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Filia: Femme Fatale

Voiced by: Christine Marie Cabanos / Del Stetson‎
Age: 16
Birthday: March 18
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 5' 4
Weight: 142 lbs.
Measurements: 34C-26-39
Likes: Eating, Coffee, Milkshakes, Reading and learning, Radio dramas, Comics, Romance novels, Dogs

Dislikes: Samson’s bluffing and gambling, Seeing innocents get hurt, Hair getting tangled, Being lied to, Getting drunk when Samson drinks


SG Filia icon.png
Filia was once just an average schoolgirl, but one day woke up without any memories and a second mouth on the back of her head. She was now playing host to a Parasite named Samson, an unruly mop of demonic hair with incredible power.

With no memories or anyone to turn to for help, if she ever hopes to piece together her past and survive the inevitable clash with the Skullgirl, Filia will need to trust this mysterious being.[1]

In a nutshell
Filia, despite the schoolgirl uniform and 3 familiar special moves, never wants to play boring. As the archetypal pixie of Skullgirls she wants to take Samson to the opponents face and make them guess which way to block. Her excellent suite of jumping normals combines with her air dash to create crossups, extend combos, and even cover space with mid screen pokes. As a protagonist and hero of Skullgirls, Filia is extremely comfortable starting on point, applying immediate pressure to the opponent with her rushdown tactics, then finding a combo leading to a Blockbuster Sequel.


Basic Systems

Walk: Average
Jump: Single jump
Dash or Run: Filia has a forward run with an uneven speed. The dash at the beginning is much faster than the extended run. Her backward dash has average speed and travels a short distance.
Air Dash: Very fast, 2 way (forward and backward) air dash.
Weight: 5 Buttons: lp --- lk --- mp --- mk --- hp OR hk
Standing: 5 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png OR Hk.png
Crouching: 6 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png ---.png Hk.png

Move List


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png Snip Snip
Chains Twice
Mp.png Thinning Shears
Hp.png Chompadour
1000 Launch.png
Lk.png Knee High
Mk.png Leg Warmer
Hk.png Samson Boot
Eat boot!
1200 Slide.png (vs air)
Wallbounce.png (vs ground)
D.png + Lp.png Comb Under
Chains Twice
D.png + Mp.png Ariel Rave
600 Launch.png
D.png + Hp.png Queue Sting
900 Groundbounce.png (vs air)
D.png + Lk.png Ankle Sock
200 Low.png
D.png + Mk.png French Twist
150 x2, 200, 250, 400 Low.png
D.png + Hk.png Tread of Hair
Don't look down!
1000 Low.png Sweep.png
(air) Lp.png Straight Razor
(air) Mp.png Buzz Cut
150 x5, 250
(air) Hp.png Salon Treatment
(air) Lk.png Thigh High
(air) Mk.png Bounce and Volume
200, 350
(air) Hk.png Split Ends
1100 Knockdown.png (vs air)

Normal Throws

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png + Lk.png Samson Cuddle
0, 212 x4 Throw.png
(air) Lp.png + Lk.png Widow’s Peak
300, 1000 Airthrow.png

Special Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + P.png Ringlet Spike
Look out below!
600 Default Ensemble Choice (MP)
Dp.png + P.png Updo
Lp.png 800
Mp.png 1000
Hp.png 1500
Default Ensemble Choice (LP)
Qcb.png + K.png Hairball
Lk.png 300 x2,
Mk.png 300 x3,
Hk.png 300 x5,

Team Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Mp.png + Mk.png OR
Hp.png + Hk.png
Bounce, No Volume
Let's go, babe!
500 Tag In: A one hit Bounce and Volume, jumping in from the side of the screen.
Qcf.png + Mp.png + Mk.png OR
Qcf.png + Hp.png + Hk.png
Lash Out
You bore me!
0 Outtake


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Dp.png + P.png + P.png Fenrir Drive
Death from above!
400, 200 x6, 400, 3000, 550 Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension. Startupinv.png
Qcb.png + K.png + K.png Gregor Samson
300 x4, 1750 Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension.
Qcb.png + P.png + P.png Trichobezoar
4200 Uses 3 levels of Dramatic Tension.


Signature Techniques

  • Filia's run starts with a very fast dash forward before the slightly slower continuous run, making Wavedashing extremely effective. By rapidly starting a ground dash then crouching (PP then ↓, repeat), Filia can move across the screen much faster than holding the run. No other character in the game receives as large of a speed increase when using this technique.
  • Instant air dashing helps Filia's offense more than any other character. Filia can IAD 5f after starting a jump, giving her the fastest and lowest to the ground air dash in the game. j.LK out of an IAD is the fastest High.png attack Filia has. An instant air dash into a j.HP covers ground with a strong poke and has ample hit stun for confirming into a ground chain.
  • Filia can always rely on her Startupinv.png , anti-air special move, the Updo. Aggressive opponents always have to worry about Filia throwing out an uppercut at an unsafe jump, as a reversal after using a ground recovery, or even while pushblocking to interrupt a what should be block string. A successful Updo can always cancel into a Blockbuster for a combo, but no amount of tension can make it completely safe on block.

