that has 0 priority until the actual tackle attack.Even then its too slow/predictable.



JFP,MP,Dragon Smash


Standing close HP, Dragon Smash (HP)

Crouching MK, Tornado (MK)

Standing close HP, EX Dragon Smash

Crouching MK, EX Tornado

Crouching LK, Crouching LP, Crouching LK, Hadou-Burst

Crouching MK, Hadou-Burst

Standing close HK, link Hadou-Burst

UOH, link Hadou-Burst

Standing close HP, Dragon Smash (HP), xx, Hadou-Burst

Crouching LK, Crouching LP, Crouching LK, Hyper-Tornado

Crouching MK, Hyper Tornado

Standing close HK, link Hyper Tornado

UOH, link Hyper Tornado

Standing close MP,HK

Frame Data



Command Normals

Special Moves

Super Arts

Additional Frame Data




Super Art Selection




Additional Notes

  • Personal Action: Jumpshot Effect:Stun Damage up (Only if Taunt connects), max 3 per round.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Twelve(low vitality) Akuma(low Vitality)

Advantage Match-ups

  • Remy
  • Elena
  • Q

Fair Match-ups

  • Remy
  • Sean
  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Oro
  • Ibuki
  • Urien

Disadvantage Match-ups

  • Yang
  • Alex
  • Hugo

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

  • Yun
  • Chun-Li
  • Dudley