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(Beginner Combos)
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! style="background-color:#262e32;" | Input
! style="background-color:#262e32;" | Input
| stuff
| Fenrir Drive
| stuff
| Fenrir
| stuff
| 623PP

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Filia main page

Abbreviation Meaning
General legend
(N) Multi-hit move hits only X times. Omitted if all hits are used.
xN Normal that chains into itself pressed N times
[X] Hold down X
]X[ Release X
X~Y X then Y done in quick succession
X/Y X or Y
 !X X triggers a burst
OTG Following move hits off the ground, after a red bounce
CH Counter hit
sj Super jump
dj Double jump
jc Jump cancel
ADC Airdash cancel
IAD Instant airdash
TK Tiger knee (doing an air move the moment a jump sends you airborne, typically by inputting a special move motion followed by jump+button. Example: 2147LK for TK Airball)
236 Qcf.png
214 Qcb.png
623 Dp.png
421 Rdp.png
[4]6 B.png (hold for 35 frames), F.png
[2]8 D.png (hold for 35 frames), U.png
360 360.png
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Character weight classes
Lights Filia/Fukua, Peacock, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Valentine, Squigly
Mediums Cerebella, Parasoul, Eliza (for combos), Beowulf, Robo-Fortune
Heavies Double, Big Band
Character legend
Full move name Abbreviated name Input
Fenrir Drive Fenrir 623PP

General Combo Tips

Beginner Combos

If the bread and butter combos are too daunting, try to become comfortable doing each of these combos. Start with the first, then move to the next one. When you play matches, it's good enough to use the one you can perform the most consistently. Once you can do all of them, try learning the combos in the following sections!

A basic ground chain combo ending in sweep. Unsafe on block.
2LK 5MK 2HP H Hairball
A basic ground chain combo ending in a special cancel. Also unsafe on block.
2LK 5MK 2HP H Hairball Fenrir
A basic ground chain combo ending in a super cancel.
2LK 5MK 5HP.
jLP jMP jMK H Airball Gregor
A basic launcher into air chain, ending with an air super. The Gregor allows for the combo to continued via the wall bounce
jLP jMK(1) H Airball
adc jMP jHK
(restand) 5LP 5MP 2MK 2HP H Hairball Fenrir
A basic combo that utilizes an air chain and airdash cancels to setup a restand. During the restand, you can choose to go for a reset such as IAD j.LK or throw.

Solo Combos

Team Combos

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