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;Skullgirls Discord - https://discord.gg/skullgirls
;Skullgirls Discord - https://discord.gg/skullgirls
:The official and biggest Discord for everything related to Skullgirls
;Skullgirls PSN Discord - https://discord.gg/ZFTRTSP
;Skullgirls Central - https://discord.gg/mC36g3N
;Skullgirls Central - https://discord.gg/mC36g3N
;Skullgirls PSN Discord - https://discord.gg/ZFTRTSP
;Skullgirls Get GR8 - https://discord.gg/T79G9Yr
;Skullgirls Get GR8 - https://discord.gg/T79G9Yr
:Beginner focused community which runs tutoring events and tournaments
:Beginner focused community which runs tutoring events and tournaments

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Skullgirls main page


Skullgirls Discord - https://discord.gg/skullgirls
The official and biggest Discord for everything related to Skullgirls
Skullgirls PSN Discord - https://discord.gg/ZFTRTSP
Skullgirls Central - https://discord.gg/mC36g3N
Skullgirls Get GR8 - https://discord.gg/T79G9Yr
Beginner focused community which runs tutoring events and tournaments
Steam group with more info located at https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sgggr8
Skullgirls Slapfest - https://discord.gg/yMsjHWr
Casual community that plays in lobbies every Tuesday.
Streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/skullgirlsslapfest

Regional Discords

Europe - https://discord.gg/fpxq28A
Latin America - https://discord.gg/tsYZyYp
Brasil - https://discord.gg/010sEusENWiVtbx5u
Japan - https://discord.gg/vMKg3DW
Oceania - https://discord.gg/WKG373f
France - https://discord.gg/3jfk5AS
Italy - https://discord.gg/2WR4Phg
Chicago, USA - https://discord.gg/dwDT3mC

Major Tournaments

Since its first iteration, Combo Breaker has been the primary major the Skullgirls community gathers at. For more information on which majors will be big for Skullgirls, check out the Skullgirls Tour

https://t.co/f6tG9jyh9p https://twitter.com/SkullgirlsTour

Online Event Calendar



While Skullheart's days have come and gone as the fighting game community moved away from forums, there is still a plethora of information and history contained within.




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