Ensemble Choices

  • Ringlet Spike (↓↘→ + P): As a Proj.png Ensemble, the Default Ensemble Choice MP version has a fixed range. Using the LP and HP versions for a custom Ensemble will work at different distances, but the attack will never cover as much space as the typical fireball.
  • Updo (→↓↘ + P): An anti-air Ensemble with Startupinv.png . The LP version is a Default Ensemble Choice, so using the more damaging and higher reaching HP version as a custom Ensemble may be the better option.
  • French Twist (c.MK): As a custom Ensemble this normal can trap an opponent in its multiple Low.png hits, giving the point character enough time to attack from a different direction.
  • Hairball (↓↙← + K): Any version of this attack, especially the 6 hit HK version, can work as a custom Ensemble. It can push opponents back while keeping them in block stun.

Move Details

  • Chompadour (s.HP): Samson bites at a large area above Filia. This Launch.png attack has a shorter horizontal range than many of Filia's other ground normals, but will always work in specific chain combos. c.MP > s.HP lifts the opponent off of the ground first to let s.HP connect. Chaining c.MK > s.HP will pull the opponents to Filia, leaving them at close range for the launcher.
  • Ariel Rave (c.MP): Filia's second Launch.png attack readily combos off of LP and LK normals but is not as powerful as s.HP. The opponent won't travel as high. Comboing after a super jump cancel may require different air chains than those used with s.HP.
  • French Twist (c.MK): Filia and Samson attack Low.png to the ground. As a multi hit ground normal this gives Filia a lot of time to hit confirm to a launcher if used in a chain combo.
  • Queue Sting (c.HP): Samson's attack causes a Groundbounce.png vs aerial opponents. Careful placement in a combo can get the ground bounce, sending the opponent into the air for more hits without using an OTG or a conventional launcher.
  • Buzz Cut (j.MP): Samson spins around Filia for multiple hits during this versatile attack. In an instant air dash the move says active can hits as a cross upUsing Buzz Cut for instant air dash pressure has some merit, but it's not necessarily better than j.LK and j.HP. It can force the opponent to block multiple hits and change pushblock timing and it also hits as a cross up much more easily than air HP or air LK. Air MP's multiple hits carry a hidden disadvantage when considering damage scaling. A more damaging, single strike is a better choice as the first hit of a combo. As a tool to extend combos, air dash canceling an air MP into another air MP can add 12 hits to a combo and leave plenty of time for an opponent to land on their feet.
  • Bounce and Volume (j.MK): Filia kicks before Samson attacks, leaving plenty of time to cancels into an air dash after the first or second hit. The attack gives Filia a sudden change of momentum during her jump and can hit as a cross up, so an air dash cancel at an unpredictable time during this move can create a tricky block situation for the opponent.
  • Split Ends (j.HK): Samson bites directly below Filia. The attack hits as a cross up fairly easily and brings Filia to a sudden stop in the air, making it ideal against a standing opponent. j.HP > j.HK works as a highly damaging 2 hit jump in to start a combo. Against an aerial opponent Split Ends will cause a normal Knockdown.png , allowing Filia to end an air chain close to the ground, land, then continue a combo using an OTG.
  • Ringlet Spike (↓↘→ + P): Filia drops to the floor as Samson sends a ground based Proj.png . It's not very useful as a conventional fireball, but it can get under some enemy projectiles. The spike will send the opponent upward on hit before the Knockdown.png , which makes the short range LP version useful for some combos in the corner. The longer range MP and HP versions can cancel the recovery animation of Filia's normal throw then immediately cancel to a Gregor Samson, starting a lengthy combo off of a mid screen throw.
  • Hairball (↓↙← + K): This multi hit move behaves a bit differently when preformed in the air. All air versions of Hairball have the same number of hits and damage as the ground MK version with different trajectories. LK curves upwards, MK goes straight forward, and HK curves down. Using the HK version to cancel the recovery animation of Filia's normal air throw can hit the opponent OTG and lead to a Gregor Samson.
  • Fenrir Drive (→↓↘ + PP): This Startupinv.png Blockbuster has 0f of start up after the flash. Opponents must start holding a block direction before the super flash starts to defend against this move at close range. If opponents don't respect Filia's invincible Updo, a Fenrir Drive might be what it takes to stop their offense. Using this move as a Blockbuster Sequel will add some start up frames after the super flash.
  • Gregor Samson (↓↙← + KK): Filia's second Startupinv.png level 1 Blockbuster can easily extend a combo with its Wallbounce.png . Using the super at different heights and distances from the sides of the stage will send the helpless opponent in various directions. Not all Gregor Samsons will guarantee the same kind of combo afterwards. An Updo takes Filia off the ground as it hits, allowing for a cancel into an air Gregor Samson.
  • Trichobezoar (↓↙← + PP): Filia's level 3 Blockbuster has an easy time going through an opponent's attack with more Startupinv.png than either of her level 1s. The massive, single hit Proj.png will miss against most standing opponents. Updo doesn't stay on the ground very long, but can get the opponent in the air and cancel to Trichobezoar (←↙↓ + PP) if done quickly.

