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Other techniques



Punishing Double

Guarding against low / throw mixups

Low throw mix-up and you!

Catheads DHC

This technique is extremely strong since if Double is next in line on the team, the player gets to keep their turn after a blocked reversal for only 2 bars, when catheads costs 2 bars on its own.

  • If you do have to block it, it's not the end of the world. Double gets momentum but she has limited options for opening you up.
    • First of all, if Double is not in range to attack you herself when catheads are summoned, you can PBGC and jump away. If you end up blocking the heads in the air, Double can't perform any ground mixups on you. If your character has air options, you can potentially stall for time as the catheads timer depletes.
    • If you're in range where Flesh Step crosses up, it becomes riskier to pushblock and jump since now you're in range for Double to threaten you. Pushblocking the heads does push Double away too, but the multiple, consecutive hits from the attacks typically keeps her in place. In this situation, there's something very important to realize: if you're in blockstun, you cannot be crossed up. This means that if you are in continuous blockstun from the heads and Double crosses you up with Flesh Step, you don't have to block crossup, as long as you are in continuous blockstun. The only time you have to be aware of the crossup is if you pushblock (since you exit blockstun once your pushblock animation completes), or if Double delays the head's attacks, bringing you out of blockstun for a brief moment. However, that delay will give you more of a visual cue to react. Considering all of this, the core mixup Double has available to her is to delay the head's attacks and do a low / throw mixup, or Flesh Step crossup. Pay attention to when Double delays the heads. If Double dashes at you, fuzzy jump the low / throw. If not, watch for the flesh step.
  • If you think the opponent will fish for a reversal into catheads DHC, you have some options to prevent it altogether. The key here is that catheads super has significant recovery before Double can start attacking with the heads. Some characters have moves that are fast enough or invulnerable long enough that they can hit Double out of this recovery. This will also depend on the move and how much blockstun the point character inflicts before they DHC. Pushblocking before the DHC can help with this. Otherwise, if you can make the reversal whiff before they DHC, you have a window of opportunity to hit Double out of the recovery of catheads regardless. How you can make the point's reversal whiff depends on the matchup and the specific reversal they will use. The other method is using alpha counters, which works even if you block the point's reversal. It will depend on which assists you have, but if you are in blockstun as the catheads DHC occurs, you can alpha counter and hit Double out of the recovery of catheads. Set up the dummy to safe DHC using catheads in training mode and see if your team has any alpha counter options that work against it.

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