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Skullgirls main page

In order for wikis to be the best source of information they can be, they need small contributions from a variety of users who can fill in the gaps of knowledge. You don’t need to be an expert level player to create an account and edit. If you want to make a small edit but don't have an account, stop by the #sg2e-wiki channel on the Skullgirls discord (invite link) and ping the wiki maintainer role. If you want to contribute but don’t know how, below are some ideas.

Creating an account

After creating an account, be sure to check your spam folder!

Simple ways to contribute

  • Add links to useful resources such as videos, documents, or tweets
  • Populate the combos, setups, strategy, and counter play sections in the character pages
  • Write an addition to a move’s description, such as a way to use it or a notable behavior
  • Correct factual errors in frame data, move descriptions, or mechanics pages
    • If you update the frame data on a character page, please make sure to update it on the compiled frame data page and vice versa!
  • Fix typos and grammar, reword / trim down sections if they need it in order to read better

Wiki Help

Combo Formatting Guide

  • Use numpad notation for normals and command normals Example: sLP = 5LP, fHP = 6HP, etc
  • Use names for special / super moves. Refer to the shorthand guide for each character for what name to use. If one has not been created yet, please create one using the others as a guide.
  • Use square brackets alongside numpad [ ] for special moves that can be held and released. Example (Peacock): 214[HP] ... ]HP[
  • Use numpad for moves when it's necessary to specify directions. (eg, Painwheel fly normals, Parasoul 7HK to keep horizontal charge, etc)
  • Notate moves that hit OTG by prefacing the move with 'OTG'.
  • For moves that can chain into themselves, specify how many button presses with xN. Example: 5LPx2
  • For multi hit moves, if not all the hits are used, use parentheses to specify the number of hits. Example: jMP(4)
  • Indent the notation in between each chain
  • Notate other actions such as dashes, microdashes, rejumps, etc as needed.
  • Make sure each addition to the combo/setups section, as well as existing combos/setups, explain why you would use that combo/setup over another one. If a combo/setup has no use, remove it for brevity. Note: ‘Easy to execute’ is a valid use.
  • If something is unsure, look at the other combo pages as an example.

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