Sion Eltnam Atlasia (Tatari) (MBAC)

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Character Bio

Sion Eltnam Atlasia is one of the newest characters to join the Tsukihime world. Her first appearance was the original Melty Blood (of which ACT Cadenza is just an expansion.)

Sion was once an attendee of Atlas Academy, a school for Alchemists. In the world of Tsukihime, this is akin to a magician of sorts. Sion advanced quickly at the academy. With her good looks, calculating attitude, and quick advancement, she found herself feared or hated by her peers.

Sion is an extraordinary woman, even for an Alchemist. She has the ability to see the thoughts of others, as well as briefly take control of their minds by using a special filament called “Etherite.” (This is what the thin whip she uses in combat is made up of.) The knowledge of how to use Etherite and control minds is a part of her lineage and was passed down by her parents. Sion also has advanced control of her own brain – she can “overclock” her mind to cause thoughts to move swiftly. She can also split her brain’s resources to perform up to 7 tasks in parallel. This makes her a dangerous woman, almost like a walking think tank – she can calculate and predict someone’s actions hours or even days before he or she actually perform it.

Sion, however, is cursed. She was bitten by the Vampire Warakia, and tainted with the Thirst For Blood. In the normal game’s storyline, Sion is trying to find a cure for this curse. However, what if Sion becomes too infatuated with her hunger for blood to think logically? This “what if” form of Sion is referred to as Sion (Tatari).


  • 236+ A/B/EX: Terror News (Lie)
  • 623+ A/B/EX: Terror News (Malice)
  • 214+ A/B/C: Replicant Conductor (Osiris)

Arc Drive

  • 41236+ C: Cruel: Blood

Last Arc

  • Blood Bible: Heart Breaker
(Requires you to successfully Shield on the ground while in Blood Heat mode.)

Character Strategy and Notes

Sion (Tatari) is primarily a gimmick character who wins off the basis of her air superiority with her Jump C, as well as several difficult to block frame traps involving knockdown into C Summon with followup options of low, overhead, throw combo, or Air throw as Anti Air. She's a fairly linear, good damage character that has seen some success in tournament play.

She is considered Middle Tier.

Techniques, Strings, and Combos

Sion(Tatari)'s 5B and 2B both leave the opponent in a fairly lengthy blockstun. These can be used to tick throw, dash in and attempt another string, or just manipulate the opponent into jumping while you have advantage and can airthrow easily.

Her overhead (6B) chains from these as well as most of her normals. Mixing overhead, 2C (her sweep) and pausing before dashing in again for another string or a throw will keep the opponent guessing.

Many opponents will mash A repeatedly at the end of your whiff cancels to stop you from running back in. Punish those characters with 236+A or 236+B for some easy damage, with the added benefit of the B version having frame advantage on block and generaly being tough to avoid if the opponent already commited to trying to counter her dash in. 236C can be used on the corner in the same manner with the added benefit of allowing you a followup combo if it hits:

236C j.BC dj.BC Airthrow. (Land and perform a summon or airdash as mentioned above and try for the wakeup ownage.)

All of these techniques can be used to find a way to force a hit while you have Akiha summon looming as well -- you can often get two or three block string attempts with the Akiha summon protecting you from most ways the opponent could possibly counter you.


  • 2A2B2C j.BC Air Dash C dj.BC Airthrow.
  • 5B5C 623B j.CB dj.BC Airthrow.
  • Throw BNB: Throw, j.CB dj.BC Airthrow. (Corner only)

Remember to always whiff an attack on the way down from her airthrow. This allows you to immediately dash or perform a summon on landing.

When throwing the opponent into the Corner, Arcuied summon stops wakeup jumping and allows you a shot at mixup. Once you train the opponent not to jump, mix in another summon to try for extended mixup strings without fear of the opponent jumping out before your summon is completed.

You can also try:

  • Instant Air Dash -> j.AC xx BNB
  • Instant Air Dash -> j.B xx BNB
  • Instant Air Dash -> Whiff j.B -> Ground Throw
  • Instant Air Dash -> Whiff j.B -> 2A xx BNB

Underrated but definately useful is the all time favorite Dash -> Block. Most high priority wakeups are unsafe and punishable in this manner.

If you have not used your air dash yet in a BNB, after your air throw you can air dash while high in the air (crosses up) or air dash low to the ground (ends in front of waking opponent). These options are better then Arcuied summon on wakeup as they allow you immediate attempts to mix up a waking opponent from a variety of angles.

Summon strings and setups:

Akiha (all of these begin off 2C XX Summon Akiha)


  • 6B (Akiha hits) Dash to corner 3B j.BC Airdash C dj.BC Airthrow.
  • 2AB (Akiha hits) Dash to corner 3B j.BC Airdash C dj.BC Airthrow.
  • Dash (opponent backdashes) Throw.

Note that midscreen it is usually more effective to use the default BNB rather then the summon setups which are not guaranteed damage.


  • 6B (Akiha hits) 6B5B3B j.BC j.BC Airthrow
  • 2AB (Akiha hits) 6B5B3B j.BC j.BC Airthrow
  • Dash, jump in place j.2B (Akiha hits) 6B5B3B j.BC j.BC Airthrow
  • Tick Throw or Dash Throw while the opponent tries to block the expected blockstring.
  • Dash (pause) opponent jumps, Jump XX Airthrow.

There are many other ways to bait counterhits, find a way through the opponents guard, or scare them into turtling for the throw.


  • 5A2B2C whiff 2A XX Satsuki (Common starter)
  • 2A2B2C (pause) XX Satsuki (A bit tougher to time properly but works)
  • 5A2B2C XX Satsuki (Fake -- Satsuki will miss allowing you a run in throw if the opponent turtles)


  • Satsuki hits 6B whiff 2A 6B5B3B j.BC dj.BC Airthrow. (corner only -- common Satsuki BNB)
  • Satsuki hits 3B j.BC dj.BC airthrow. (very easy midscreen combo that does surprising damage)

Satsuki puts the opponent in a fair amount of blockstun and can be used to get a free mixup attempt on the opponent if they block.


  • (opponent blocks your 2C or 5C) XX Arcuied (Frame advantage on block, combo opportunity on hit. Opponent can punish this by throwing out a really fast poke and hitting you before the summon has completely formed.)
  • Arcuied hits in any of the aforementioned setups: Superjump C dj.C Air Throw.