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How to beat this character

  • No air reversal so air resets can be effective, but make sure they can't be disrespected by her 6f jLP.
  • Average mobility so keepaway can be effective (dependent on assists)
  • Has a lot of good reversal options that need to be baited and punished, know your HCH combo routes.
  • Fast multi-hit IADs beat out a lot of her favourite tools.

Counters to common techniques

  • Pushblock away jMP jump-ins to avoid the MGR/2LK mixup afterwards.
  • jHK can be anti-aired and air-to-aired since it's not very disjoint, fairly slow, and has low horizontal range. A land cancel punish is technically possible if their jHK timing is very predictable.
  • jHP can be hard to contest, but don't be afraid to try and air-to-air it midscreen since air-to-air jHP can't really be converted.
  • When subjected to a MGR/2LK 50/50, neutral or forward jump can punish MGR's long recovery with a falling button.
  • Pretty much all of her options out of tumbling run are beaten by upbacking (level 3 beats upbacking, but it's reactable).
  • When baiting reversals, one option is to neutral jump and hold downback. This will beat her most common reversal options (dynamo, level 3, 360).
  • Level 3 is plus on block, but pushblocking her away will waste her 3 bars and avoid a mixup. You can punish or create an advantageous situation with a PBGC. Video
  • Deflector can be baited and punished (with jump-ins, assist calls, supers, Peacock crossup teleport, etc). Robo-Fortune can predict a beam reflect attempt and dash up to hit a button.
  • Kanchou has a distinctive sound that is reactable at some spacings, and you get an easy and huge punish for blocking it. If your opponent is kanchou-happy you might want to try upforwarding out of resets.