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-more to come
-more to come
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1. A, B, qcb+A/hcf+P, qcf+K - 25%
2. A, B, hcfx2+P - 35%
3. AA, B, hcbx2+P - 30%
4. Crouch B, (qcb+P, qcf+K)/hcfx2+P - 22%/30%

1. CD(counterhit), qcb+P - 40-45%

Attack Strings:
1. CD, qcb+K/qcb+P
2. Crouch B, qcb+B/(f+B, qcb+B)
3. CD(whiff), hcf+K

Move Properties:
-cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, far B, crouch B, close C, crouch C
-CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
-f+B is an overhead
-qcb+K has full body invincibility before her kick comes out
-qcb+P will grab opponents out of the air.

-crouch B can go under air projectiles. qcb+K can be used for fireball evasion as well, for both ground and air projectiles

-Shermie has an unusual bug where, if she whiffs a CD attack just before the opponent wakes up, she "magically" appears behind the opponent. This is somewhat difficult to setup, since the opponent has to stay down long enough for you to run up in front of them and complete a CD attack. Experimentation is needed to see exactly how to set this up, as the only one known (to me) is doing the CD after already hitting the opponent with a CD attack with them not recovery rolling

-more to come