Advanced Tactics

It's like you could block everything I did. You even blocked my secret reset.

Frame Data

Command Damage Meter Guard Start Up Active Recovery Hit Stop Hit Stun On Hit Block Stun On Block
s.LP 300 2.5% Med.png 5 3 14 7 16 0 16 0
200 2.5% Med.png 5 3 16 7 16 -2 16 -2
s.MP 550 7.5% Med.png 13 3 19 9 26 5 26 5
s.HP 1000 10.0% Med.png 12 3 21 11 31 8 16 -7
s.LK 400 2.5% Med.png 9 3 19 7 25 4 25 4
s.MK 450 7.5% Med.png 10 3 17 9 22 3 15 -4
s.HK 1200 10.0% Med.png 19 9 19 14 26 Wallbounce.png ,
Slide.png (vs air)
16 -11
c.LP 200 2.5% Med.png 6 3 7 7 14 5 14 5
c.MP 600 7.5% Med.png 13 3 38 9 28 -12 14 -26
c.HP 900 10.0% Med.png 12 3 32 9 24 -10,
Groundbounce.png (vs air)
16 -18
c.LK 200 2.5% Low.png 7 3 10 7 15 3 15 3
c.MK 150 x2, 200,
250, 400
1.3% x5 Low.png 10 2, (2), 2, (2), 2,
(2), 2, (2), 2
24 4 x4, 9 20 x4 -5 15 x4 -10
c.HK 1000 10.0% Low.png 12 26 19 11 14 Sweep.png 14 -30
j.LP 250 2.5% High.png 7 4 7 7 17 7 17 7
j.MP 150 x5, 250 1.1% x6 High.png 11 12 9 4 x5, 9 16 x5, 17 6 15 x6 4
j.HP 900 10.0% High.png 10 8 15 11 23 1 17 -5
j.LK 250 2.5% High.png 7 4 8 7 17 6 17 6
j.MK 200, 350 7.5% x2 High.png , Med.png 11 3, (9), 3 19 7 x2 17, 20 -1 17, 20 -1
j.HK 1100 10.0% High.png 13 2 26 11 28 1 18 -9
LP+LK 0, 212 x4 0, 5.0% x4 Throw.png 7 3 18 N/A N/A Knockdown.png N/A N/A
(air) LP+LK 300, 1000 10.0% x2 Airthrow.png 7 3 20 N/A N/A Knockdown.png N/A N/A
↓↘→+LP 600 (2.5%) 3.9% Med.png 26 13 37 12 12 Knockdown.png 12 -13
→↓↘+LP 800 (2.5%) 3.9% Med.png 10 8 69 9 16 Knockdown.png 16 -60
→↓↘+MP 1000 (2.5%) 3.9% Med.png 10 10 69 9 16 Knockdown.png 16 -62
→↓↘+HP 1500 (2.5%) 3.9% Med.png 10 14 74 9 16 Knockdown.png 16 -71
↓↙←+LK 300 x2, 400 (2.5%) 2.0% x2, 3.9% Med.png 14 14 38 2 x2, 18 12 x2, 28 -12 12 x2, 28 -12
↓↙←+MK 300 x3, 400 (2.5%) 2.0% x3, 3.9% Med.png 14 20 38 2 x3, 18 12 x3, 28 -12 12 x3, 28 -12
↓↙←+HK 300 x5, 400 (2.5%) 2.0% x5, 3.9% Med.png 14 32 38 2 x5, 18 12 x4, 28 -12 12 x4, 28 -12
(air) ↓↙←+K 300 x3, 400 (2.5%) 2.0% x3, 3.9% Med.png 14 20 17 2 x3, 18 12 x3, 28 -12 12 x3, 28 -12

Colors and Costumes

Filia-color-1-150.jpg Color 1 Filia-color-2-150.jpg Color 2 Filia-color-3-150.jpg Color 3 Filia-color-4-150.jpg Color 4 Filia-color-5-150.jpg Color 5
Filia-color-6-150.jpg Color 6 Filia-color-7-150.jpg Color 7 Filia-color-8-150.jpg Color 8 Filia-color-9-150.jpg Color 9 Filia-color-10-150.jpg Color 10